TPT Tuesday: What’s On Our Playlist?

TPT Tuesday is a series of entries that Reina and I write every Tuesday (or every other Tuesday haha). We write any topic that we feel like writing about in one entry (because we usually write separate and individual posts in the blog). You can check out our past entries on What’s In Our Bag and our Skincare Routine. Today we write about the music that we listen to nowadays. Happy Tuesday Riyadhizens! – Janelle, EIC


I’ve been a big fan of a little bit of everything when it comes to music, from classical piano (for relaxing) to 80’s new wave and to today’s EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I like to listen to different genres and enjoy what they have to offer, especially if it matches my mood. I don’t know about you, but we used to live in a world without an iPod/Spotify library so I just had stacks of cassette tapes and eventually CDs of my favorite artists growing up. Nowadays, streaming is the way to go and with our hectic workload, listening to music comes as a much-needed relief for me to unwind and “de-pressurize” from everything that’s going on. Here’s what’s on my playlist for this week’s TPT Tuesdays series:


  1. Sige Lang by Quest. Watch and listen here: — Tangkilikin ang OPM! This song can be my default morning song any day of the week. It’s a positive, motivational hip hop track by artist Quest (aka Jose Villanueva III) that reminds me to keep pushing, keep going and that nothing is impossible. “Sige lang” roughly translates to “Go ahead” or “Alright” in Filipino.
  2. Elastic Heart by Sia. Watch and listen here: —  Sia has an undeniably powerful pop vocal that is unmatched, in my opinion (just listen to her other song, “Chandelier” and you’ll know what I mean). I really like this song because of the lyrics which talks about resilience and the video for it is just as riveting.
  3. Jackie and Wilson by Hozier. Watch and listen here: — Hozier became famous for their hit song, “Take Me To Church” but this track is one of their underrated ones. It’s bluesy, jazzy and a little bit of rock and roll. First few beats in and I already got my head bobbin.’
  4. Real Love by Hillsong Young and Free. Watch and listen here: — I’ve recently discovered Hillsong’s Young and Free album and I love how they were able to incorporate spiritual lyrics in an EDM tune and vibe. Their live performances are nothing short of a party of faith. I find myself jumping up and down in my room when I listen to them.
  5. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself by Jess Glynne. Watch and listen here: — Her entire album, “I Cry When I Laugh” is on my iTunes music library and I just think that’s she’s becoming one of my favorite artists who is quite rustic and soulful and yet very pop. I like this song because it’s about strength and self-preservation but sung in a fun, loving way. This song is Jess Glyne’s fifth UK#1 single. She’s also the voice behind the hit song “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit.



When Reina first suggested that we write about what’s in our playlist for TPT Tuesdays, I was stumped. You see, I’m the person who doesn’t like to listen to music that much. I know, I know I’m weird like that. I find music to be a bit distracting to what I’m doing. When I write or read, I want complete silence that’s why I’m not used to listening to songs and I’m probably the last person to know what’s playing on the radio or iTunes these days. Haha! Anyway, I do have my favorite songs which I tend to play over and over again. These are the songs that are a staple to my playlist, for all seasons, come what may.


  1. How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding. Watch and listen here: — This is the song that was playing when I walked down the aisle last January. When I first heard this song, it immediately became a part of my all-time favorites. When played with violin, this song becomes extra emotional and heartwarming. How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you, and longer if I may. Sweet! It’s the perfect wedding song.
  2. Silent Sanctuary. Listen to a playlist here. — I’m influenced by my husband on this choice of band. He started playing songs of Silent Sanctuary when he was still courting me and I found their songs to be catchy and LSS (last song syndrome) material. Their songs Hiling and Sa’yo are our faves.
  3. Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-Ibig by Ebe Dancel. Listen to the entire album here. I love most of the songs in this album by Ebe Dancel, former vocalist of Sugarfree. Listen to Paalam Kahapon, Muli, and Wag Ng Magalala and they’re all heartbreaking. These songs that are full of feelings and soul are my go-to music when I’m having issues with anyone and anything, haha. These calm me down.
  4. The Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles. Listen to the entire album here. I picked this album because of two songs: Brave and I Choose You. They’re my all-time favorite pick-me-upper songs. I like how relatable her songs are, and also, how ‘lyrically daring and serious-sounding’ most of the tracks in these album are. I Choose You is a song worthy to be placed in your wedding playlist. Just suggesting, haha.
  5. Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Listen here: — I love love love this song. It’s so powerful. Its passion spilling into a simple lyrics that leaves me gutted and with goosebumps every time I hear it. If you watched the movie Once, then you’ll know what I mean.

What are you listening to? What’s the playlist of your life? 😉

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