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I ordered E.L.F. products in iHerb last month because they were on sale for just $0.78 each. For some reason, I can suddenly stumble on good discounts on websites I like visiting. Haha! Chos. So anyway, I wanted to hoard a lot from lipsticks to eyeliners to lip liners but I ended up liking the E.L.F. All Over Color Stick the best among my purchases.

The colors appear dark in the photo but they glide on sheer when worn.

The colors appear dark in the photo but they glide on sheer when worn.

The great thing about this color stick is that it can be used for the cheeks, the lips, and the eyelids. It comes in various colors and I got two: Golden Peach and Persimmon. The first one is a warm peach color while the latter is a pearl color that serves best as highlighter. I like the texture of both as they’re easily blended. However, they’re not too pigmented. Instead of a blush, a flush is all I’m getting. They serve as a good base to another layer of blush. On its own it doesn’t last very long but it helps a powder blush to stay put. The same goes true when it’s used as a base for powder eyeshadows. Golden Peach doesn’t look natural on my lips and Persimmon is too light. I like the smell of these color sticks; somewhat fruity and summery.

Overall, I would purchase the other colors. I’m looking at you Pink Lemonade, Lilac Petal, and Toasted. A 3-in-1 makeup is always a welcome addition to a kikay kit. So convenient and easy to use! It makes more space for tools because who needs lipstick and blush and eyeshadows when you have this? 😉

Product Name: All Over Color Stick in Golden Peach and Persimmon

Brand: E.L.F.

Price: $0.78 on sale

Where To Buy: iHerb website

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