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Amidst the hustle and bustle of Riyadh’s traffic and workload, there’s definitely a lot to stress about these days. We get easily caught up in the ‘eye of the hurricane’ and it can be a challenge to (willingly) eject ourselves from the daily grind and find our centers once again. Especially for us women…we love to multitask, don’t we? But sometimes, we need to balance everything out and perhaps, search for a moment of zen every once in a while. Maybe enroll in a yoga class? Say hello to Sukoun. 


Are you ready for some peace and quiet?


The opening launch of Sukoun down at AlNakhil St. (a corner-left away from Riyadh Gallery) was almost understated from the outside, but definitely spoke its brand once I got inside. I just had some minor difficulties in finding their building because it was so new it didn’t have a signage out front yet. Luckily, they answered their business contact number and the receptionist was able to direct me and my driver to the exact location.

Like I said, the exterior of the building was still bare and I wouldn’t have known that there was a wellness center up there had I not been invited to attend the afternoon soiree. However, as the elevators to the second floor opened, it became evident that I had finally reached Sukoun’s headquarters.

A quaint reception with white walls and shelves filled with related merchandise welcomed me as I arrived, along with a courteous hostess ushering me to the main event inside. There seemed to be a living room that served to be their lobby – where a nice coffee table with books about yoga and a vase of flowers sat. One side of the wall was filled by framed art drawings of elephants – a recurring symbol throughout the establishment, indicating the strength, power and serenity that comes along with these gentle giants of the animal kingdom.




There’s some serious elephant love here. 🙂


Elephants roaming around the water fountain.


Yoga/Pilates Merchandise available in the reception.

Soon enough, I meet the owner, Ms. Shada – whom I have already met previously as she also owned Ramah Fitness before. She briefly showed me around their two studios and the other activities that I could enjoy during the launch event, which were the Free Massages by Amaya Home Spa, a fun photobooth for souvenirs, a Mandala Coloring session out on the balcony and some healthy treats from Health Couture being served in the hallway. Wow, I could really say that it was a well-organized and fun-filled event!


My first order of business was to try out the complimentary neck massage from Amaya Home Spa (they also offered reflexology massage for the feet but I’ve been having neck strains lately, ergo that). At first I thought that massages were actually included in the Sukoun Wellness Center but it turns out, it was just a tie-up service between Amaya and Sukoun for this special event. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my 15 minute massage and I think it helped the rest of the ladies relax for the event too.


They also had a cool photobooth ready with some really cute signs that we could use. I was able to take home a souvenir photo of the event thanks to this.


Meanwhile, out on the balcony, a free Mandala Coloring Session was being offered to the guests. I didn’t participate though in fear that I wouldn’t finish it in time for my driver’s return but I saw a lot of the other ladies eagerly concentrating on their artworks later on. Granting the trend of adult coloring books, this activity was a sure hit.


Just in time, I returned to the living room and tasted one of each of the healthy foods prepared by Health Couture. It was then that I was able to mingle more with the guests and learn about the classes that are being offered by Sukoun. The center focuses on delivering Yoga and Pilates classes, with additional workshops on Natal Wellness. I’ve been invited to attend to one of their classes soon and will surely write about that by then. For now, if you want to know more about Sukoun right away…you can check out their website.

Overall, I was really surprised at how well-organized and intimate the whole event was. I really got the vibe that Sukoun was creative and passionate about sharing wellness to their students. I’d have to take one of their classes real soon to give you more insights to that. For now, as they told me before I left…namaste!




Twitter/Instagram: @sukounwellness

Tel: +966503339947 / +966-11-450-0079

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