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Here’s our second entry on our TPT Tuesdays series. If you didn’t catch the first one, please read it here. Every Tuesday (or on most Tuesdays), Reina and I come up with a collaboration entry where we write about a certain topic that catches our fancy. It’s anywhere in the sun and as random as it will get. For this TPT Tuesday, we’re writing about our skincare routine. We’re so into skincare products now because we already reached the great 30. Haha! So if you’re wondering what we’re using then read on. Consider this as a mini Beauty Bets too because we give short reviews of a lot of skincare products in this entry. Happy (TPT) Tuesday! 🙂 ~ J



My night time skin routine.

As much as we pay attention to our makeup rituals in the morning, I’d like to pay attention equally to my night time skin routine. After our often, tiring and exhausting days at work, I like to pamper my face with some TLC with lots of anti-aging stuff! LOL This has been a very particular practice of mine since turing 30. I regret my 20s nights wherein I’d dare to go to bed without washing off my day’s makeup! Nowadays, that would be considered blasphemy in my book.  The first step in my evening ritual is cleansing:


Wash it off. 😉

I’ve featured the Olay Total Effects 7 in One Age Defying Face Wash in one of Beauty Bets in the past and I’ve maintained using this product ever since. I wash off my makeup with The Body Shop’s handy Facial Brush (that’s a fraction of the price my dream product and its counterpart, the Clarisonic). I manually brush my face in a circular motion with the Olay facial wash and use lukewarm water while doing so. By then, I can easily see that the day’s foundation pigments are coming off and are being absorbed by the facial brush as I cleanse; after which I pat my face dry.


The miracle workers.

For the next step which is toning, I use Clarins’ One Step Facial Cleanser+Toner. If I have any remnants of eyeliner smudges that the Olay facial cleanser wasn’t able to thoroughly remove, it’s this product that does the trick. It has orange extracts and natural oils that easily swipes any remaining botches of makeup in my skin and assures a refreshing and purified smell all over my face.

To address my fears of losing youthful skin, I apply the Clarins’ Double Serum. It promises firmer skin, smoothening of wrinkles, gaining back our complexion’s glow and makes pores appear less visible I apply it by using a pump and a half of the product into my palms, rubbing it together and patting it over my face slowly and evenly (at least that’s how the saleslady at Clarins taught me how to apply it). After that, I apply the Double Serum’s sister, the Clarins Muti Active Night Youth Recovery Cream (Oh, diba, takot talaga tumanda! LOL) as it highly recommended for ladies 30 years old and over for helping reduce signs of early wrinkles and encourages skin renewal. It also boasts of having “Golden poppy extracts” that help reduce the signs of lack of sleep. If I still look like the way I do 10 years from now, then I have these products to thank. 😉



Like Reina, I started being conscious about my face and skin when I turned 30. I guess it really happens at the turn of a century you know? We realize we have to take care of ourselves more when we grow older and that includes investing on skincare products that really do wonders and works for us. I have a few products in my skincare routine that has always been a part of it since I was in my 20s. They work great for me and I never wanted to try anything else. However, I also introduced new products in the hopes of making my face brighter and less dull a few months before my wedding and even though the wedding has come and gone, I decided to keep on using them because they proved to be really effective. So let’s get into it…

All morning, every day products

All morning, every day products

I use mostly drugstore products. They’re inexpensive and effective, which is something that I really love in products whether that be makeup or skincare stuff. The only expensive product in my morning ritual is probably the SK II Facial Treatment Essence. And this works for me too. I would have to apologize that I got most of these stuff in the Philippines and I’m not sure if they’re available in Saudi Arabia. Some of them are available online though. I have a combination skin when I’m in Riyadh, but my skin is really oily when I’m in the Philippines. Riyadh has a drier weather that makes it better for my skin; I’m not that oily here haha. The Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Wash has been a part of my skincare routine for a while now. I’m pimply as a teenager and Eskinol has been that one product that helped tone down my raging pimples. Ten years later and I’m still using one of their products which has been improved through the years. My husband, who also gets bouts of pimple attacks, was so amazed that this facial wash helped his face become clearer. I mean, not life-changing removal of pimples but enough to see a change. I like using this in the morning because the scent really perks me up. I use facial scrubs twice or thrice a week and I alternate using Human Nature’s Purifying Facial Scrub and Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. The first one I got in the Philippines (I love Human Nature’s products) and it’s for those days that I need a fast exfoliation. It has strawberry seeds and bamboo granules as scrubbers and they’re gentle on the skin. I use the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub when I have more time to exfoliate because the beads of this one are smaller but oh boy, such heavy workers! I spend 2-4 minutes scrubbing! They really get into the pores and feels rougher and tougher on the skin. They’re tiny yet effective! It’s one of the best scrubs I’ve ever used.

