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I had a nail polish phase in 2010. You could say I got really fascinated that I bought myself a few bottles of nail lacquers and was even gifted a Konad set for nail stamps. Thank goodness it didn’t evolve to an obsession that would have seen me setting up nail polish bottles in drawers upon drawers of them. I realized I am better off going to nail salons than putting polish on my own. Fast forward to the opening of Models Own kiosks in Tala Mall and Al Nakheel Mall. I can’t help but grab two bottles because their kiosk is just oh so cute! Their kiosk is shaped like a nail polish bottle on its side complete with polish seeping on its mouth. They were also on BOGO during that time. However, I got a bottle that was not included on the sale. I paid for it in its full price of SR 29 anyway because it’s a beautiful nude color which I’m still into now.

Models Own

BOGO not applicable now. Photo taken months ago.

Models Own nail polishes have a nice flowy texture. A bit runny, yes but it glides smoothly on the nails. I didn’t have any problems applying it considering how clumsy I usually am when it comes to doing my own nail polish). Once on the nails, the polish stays smooth (no bubbles!). Nude Beige is a pretty milky color that’s great for every day wear while Hayley’s Comet has a kaleidoscope of colors in a neat bright brown base. Combine the two together and Hayley’s Comet gets brighter and more solid on the nails. I also got a shimmery violet polish named Roxy in one of my errands in Al Nakheel Mall.

Love the colors of my Models Own polishes

Love the colors of my Models Own polishes

These polishes are easy to remove and if I have a suggestion on the acetone you use, look for an unassuming plastic bottle named Classic Nail Polish Remover with conditioner. It doesn’t look much on the rack but it’s so effective in removing nail polishes. All in all, Models Own polishes are great and they have really nice colors arranged easy on the eyes. Check them out! Let me know if you grabbed their Chrome finish.

Product Name: Nail Polish in Nude Beige and Hayley’s Comet

Brand: Models Own

Price: SR 29 each

Where To Buy: Models Own in Tala Mall and Al Nakheel Mall

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