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Every make-up savvy female knows that MAC is a staple. It’s the go-to brand for all our lip, blush and cosmetic needs. In the last few years though, prices of MAC products here in Riyadh have increased from 72 to 82 and now to 94SR for most of their basic MAC Lipsticks. I know inflation has a role in most of this, but given the chance to get the real thing for a lower price, then I say #push! That’s why for this particular entry, my lippie came from the Duty Free halls of Hong Kong! Yes, if you (or a relative or friend) is traveling back to Riyadh through Hong Kong’s International Airport, work up your charm and ask them buy you some MAC products from their boutique there (actually, everything else is less expensive in Duty Free). Also it helps if you are searching for some of their hues that seems to be always out of stock here because they’re full range is available there.

Anyway…for the longest time ever, I have been searching for the perfect colored lipstick for me and I think I have finally found that with MAC’s Cremesheen Crosswires. It has the right balance of pink and orange with a hint of peachiness to it that I love. It’s a shade that’s not too ‘in-your-face’ but still makes a statement, albeit a subdued yet noticeable one. What I also like about the Cremesheen line is that its coverage grabs on to your lips with ease without being too creamy or glossy. It is also not like the Matte line which, while it lasts longer, tends to dry up your lips. It’s pronounced and stays reasonably on long enough.


Cremesheen definitely gets your lips more protuberance than MAC’s Lustre line, which can smear off quicker than most. The keyword, “creme” is apparent as you feel it on your lips and can prove to be a little sticky depending on your preference. But it is the sweet spot of the spectrum when it comes to the light glossiness of Lustre to the boldness of Matte. If you’re up for something presentable and pretty, then the Crosswires shade is a good girl’s choice.

Product Name: Crosswires /Cremesheen

Brand: MAC

Price: 94SR Riyadh (equivalent to 72SR only when bought at the Hong Kong International Airport’s Duty Free)

Where To Buy: MAC branches in Kingdom Mall, Riyadh Gallery, Hayat Mall

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