I’m not a toner user and I haven’t used one since I landed in Riyadh in 2008. Every time I use a toner, my skin gets rashes so I ditch the product and never used them until I went home for vacation last July 2015. I realized that I have to have a toner in my  regimen to brighten my dull complexion which I can obviously see every time I’m in beauty shop counters in malls where there are glaring lights that highlight the skin. So I picked up this Wonder Pore Freshner (not sure if that was a typo and they just went along with it) from Etude House upon the recommendation of the sales lady. I gave in because it’s true, the pores in my face are humongous and they’re the only things I see when I look close  in the mirror. This toner promises a lot of things, ten to be exact, and I’m not sure if it did all those but one thing I can be sure, this did not give me rashes! It tightened my pores and made my face less dull. It worked really well with all my skincare products including the next one, SK II Facial Treatment Essence, a holy grail in skincare for the past few years. Like I said, I got committed to making my skin better before my wedding so I invested on this which promised to moisturize the skin and supports skin renewal. This looks and feels like water and the first time I used it, I thought I was duped. 75ml water for USD 62?! Haha! Actually, it’s Pitera known as the “miracle water”. After two weeks of using this, I got convinced that this one improved the texture and clarity of my skin. Gone are the small bumps I feel whenever I touch my face. I follow up the essence with Now Solutions Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum. This is my anti-ageing product and it also provides a good base for my makeup. I reviewed this serum here. Last but not the least, I use Myra E’s VitaSmooth Facial Moisturizer. It serves as my daily sunscreen. This is probably the product that I have been using the longest. It’s lightweight and doesn’t cause breakouts.

You might be wondering I use a toner, an essence, and a serum. Some people would think that they’re almost the same, especially in form and texture. I believe that the toner serves as a good skin prep to everything that I’ll eventually put into my face. It’s a good hydrating base. The essence adds another layer of hydration, which is a good thing especially in the desert city’s dry climate. And finally, the serum has more concentrated active ingredients that focuses on specific issues. Basically, an essence and a serum is more or less the same but I like using them both because I find the serum to be a good base for makeup. It fills in my pores with ingredients that have great benefits to my skin. Writing this, I realize that I’m adapting a Korean skincare regimen where they put a LOT of products on their skin. (Hello, they have a 10+ step skin regimen!) But what’s not to like? The Koreans have one of the greatest, brightest skin in Asia.

Additional evening and weekend products

Additional evening and weekend products

Uhmn, yup I’m not yet done. I use the same facial wash in the evening and the same facial essence but instead of putting the Myra-E moisturizer, I put on Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream on my face before sleeping, along with Reviva Labs Eye Complex Firming Cream. The Kiehl’s moisturizer is sooo good; I wake up with supple skin in the morning. Unfortunately, it’s not easily available in Riyadh. I got it in the Kiehl’s counter of the Hong Kong International Airport. As for the Reviva Labs eye cream, I haven’t seen major change despite of using it for months now. Im on the lookout for a more effective eye cream. Ladies, we need eye creams because the skin around our eyes are more fragile, more prone to dryness and quicker to show age and fatigue. Sa mga ayaw sa wrinkles dyan, #alamnathis. On the weekends, I usually use facial masks too. I’m a sucker for masks. I use 2 kinds: the clay mask and the sheet mask. The most effective clay mask for me is the Health & Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay which I got from iHerb. It has an oil-absorbing clay that creates a tightening (even pulsating) effect that clears and tightens pores; clay-based masks are good for oily and acne-prone skin. It’s so popular that it’s almost always out of stock i iHerb. I alternate this with Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque which has a freshening, cooling effect that I like. I have various sheet masks that I use from United Exchange’s Collagen Essence Facial Tissue Mask to 3W Clinic Fresh Collagen Mask Sheet to Sephora Collection’s Face and Eye Masks. They’re easy to use (no mixing required like that of clay masks) and they’re easy to remove too (no washing of the face after). Each mask also specializes on one problem area so it really focuses on what you need for the day (or the following day). You need brightening? Tightening? Smoothing? Plumping? Whatever it is, there’s a mask for it!

Remove that makeup before going to sleep!

Remove that makeup before going to sleep!

And lastly, for those who wear makeup every day or almost every day like me, here’s what I use to remove ’em. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Water is my go-to cleanser which removes impurities without irritating my skin. It’s really gentle. And on nights when Im too lazy to wash my face to remove makeup, the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a savior. I just recently found it at White’s Pharmacy and it’s just a great cleanser that removes stubborn eyeliners and liquid lipstick. It’s better than using water and soaps for cleansing because micellar water contains micelles that are attracted to dirt, grime, and oil; they draw out impurities without drying out your skin, unlike harsh soaps. Bioderma is the more popular micellar water but Garnier is cheaper and works just as well.

I took for granted my skin for the longest time. I think I lost hope when pimples bombarded me during my younger years (wow I feel really old, haha). But I re-learned the value of taking care of my skin when I went to Saudi Arabia and investing on products that work well for me. That’s why I have a lot of products in my skincare routine. I will rush out our door in the morning without putting makeup on, but I will not be rushed when it comes to putting my skincare products.

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