Top 5 Sweet Treats You Should Try in Riyadh

I should write about this before I completely forget them again and they get buried in my iPhoto. One thing that Riyadh will never be rid of are sweets: chocolates, Arabic treats, candies, desserts… I will not insert anything about diabetes here but I just did haha. I’m guilty of being a lover for sweets too and honestly, sometimes I overeat them. Sweets are instant happiness right? Yeah whatever excuse Janelle. Go ahead and convince yourself. Hahaha! Walang makakapigil sa’kin na mag-post ng matatamis heheh.

Here are a few suggestions when you’re looking for something sweet while out and about Riyadh:

1. Candyccino OR Coco Dome (both from Cafelawa)

Pur the liquid pronto! And be mesmerized. :)

Pur the liquid pronto! And be mesmerized. 🙂

Cotton candy is my favorite sweet treat from Candylawa, the gigantic candy store inside Panorama Mall. Yes, among the hundreds of chocolate brands they have, it’s the hand-spun sugar as light as cotton is the one that catches my breath. It’s so fragrant and soft and seriously, I want to bury myself in cotton candy. Hahaha! Kidding. But Candylawa has a coffee shop that’s fast gaining popularity because it has a nice location, on top of the food court stalls of Panorama. It’s laid out like a terrace and there’s a really food view of he food court and it’s ambiance is so nice and quiet. They have two bestselling desserts: Coco Dome and Pistachio & Raspberry Kunafa. We tried the first one.

When the "effects" are done.

When the “effects” are done.

The thing that makes this dessert exciting is the act of pouring warm chocolate into the ball until the ball melts and cracks and opens to reveal its contents. What’s inside you ask? Pieces of brownies, nuts, and strawberries. Sweetness overload! On the same path is the interesting cup of milk covered in cotton candy called the Candyccino. So cute eh? A separate espresso cup is beside the order and again, there’s a pouring the espresso to melt the cotton candy and come up with a good cup of coffee. There’s nothing special with the coffee though. It’s just about the pouring and melting and mixing.

Second floor, Candylawa
Gate 2, Panorama Mall
Takhassusi Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2. Watermelon Sensation from Llao Llao, SR 19

It comes in orange too.

It comes in orange too.

Llao llao is my favorite frozen yogurt in Riyadh. It’s fuss free and it has the right amount of sourness and sweetness. Very decadent. I thought the froyo itself and toppings of fruits and a drizzle of milk chocolate is enough to stop my cravings but I tasted another concotion that stopped me in my tracks because it’s soooo good. Just writing about it now makes me want to go out and visit either Kingdom Mall or Hayat Mall to get myself a fix of their Watermelon Sensation. It’s basically a watermelon slushie topped with a swirl of frozen yoghurt and topped with fruits (my fave are the melon pieces) and caramel sauce. At first I was just eating the melon with the caramel and a little of the froyo. I like it already. A spoonful of everything (including the watermelon slush) is HEAVEN. HEAVEN, I tell you. Haha! There are other “Sensation” flavors that you might want to try but I’m sticking on this one.

Llao llao Frozen Yogurt
Kingdom Mall
Hayat Mall
Al Othaim Mall
Salaam Mall
Khurais Mall
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

3. Chocolate Souffle from Sada Al Tahlia, SR 25- depends on the size

Winner for the best use of mild milk chocolate hehe.

Winner for the best use of mild milk chocolate hehe.

This is one of Riyadh’s best kept secret which is probably not a secret by now. This luscious chocolate souffle is so simple yet so good you’ll be surprised that it’s available in a small roadside coffee shop in near the end of Dabab Street, just after Nozomi Japanese Restaurant. Sada Al Tahlia serves the best chocolate souffle in Riyadh that a reader said that people actually bring trays so that their orders can be baked in them. Haha! I’m not surprised considering that these chocolate cakes with chocolate sauce inside come in small foil containers; the large is good for 2 persons. Once you open it, you’ll be greeted by a rectangular chocolate cake then you insert a spoon and the chocolate lava oozes out; it’s a bit watery but tastes like Milo or just a typical milk chocolate, only milder. At first you’d think what’s so special with this? But then you’ll find yourself scooping for more. I just wish they add more cake so the cake will end up a sponge soaking up the chocolate sauce and not the sauce drowning the cake. Best eaten warm.

Sada Al Tahlia
Dabab Street,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4. Blue Velvet Cake from Aani and Dani

This is one creamy, soft, yummy cake!

This is one creamy, soft, yummy cake!

I get it, your favorite blueberry cheesecake is from Saadeddin. Me too. But don’t ignore the Blue Velvet Cake from Aani and Dani. It’s moist, creamy and tasty. I had this during my birthday last August and it was a hit (along with Framboise and Olive’s Mixed Fruit Cheesecake). It’s blueberry (not ube/purple yam) and it’s softer and lighter than a cheesecake. If you must know, Aani and Dani is a Saudi brand. I know, I also said Nooo wayyy when I first learned about it. It looked like French brand (no offense to Saudis) but the branding is so elegant and luxurious. Aani and Dani means “near and fresh” in French so there you go. Try these, along with their other cake collections and chocolates. They have so many brands they aren’t hard to find (near remember?).

Aani & Dani Chocolatier
12 branches (check them out HERE)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

5. Rainbow Truffle from Cookies N’ Cream

What's in that rainbow truffle?

What’s in that rainbow truffle?

So I bought this because of the rainbow colors. Haha! They’re so cute! When I popped one ball into my mouth, I tasted a gentle fruity flavor. But I also get an overpowering amount of sweetness. So basically these are morsels of moist rainbow cake mashed and made into little balls. They’re pretty and sweet and good for sharing. I find this a bit expensive at SR 10 for 6 balls but if you think about it, this makes one cupcake already. Cookies N’ Cream is available in most food courts and they mainly offer cookies which you can order too for that quick nibble fix.

Cookies N’ Cream
Faisaliah Mall Food Court
Kingdom Mall Food Court

Of course there are more sweets and desserts waiting to be discovered in Riyadh. Or some are already discovered but we in The Pink Tarha haven’t probably tasted them so feel free to suggest too so that we can try them. Yalla! 🙂

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