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Baking and cake decoration are two intricate culinary arts that both needs to be approached like a science and an art. Science, in the sense that baking requires accurate measurements, temperatures and conditions to be deemed as perfect. Art, in the sense that to make a cake look beautiful and one-of-a-kind, the vision of the baker needs creativity and passion. We think that Lourdes “Odette” Gabac-Orozco  of My Cake Cravings approaches her work in such balanced manner that her cakes end up being the talk of the town and winning the Bake & Blush Cake Contest earlier this year just proved that. For me, her cakes are as delicious as they are a delight to look at.

We have featured her previously as one of the Filipina homebakers who was starting their prolific baking business and today we’d like to highlight more of the creations that she has produced for her clients, including their feedback, which we have gathered personally without her knowing. 🙂 All of the designs featured below are of her own making from scratch and the concepts are primarily pitched by the clients and they leave it to her to make their imagined cakes come to life. Here are just some of her best works thus far, with photography credits due to her partner and supportive husband, Mr. Garry Orozco.


A take on “Noah’s Ark”.

Legos and Superheroes!

Legos and Superheroes!

Must be a hit: A Frozen-inspired cake

Must be a hit: A Frozen-inspired cake


An elegant cake for something formal.

Keeping it fun with The Simpsons!

Keeping it fun with The Simpsons!


Traditional Tajin-inspired cake for a cultural touch.

It is commendable to note that My Cake Cravings approach their clients in a very professional manner. They provide insight to the design and flavors included and even provide a ‘Cake Contract’, indicating the timeline and expected date of delivery, detailed styles and design requirements of the cake along with the costs. Now, that’s a service that not all bakers can boast of having. Points for documentation and archiving!

MCC_20Now is she the new Cake Queen of Riyadh? Well, her clients seem to speak highly of her as we gathered their comments about having worked with Odette. Hardly a negative comment in sight! Her customers are from various nationalities also, ranging from our kabayans to the Americans, French and even Spanish. Here’s what they had to say about My Cake Cravings:

From Roc Escosio, Philippines:

“Most parents may overlook the details of their cake; well not us.  My wife and I were very keen and specific with how we wanted our cake to look and taste like for our precious son, Captain Juri.  For several days, we worked on the design until we finally achieved the look of our cake.  Then the biggest challenge halted our plan — to find someone who will bake, design, and bring our cake to life.  That is where My Cake Cravings came as an answer to our prayer.  My Cake Cravings did not only meet our expectations; it was exceeded.   My wife and I were overwhelmed the moment we saw our 3-layered cake.  We also received high regard from friends during the event and after the event.  The cake was a masterpiece.  The best part of it, it tasted so good. Plus factor? they are also very warm and accommodating to their clients.  Their responses to every query is instant.  From inception to actual production of your cake, they can surely tailor it according to your preferences! Regardless of your budget, how complex your design may be, I would highly recommend to checkout My Cake Cravings — they will surely create a lasting memory.”

Capt. Juri's pirate-inspired birthday cake

Capt. Juri’s pirate-inspired birthday cake

From Lolly Abastillas, USA:

“I have been a My Cake Cravings client since its inception last year. I can confidently attest to Ms. Orozcos’ growth as a baker and custom cake creator. / Ms. Orozco has a keen eye for details and works tirelessly to ensure that our specifications are met. Our cakes are always delivered on time. Needless to say you definitely get more than what you paid for. My personal favorite is the dark chocolate cake with chocolate or marshmallow filling. / We have trusted all our cake needs to My Cake Cravings knowing that they won’t disappoint. Their cake creations are always the talk of our parties.” 

From Pauline Khan, France:

“I ordered cakes from My Cake Cravings twice – once for my son’s first birthday and once for my daughter’s 4th birthday. The themes – circus for my son and lion king for my daughter – and my requests were unusual but My Cake Cravings took up the challenge and produced two beautiful cakes which were a hit at both parties. Not only were they a work of art but they were also very tasty. She also provides excellent customer service, not hesitating to quote numerous types of cakes, listening to your detailed requests, trying to achieve the best quality cake within your price range and keeping you updated on the progress of the cake. I have recommended My Cake Cravings to friends and would not hesitate to do it again. Only possible improvement would be cake delivery.”

Lion King-inspired birthday cake

Lion King-inspired birthday cake

Fun in the circus cake!

Fun in the circus cake!

From Allison Rice-Korban, New Zealand:

“We met with Odette from My Cake Cravings and were immediately impressed by her business-like approach. / Her approach was business like which immediately put us at ease. / I can not recommend the service of My Cake Cravings enough. When thinking of a homebased business, you conjure up visions of your favourite Auntie, puttering around her kitchen and producing a not too reliable product.  My Cake Cravings is anything but that. From their approach with their interview forms to the ‘cake contract’, to their delivery and actual product – they are truly a very professional enterprise.  Do not hesitate to engage their services.

From Saumya George, India:

“I have been very satisfied with all my orders at My Cake Cravings. Especially as she is the only one I trust with my children’s dietary requirements as both my children have dairy and egg allergies. The variety of flavors and frostings and designs are splendid! Odette has been meticulous, understanding and works with top-quality products. I do wish she had more access to more resources as it’s so limited in the Kingdom and I know if she did, her creativity would have no limit. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!”

From Isabel Gonzalez, Spain:

“As a mother, it is a challenge to create the perfect birthday cake for your child. But My Cake Cravings made it easy for me by creating a beautiful and tasty cake that really impressed my child and did not go unnoticed. It was the 2nd birthday of my son and I wanted the colors to be strong so that it would get his attention. I met with Odette and she understood my idea perfectly. The result was better than excellent! Pocoyo, ABCs and numbers…everything in it was a wonderful cake that my Gorka will never forget. What surprised me most was that it was the first time I signed a contract to order a birthday cake, but then I realized it’s a very professional way of doing the job. The contract was reflected measurement, design, taste and price, and nowhere could I have been left unsatisfied.”

Fun elements for Gorka's 2nd birthday.

Fun elements for Gorka’s 2nd birthday.

Naturally, with all these rave reviews and photos of her work that further serve as proof, the quality being delivered by My Cake Cravings is hard to deny. Her talent and passion as a baker and businesswoman is simply evident in her work and we hope she will continue raising the bar for Filipina homebakers here in Riyadh, especially with the expat community. Cheers, Ms. Odette!

To further inquire or make an order, contact:

My Cake Cravings


Mobile: +966541100791


Instagram: @mycakecravings

NOTE: This home bakeshop is no longer operating in Riyadh.

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