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We never know what to expect from our inbox every day and it just so happens that we received an invitation for an event organized by Swarovski-Riyadh last Tuesday. According to the invite, we would be getting style tips on how to fashion Swarovski jewelries to the latest trends. It sounded interesting at first, so off we went to Kingdom Mall at the Swarovski branch there were it was made to be an exclusive, ladies-only event.


I happen to frequent that boutique in particular, and I was surprised to see it full of abaya-less women mingling and strutting around. There were several glamazons present but I could easily deduce that they were the models and representatives of Swarovski for apart from their grand physique and presence, they were also donning several of the Swarovski items on their necks, wrists and fingers. As usual, Janelle and I seemed to be the only Filipino tandem there who were guests to the event and if it weren’t for us braving to ask some of the Western looking ladies about the proceedings of the evening, we would have been simply sitting (or in our case, standing) ducks the entire night. We met Rachel, one of the PR people hired by Swarovski to man the event and she was able to take us through the promotion they had for the evening. There were four styling tips that they would like their guests to try:

Play it by Ear – We saw the trendy earrings that had both front and back designs that can complement your ear lobes along with the edgy style of ear cuffs, that used to be popular back in the 90s but are making a comeback.


Banglemania – J and I have crushes on some of the sparkly bangles that they had in the store and we did notice how layering different pieces can come across as fashion forward and elegant.

My eye is on the pink one, of course!

My eye is on the pink one, of course!

From one of the models.

From one of the models.

Ring Party – This is a trend that I am a particular fan of as popularized by the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna. Swarovski offers various statement rings that range from the thick to thin bands that will surely get your hands noticed.

Check out the rings!

Check out the rings!

More IS More. ;)

More IS More. 😉

Pendant Play – A deviation from singular, bold necklaces, the Pendant Play style tip lets you choose from two to three slim yet studded pieces that can be layered from your collarbone onwards and/or necklaces that range from long or short lengths.


She showed us the different selections for each style and even asked some of the models to pass by us to show us how they were wearing the said accessories. Rachel was actually wearing a really cool and classy set of Swarovski bracelets along with a luxurious Swarovski watch that blended beautifully with the color scheme that she had going on (#Banglemania). I also took note of her chunky, bejeweled neckpiece that was very vibrant and eye-catchy and she said that that piece is actually one of the main items of the “Sea of Sparkle” line. It’s one of those bold pieces that can already make a statement even if you’re wearing something basic like a little black dress or an all white ensemble.

From Rachel's ensemble.

From Rachel’s ensemble.

As drinks and finger foods were being passed around, we wondered if there was more to the event after Rachel’s short tour for us. We saw that one of the aptly dressed women might be Sara Abdulaziz – according to the e-invite, she is a presenter for the TV channel MBC 1 and that she would be hosting the night’s events. The room was starting to get super full and I suppose that prompted the organizers to finally start whatever it was they had in mind and so, as eager as we were to listen to what Ms. Sara was going to say…unfortunately, her program was done in full Arabic. Poor us! I did get snippets of what she said though, and luckily, we were able to listen to Rachel’s welcome earlier on that I deduced that what Ms. Sara presented was a repetition or a better highlight of what we had learned as she was ushering in the models one by one, seemingly describing what jewellry they were wearing and how it was styled.



By the end of the presentation, we decided to leave already as we thought that there was nothing else for us to do and after considering that everything was done in Arabic, oh well! At least we got to see something shiny and sparkly.


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