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The most-talked about foundation has arrived in Riyadh… Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. It promises a more invisible, comfortable, and natural-looking appearance. This bestselling foundation has been made for film and tv’s most advanced technology. So why get it when you’re not a celebrity? Well, pwede naman mag-feeling celebrity diba? Haha! Actually, this one is good for every day use too. Now, you know that I have a foundation which I like very much and only at SR 62. So why did I buy a SR 210 foundation? Honestly, I got swayed with the fad and also, my curiosity. How will this compare to other foundation and is it really worth it?

The "it" foundation

The “it” foundation

Why yes. Because truth be told, this is really crazy but it made my face look flawless. And I tell you, my face is filled with scars from teenage pimples. It has an uneven tone which the foundation just made well, even! It has 40 shades which cater to every skin tone and complexion and it’s easier to choose what fits us especially if we know out undertone. Are you a red or a yellow? I’m a yellow. When I tried the a shade at Wojooh Beauty store in Granada Mall, the saleswoman gave me a lighter shade. When I said I needed a slightly darker one, that’s when she handed me Y415 (Almond) and it matched! I love it on first swipe. The foundation is a bit runny (instead of creamy) but it glided on really well on my face.

It also feels like second skin! I mean I know I swiped on a layer but when I checked the mirror, it’s still not visible but I know there’s a change in there. Weird huh? Haha! It has a medium coverage and it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. I also didn’t have a breakout on this one. It blends easily, maybe because of the improved formulation. I didn’t have the first HD foundation that MUFE had but I read reviews that this one is better and well, I enjoyed using it. As a matter of fact, I tested this for five days and even mixed and matched with some of my foundation and BB creams and they worked together like a charm every time. My only gripe on this is the price but one bottle will probably last a long time (not that you can use a foundation a loooong time). This will last me a year so the SR 210 is worth it.

Product Name: Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Brand: Make Up For Ever

Price: SR 210

Where To Buy: Make Up For Ever (Panorama Mall, Al Nakheel Mall, Kingdom Mall, Debenhams), Wojooh

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