Beauty Bets: Urban Decay Naked 3 (Dupe)

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow palette has always been in my wish list. It has always just been there because I cannot afford the SR 270 price tag it has. I mean, I can buy a lot of lipsticks with that already (not that I can replace my eyeshadow with lipstick, of course) but since I don’t really want to spend a lot in eyeshadows, then spending as much is really heavy for my wallet. Enter Makeup Hub which offers affordable makeup that comes from the UAE. I was surprised that her Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is just SR 120. Turns out it’s not the one made in Germany. It’s kind of like a dupe or an imitation palette but owner Matet guarantees that it’s almost the same as the original and that she herself tested the products before investing in them. I’ll try this palette shall we?

Lovely rose pink and gold metallics

Lovely rose pink and gold metallics

Now I still don’t have the real Naked 3 and I can’t compare the two so I’m just going to tell you about this dupe palette. First and foremost, the packaging looks like the original one. It’s sleek and nice-looking. I like the rose gold tin case. The colors of the eyeshadows look like the real one and they also come in mattes and shimmery shades. There are slight variations in the shades and also in one of the names (the last eyeshadow in the real one is called Darkheart. It’s Blackheart in this palette.) I swatched them in my hand and the colors look washed out in my morena skin (the color payoff is not that great) but I guess a little primer will help it stay put in my lids when I use it. Individually, only a few of these shadows shine but when put together, they blend into eye-catching makeup. The colors complement each other well. I remember liking the Naked 3 palette because of its gorgeous shades and some of the metallics ones here can pass off as them but some are more hits and misses. I noticed that when I pick up the shadows with the included brush, it makes a mess on the pan because a lot of the powder gets loose. It can still be used, of course. However, there’s a fallout when I swiped it in my skin.

A messy pan when you try using all haha

A messy pan when you try using all haha

The dual-ended brush looks neat, softer than most cheap brushes but the strands are not uniform to each other. It’s okay if you don’t have any special eyeshadow brushes with you. But if you have, better use those. All in all, I think that this palette is nice if you’re just starting on makeup and would like an affordable palette. I mean if I was still starting on building up my makeup arsenal (that was a few years ago), I would like this palette to be there. Is it wrong to buy imitation or dupe makeup? Well, whatever works for you. If it’s good for your skin and you like the looks you make with it, then go for it. If you’re lemming for the real one, then there’s nothing wrong with splurging on it too. As long as you’re happy. 😉

Product Name: Urban Decay Naked 3 (Dupe)

Brand: (Imitation)

Price: SR 120

Where To Buy: Makeup Hub 

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