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Good Stuff Eatery is serving burgers. I know, I know you’re all rolling your eyes at the mention of BURGER. Believe me, when I first heard about this restaurant I thought they were far from serving burgers. I mean the name sounded like they’re offering something healthy and burgers being healthy is uhhh a sarcasm?! LOL. I wished that Good Stuff Eatery offered food other than burgers (you know, like a grocery for healthy stuff) but no, they sell burgers. So there you go, you can keep rolling your eyes but I’m talking about burgers today. Haha!

Another American-born burger joint, Good Stuff Eatery was the product of Cathey Mendelsohn’s vision for a place where people can back in the nostalgia of American favorites including handcrafted burgers, handcut fries, and handspun shakes. So basically, they do things by hand so the food is a bit more personal. Hehe. Good Stuff Eatery opened a few months ago in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The restaurant is located in Khurais Road just after the area of Habib Hospital Al Rayan and Jarir Bookstore. It’s easy to spot in the corner especially with its facade. It has the old American diner look proclaiming their goods in red signs. The entrance to the family section is at the side.

Good Stuff Eatery, Saudi Arabia - their first branch outside USA

Good Stuff Eatery, Saudi Arabia – their first branch outside USA

I wanted to visit Good Stuff Eatery for their shakes after our dinner at Forchetta but my family was giving me the unbelievable stares silently saying, “You’re not full yet?!?” Haha! So I backed down and vowed to visit another night. Which eventually happened! Yey! I was imagining a cooler interior but it’s a bit so-so with open tables and couches in the middle and closed booth at both sides. If you’re a large family or group of friends going then the side booths are perfect for you. You might feel a bit claustrophobic though.

The tables at GSE, Riyadh branch

The tables at GSE, Riyadh branch

Nice lighting!

Nice lighting!

The family booths

The family booth

Do not be deceived by the counter in the second floor. We had to order downstairs. It’s really not that hard to choose unless you are easily intimidated by photos of food. The burgers in the photos are huuge and looked messy to eat haha. But they really look inviting. Like you immediately want to take a bite! Ah, these advertisements! Anyway, we settled for Colleti’s Smokehouse and Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown. It’s a bit hard to choose because Good Stuff Melt, Spike’s Sunnyside, and Uncle D’s Chili N Cheddar sounds good too! While waiting for our order, we went to their Dip Bar to get our condiments. The usual ketchup and mustard are there. There’s blue cheese too. Their mayo have several versions like Chipotle Mayo, Sriracha Mayo, etc. It’s just fun to have more choices.

Choose your dip!

Choose your dip!

The chosen ones

The chosen ones

We also ordered their hand spun milkshakes and I’m thrilled to try their Toasted Marshmallow and Salty Caramel Kiss.

Which milkshake are you?

Which milkshake are you? SR 19 each

Oh my, their Toasted Marshmallow really tastes like toasted marshmallow! I can taste the slight hint of smoke and the I can smell the sweetness of the mallows. It’s like being in a camp while toasting mallows by the bonfire. You have to try this. The Salty Caramel Kiss is also nice. I like the combination of the sweet caramel and the salt. The latter cuts down the suya (cloying) factor. The milkshakes are really sweet so make sure you have water on the side.

Chili Cheese Fries, SR 22

Chili Cheese Fries, SR 22

Our choice for side dish is the Chili Cheese Fries. It’s generous in serving and good for 2-3 persons. The handcut fries topped with chili, cheddar cheese sauce, sour cream, and green onions are delicious, especially when hot. It’s a mash of creaminess, cheesiness, and goodness in the mouth. This starter is heavy on the stomach so we ate them slowly so that we can have a good portion of the burger before getting too full.

Our table fare

Our table fare



And at last, the burgers! They appear bigger in the photos. They’re not small though. One bigger is too much for myself but if you’re really hungry and you’ve been looking forward to this the whole day, then by all means, finish it!

Colleti's Smokehouse, SR 32

Colleti’s Smokehouse, SR 32

My order of Colleti’s Smokehouse comes with beef bacon, sharp Vermont cheddar, onion rings, and chipotle BBQ sauce. The patty is a bit dry for me but since I have a lot of sauces from their Dip Bar, they helped in making the entire burger juicy. However, it has a strong beefy flavor that holds its ground and linger for the most part. I like their soft, buttery bun. The ratio of the burger is off when you consider the ingredients in between almost bulging out of proportion. Oh well, it just goes to show how true to life their photos of the burgers are. Haha! It’s oozing with cheese and beef juice!

Big House Meltdown

Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown, SR 37

The Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown is the stuff of a burgerholic’s dream! It’s huge and filled with beef bacon, ruby tomato, onions, lettuce, and pickles. They doused it with their “good stuff sauce.” It’s a sight to behold, this burger.It has a satisfying beefy flavor that made my companion chomp like there’s no tomorrow! Haha! It has a good balance of ingredients. Let’s just think of the tomatoes and lettuce as the healthy factor. (Yeah, convince yourself in every bite haha!) we didn’t find their sauce extraordinary. I think it drowned in all that meat and cheese.

Overall, Good Stuff Eatery is good burger place. However, the interiors are a bit boring and even the ambiance is yawn-inducing. The prices are a bit expensive considering there are better burgers in town that are more affordable. We’re a bit tired of burgers too so they came in late in the Riyadh burger scene. Still a good option when you’ve tried all the other burgers in the city and you’re looking for an imported one.

Good Stuff Eatery

Khurais Road (after Jarir Bookstore, across Hardee’s)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



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