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It was my first time to visit Al Nakheel Mall when we were invited to attend a mini-launch event by leather shoe store ECCO for their Soft 7 line. Suffice to say, the visit impressed me along with the warm welcome of the marketing crew of ECCO Arabia who came all the way from Dubai to promote their new products. While it may be (very) different from most promotional marketing launches that we are familiar with in other countries, being that we’re in Riyadh and all, I’d say the team did a fairly good job with the setup and hospitality that they have extended to their media guests. (Virtual waves to all!)


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Since we only heard of this brand for the first time, one of the ladies there indulged us with the important details about ECCO. It is an original brand by a Danish shoemaker-turned-businessman that has then grown to be present in almost 90 countries worldwide. Their primary focus is on leather shoes, more particularly to the slightly high-end type and classic, comfortable designs. For this particular event though, they were launching the seven new designs that were more modern and if I could say, targeted at a younger crowd.


The Soft7 Collection.

The Soft 7 Collection.



These sneakers are made out of pure leather (including the shoelace!) that have been cut and sewn in a unique V pattern. The high cut version boasts of an ankle support system (that round shape on the side) and what is most noticeable is that even though it is leather, the material feels very soft and durable (not stiff).


A pair would go from 599SR and up.

For the ladies, they can choose between black and white colors for the Soft 7 line and they carry a His and Hers option if you and your S.O. wanna be matchy-matchy.

Cleaning agents for your leather.

Cleaning agents for your leather.

Leather is everything for ECCO. So much so that they have a dedicated line of leather care items, from creams to sprays that are quite affordable (29SR and above). The highly recommend it to maintain the quality of your ECCO shoes and your other leather goods as well.


These are their other designs in case you want to have a look-see (not included in the Soft 7 line):


More designs for the men.

More for the ladies.

Comfortable looking and trustworthy sandal for the ladies.

Something for the little ones.

Something leather for the little ones.

The ECCO store in Al Nakheel Mall is one of their latest additions to the growing number of branches in the Kingdom. Thanks to the ladies who invited us over for the launch! You can visit them too and their other branches at Granada Mall, Riyadh Gallery and Olaya St.

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