Friday Finds: Wonder Treatments

I was walking along Thalateen St. one evening and chanced upon a big store with bright, white lights that gleamed from the side, enticing me to pay it a visit. The store sign was in Arabic but from the large store windows, you can easily deduce that it’s a shop that sells salon and beauty products. I entered to see what beauty product I can possibly add to my arsenal but what I ended up finding though were miraculous (if not, ridiculous) items that might or might not do wonders for our bodies.

Check them out:


It’s a mask…but not for the face.

On first glance, you might think this product is something non-shocking but when I read through the details, I was agape with what it intended to do. Yes, you read that right. Masks are not just for the face or nose…you can also use one for your breasts! *cough* I guess if a surgical option proves to be too expensive, this would have to do the trick for only 20SR.


Do you want to get your Kim K on? This product promises to “uplift thy hip” by religiously applying the cream to your behind to bring your “badonka-donks” back to life. Sounds plausible, but I believe doing squats at least 30 times a day would provide better results.


Now this gave me a good chuckle! A slimming soap made from natural ingredients of ginger, red pepper and green tea claims to make you lose inches from your waist by applying it daily, leave to dry and then to wash after. Who needs liposuction if you can get one of these for only 9SR? I bought one. I’ll feature it on our next Beauty Bets in the future. 😉


I’m guessing this Dr. Rashel has made millions by now since most of these wonder products came from his brand. This Crystal Collagen Gold Mask is specifically for the lips, eyes and/or nose and promises to make it plump and younger looking by the end of each use. Only for 7Sr each!


Fortunately, there’s also something for the guys and here are nose mask muds to help clear out clogged pores of blackheads. Most of the details on the packet are not in English, but we get the idea. Each sachet goes for 5SR each.

Who knows how safe and reliable these products are? We’ll find out soon enough. Then again, they wouldn’t be selling these to the public if they weren’t safe, right? Feel free to try out one of these wonder treatments at your own risk. Other than that, they can serve a fun gag gifts!

The store featured here was named in Arabic. But it is located along Thalateen St., right across the Azizia Panda and a few meters before Pizza Fusion and Steak House. With its bright white lights at night, you sure won’t miss it! 🙂 

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