Beauty Bets: Ben Nye Luxury Powder (Banana)

Ben Nye Luxury Powder is a cult favorite among makeup lovers and enthusiasts in the world. It’s all they ever recommend when asked what finishing powder is the best for them. I have my doubts as I am not much of a finishing powder gal. I mean, what’s the difference between a finishing powder and a powder? The latter can serve as ‘finishing’ too. But I read Reina’s review of the Nyx Matte Finishing Powder and hmn, it does look like it has promise. However, I turned to Ben Nye because their finishing powder is one of their bestselling products so it became my first finishing powder. I held a Ben Nye Luxury Powder dome jar in my hands, patted it on my face, and voila, I became a fan too.

Super fine, soft powder that finishes your makeup look

Super fine, soft powder that finishes your makeup look

This powder is unbelievably silky-fine! It has mattifying properties that help control oil on the face. Not only that, it makes the face looks flawless! It makes pores look smaller (and boy do I have lots of huge pores! Haha!). I picked the versatile shade “Banana” that looks a bit yellowish on the container but is actually the best shade for various skin tones. It subtly corrects redness and pink undertones (guilty of having both) and also neutralizes under eye circles. I have a bit of a redness in my face because sometimes, pimples visit me (they miss me from my high school days ugh) and it’s so hard to get rid of them and when they do, they leave red spots! The noticed that with some help of a concealer and this powder, the redness diminishes! It’s also true that this powder makes my face looks flawless especially when I’m wearing foundation. It just enhances my overall look! I love it!

The only downside of its silkiness is that it’s pretty messy in the jar. It flies everywhere! Haha! A tip would be to poke just a few holes and not remove the entire plastic that covers the holes when you first open it. Other than that, this finishing powder is an amazing find! Ben Nye Luxury Powder also comes in other shades: Beige Suede, Buff, and Cameo. It’s available in dome, small, and large jars. Pick the dome when you just want to try it. Besides it’s the best container for the powder in the small and big ones.

Product Name: Luxury Powder in Banana

Brand: Ben Nye

Price: SR 85 (dome jar) / SR 145 (big jar)

Where To Buy: Irene’s Closet KSA Riyadh

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