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Money may not buy you happiness but it can sure buy you a luxurious and exclusive membership at one of Riyadh’s five-star hotel spas. Have you ever been to Al Faisaliah Spa by ESPA? We were. And my oh my, were we floored by how warm and fuzzy they made us feel! We had a tour of the place last week and availed one of their services (which J can tell you more about later) but from what I’ve gathered thus far, it will be my new favorite place. I even told J that I finally found a place where I’d spend all my money on. 😉

My new slice of heaven in Riyadh!

My new slice of heaven in Riyadh!

I actually first heard about Al Faisaliah Spa by ESPA during the awarding ceremony at the Saudi Excellence in Tourism Awards (SETAs) earlier this year. I was seated in the same table with a Western lady, and we were the only non-Saudi ladies present during the event. We hardly chatted but when she got back with an award, that’s when I saw the inscription on their trophy for Best Hotel Spa. After our visit last Friday, I have no doubt in my mind why they won.

What can you expect from a five-star hotel spa? Nothing but the best of course. Suffice to say, they have exceeded my expectations. As I was lounging in their relaxation room, I couldn’t help but feel that I was no longer in Riyadh but in my own opulent sanctuary, a feeling I can only link to the same feeling I had when vacationing in the Maldives. Now that is one tall order!

ESPA's beauty products.

ESPA’s beauty products.

To begin with, the ESPA brand is a luxury line of beauty products from the UK that focuses on skincare and for many years now, they have been partnering with five-star hotels worldwide in helping them operate and offer a unique (and clearly award-winning) spa service. As we entered the beautiful corridors of the spa, we were welcomed with glistening Svarovski crystals decorated along the hall amidst shiny mirrors. Truly they know that every girl likes all things that glitter and shine.


Now how magnificent would it be if you could avail of the same services and feel as pampered as we did on a regular basis? Fortunately, Al Faisaliah Spa by Espa has organized membership packages for the “Upper East Siders” of Riyadh. I say this forthrightly because as much as the Al Faisaliah Spa will offer you with the best five-star hotel spa experience, it will also charge you like a five-star hotel spa should.

To know your money’s worth, you must know that Al Faisaliah Spa by Espa is housed on four floors, each exquisitely designed to cater to various spa treatments, fitness classes, an indoor swimming pool, state-of-the-art showers and a relaxation lounge you wouldn’t want to leave. They also have private spa suites, a beauty salon and a nail spa. Here’s a quick tour of what you we were shown (and experienced):

The unforgettable Relaxation Lounge.

The unforgettable Relaxation Lounge.

After changing into our robes, they took me to this area where I never wanted to leave! It was a quiet room with round, rattan day beds and an automated sheer curtain that can give you some privacy in case you wanted to stare into the galaxy-like ceiling of the place. Total serenity, I tell you! I’m still pouting in sadness in knowing that I am not there again right now, in this minute.

They'd also serve some refreshments and fresh fruits in this area.

They’d also serve some refreshments and fresh fruits in this area.

The Relaxation Lounge is where they let their clients stay before and after their treatments. It really puts you in a zen-like state of mind and that alone was enough to detach me from the hustle and bustle of Riyadh life.

A view of the Private Spa Suite.

A view of the Private Spa Suite.

We were also toured around one of the Private Spa Suites where they had their own massage beds, a beautiful bathtub and a private lounge area in case you brought your girlfriends there with you.


Traditional massage ingredients in the Hammam.

This is where their Morrocan Bath is performed.

This is where their Morrocan Bath is performed.


For the “Rainfall Massage”

This had us “Ooooh-ing” and “Ahhhh-ing” as they explained this massaging mechanism to us. At 850SR for an hour, this is one of the treatments we’d like to try next.

Speaking of showers, they all house the state-of-the-art kind.

Speaking of showers, they all house the state-of-the-art kind.

Showering is a science, people! In this particular showering device, you can choose from five different types of nozzles and how and which trajectory you’d like to get wet. Fancy!

A literal, "Ice Fountain."

A literal, “Ice Fountain.”

I was outside one of the Heated Hammams when I saw this interesting looking well of glistening thingie-magies and when I asked one of the staff what it was, she said it was an “ice fountain” which you can use after coming out of the Heated Hammam and rub around your face or skin to relieve yourself.

Lots of mirror and flora accents in the place.

Lots of mirror and flora accents in the place.

We were then taken to the lower floors which housed the fitness center, nail spa and beauty salon. They also have in-house treatments for the body, i.e. liposuction (in case you’re interested).

The gym is well-equipped with weight training and cardio machines.

The gym is well-equipped with weight training and cardio machines.

A nails spa that's private and good for two. (Those chairs tho!)

A nail spa that’s private and good for two. (Those chairs tho!)

They also have a laser lipo-machine and other body treatments available.

They also have a laser lipo-machine and other body treatments available.

On the ground floor, behind the lobby, you will find a beautiful indoor swimming pool with a jacuzzi. It’s a bit dim in there but the gushing water from the pool will deeply put you in a relaxed mood. The ceramic day beds are also delightful and we could just imagine having our friends over there with us for some fancy pool time.


All of these amenities will be fully accessible to all membership packages: Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Members will also be entitled to unlimited fitness classes, priority booking for treatments and exclusive invites to product launches, events and presentations among other discount perks. To view more of the details of each membership package, visit this link to download their brochure: Al Faisaliyah Spa Membership Packages

The only differences I can see from each of the packages are the perks (more complimentary guest passes and treatments and further discounts on certain treatments) and you do “save” more when you sign up for the Platinum package considering that it will basically cost a little over 2,000 SAR per month. Compare that to the Gold Membership Package, which will have you forking a little over 8,000 SAR for only three months.

You can expect the services to be impeccable, with all of the staff highly-trained in their field and fluent in English (and the rest in Arabic, maybe even more), so definitely, you wouldn’t have a problem communicating your needs — which for me is a very important aspect of customer service, let alone a spa service. They are confident with their training and I didn’t sense a hint of hesitation when I asked them questions about the services.

In case you are interested in signing up for their membership packages, do follow the link to their website: http://www.alfaisaliahspa.com/membership.php. Or better yet, pay them an actual visit at the Al-Faisaliah Hotel and know for yourself if this is the spa in Riyadh that you ought to belong to. Soon enough, J will be telling her side of the beauty treatment that we had done and how it fared. 🙂

Al Faisaliah Spa by ESPA

Al Faisaliah Hotel, Ground Floor

For reservations or inquiries:

Tel: 011-273-3000

Hours of Operation:

Open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Mondays thru Sundays)

Spa Treatments:

Available from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Mondays thru Sundays)

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