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Here’s another series for you, Riyadhizens! (I’m not sure why we even keep on starting a series of “series” in the blog when we can’t keep up with it, haha! Remember Friday Finds? Yes, we’re still doing it.) For Tuesday, we’re having TPT Tuesdays! It’s an entry published every Tuesdays (how observant haha) by both Reina and I. From the four Pink Tarha ladies, it’s just down to us two now. Don’t worry we’re surviving and we’re really trying our best to write more frequently now. We’re trying to make up for our absence last December and January haha! Anyway, TPT Tuesdays are collaboration entries where we get to both write something about a topic. For today, we’re talking about “What’s In Your Bag?” A very much needed update from the WIYB entries we’ve published in… 2010. That looong ago! So many things have changed and well… here’s what goes inside our bags nowadays! ~ Janelle


I’ve always thought of most women’s bags as caves. It’s usually deep and dark and there are so many things you can find in it. That used to be the case when I was in my early 20s (cough) but nowadays, I’ve managed to lessen the load in my bag quite a bit. Believe it or not, what you see here now is a more condensed version of what it used to be. I guess I can best compartmentalize the contents of my back into three:


  1. The Neccessities – This makes up the stuff I need fo’sho like keys, wallet, ID, mobile phone, pocket WiFi and lately, a canister of Tylenol (in case I get a headache) and an alcohol spray for easy sanitization #titamodemuch. I also have a pink organizer to keep track of all my schedules and to-do’s for the week. I got mine at Jarir for only 39SR. Yes, I know, it should be a Pink Tarha Planner, but maybe in 2017? (Cross ‘yer fingers).
  2. Pick Me-Up Make-Up Kit – I usually do all my makeup before I leave the house so I don’t have to carry my entire beauty arsenal with me whenever I go out. I just keep the basic refreshers in a kit, like my Maybelline press powder (along with my trusty kabuki brush from The Body Shop) in case I get some oily spots and a selection of lipsticks that can easily take my look from day to night. I also like smelling like a proper lady so a body spray is included for those days when you need an instant pick-me-up.WHATSINTHEBAG_1
  3. Hot Sauce / Chili Powder / Chili Flakes / ANYTHING SPICY – In Beyonce’s latest singe, “Formation” there is a verse that says “I got hot sauce in my bag. Swag.” — Yes, I am that friend who carries hot sauce or any spicy condiment in her bag with pride. I’ve carried everything from Sricracha sauce, hot sauce, dried chili in a tiny tupperware…you name it. My justification? Well, in case I go somewhere to eat and the food is not good, at least if I put chili on it, it will automatically taste awesome. 😉 I hardly leave my house without it!



I’m re-reading my entry on What’s Inside My Bag in 2010 and boy did I change or what? I’m trying to be more of a minimalist now with just the “important” stuff in my medium-sized bag. I’m no longer the girl who believed in the Big Bag Theory and I don’t carry as much kikay stuff now. While my bag is still part “cave” as Reina describes a woman’s bag, it’s more because of the receipts that I stash in the middle pocket of my bag! I usually have to wade among those tiny pieces of paper to find my pen or my lipstick. But that’s all the clutter in my bag now.

My minimalist clutter, lol

My minimalist clutter of a bag, lol + a snack (this time, it’s an orange)

Here’s what’s inside:

The essentials for every day work life

The essentials for every day

You will notice that red dominates my things and it’s only now that I’m realizing that my actual favorite color is red (I thought it was yellow!). I am drawn to red things! Haha! And black, of course.

  1. PLANNER – We’re really sad that we weren’t able to release a Riyadhizen Planner for 2016. We got really busy in 2015 with personal stuff (like er, a wedding for me, haha). And so both Reina and I ended up buying other planners. I bought mine from the Philippines. The Belle De Jour Planner is like our peg for the Riyadhizen planner. It’s the planner for the woman today. Don’t be fooled by the leather-like cover and gold foil power mantra… it’s really colorful inside with lots of spaces to write and even doodle, which I do. I’m more diligent in writing now because I keep a schedule.
  2. HARD DISK – I’m not sure why I even bought a 2TB hard disk (Seagate if you’re wondering what brand it is; bought from Jarir a year or so ago). I haven’t even reached the 500 GB mark. That means my files are still meager huh. Haha! I bring this everyday because it contains all the files and photos I use for The Pink Tarha. With this, I can write in any computer or laptop when I have the time.
  3. BLACK PEN – It’s my favorite pen; I can’t write in my planner properly if I’m not using this Uni Jetstream 101. When I lost this a week ago, I didn’t even bother writing in my planner. Yes, OC lang. Good thing, I found it the other day and I can now resume handwriting! Haha! #arte I love how the ink is a cross between the ink of a ballpoint pen and the ink of a sign pen. It’s medium thick and glides effortlessly. Gahd, you might be thinking I’m such a psycho obsessing over a pen! Haha!
  4. KINDLE PAPERWHITE – I would like to thank my friends Jou and Jamila for giving me this Kindle. They know how much I love reading books. If you look at my old WIYB entry, you’ll see that I’ve been bringing a paperback. While I miss turning the pages of a printed book, I don’t miss the bulk and weight it adds to my bag. This Kindle ebook reader can hold a thousand ebooks and its weight remains the same! Haha! For the record, mine only contains 25 ebooks, for now. They bought it from Amazon, btw, if you’re interested.
  5. EYEGLASSES – Because I read and use the computer a lot, it’s a given that I wear a pair of eyeglasses with grade. Mine is now 200 (225 when I first wrote WIYB). Frame is from Sunnies in Manila. I rarely use contact lens now so my eyeglasses is a must in my bag everyday. Everything is a blur when I forget it.
  6. THE PINK TARHA CARDS – Like what we posted in our Facebook page a few weeks ago, we got this printed an hour before an event we were supposed to attend. We changed the design and opted for a simpler, sleeker look. It might look like we own the Kingdom Tower because it’s so prominent there but we don’t, just in case we need to clarify that. Haha! It just represents Riyadh.

    My curated stuff

    Curated stuff

  7. WALLET – Again, something red. This Cath Kidston is actually a travel wallet. It’s bigger than most wallets because it’s meant for passports and folded documents. It has a thin strap that makes it a shoulder bag. I use this as a normal wallet because it has a few slots for essential cards (ATM card, iqama, membership cards, etc.) and also slots for important documents that I tend to misplace if I don’t put them here. I got it on sale at SR 145, but its original price is around SR 200+. It also comes in a variety of colors and designs.
  8. TANGLE TEEZER – Also known as a comb. Haha! I bought this at a lady in Kingdom Compound Bazaar but it’s now available in Boots for SR 70. It’s great for dry and wet hair and detangles effortlessly.
  9. MAKEUP & FRAGRANCE – I no longer carry a kikay kit because the bag I use every day has a middle pocket that serves as the place where I dump my makeup stuff. I also carry a well-curated number of makeup stuff now. Gone are the brush set and the lip glosses, and the loose powder shadows. I keep everything to a minimum. (Naks!) I swear by Maybelline’s Fit Me! line and Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lips. I always have one tube of the liquid lipstick in my bag. As for fragrance, I went back to “basics” when I was in Manila by buying this small bottle of Baby Bench cologne. The bubble gum scent (which is crisp and fresh rather than sweet) transports me to my growing up days in La Union. I love this scent better than any perfume.
  10. iPHONE 6s (not included in photo because I’m using it to take the photos :P)

So that’s it for my What’s In Our Bags! Share what’s in yours by commenting below too!

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