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I’ve been devoted to my eyebrows since 2008. It’s one of the two things I won’t get out of the house without and I would gladly dedicate 10-15 minutes of my morning make-up routine to make sure I had the perfect arch and fill to my eyebrows. My fascination with it came from watching a Lifestyle Network show called “How Do I Look?”, with their resident makeup artist and eyebrow expert Damone Roberts expressing the importance of having a good set of eyebrows because of how it can instantly frame your face and give you a subtle ‘made-up look’ right off the bat. Some may say I’ve gotten too crazy about applying it, but in general, I get a compliment once in a while on how nice my eyebrows look. I started out with eyebrow pencils at first then settled into powdered versions for a long time. It wasn’t after I attended GAP’s beauty workshop that I got the idea of using Eyebrow Gels for my makeup.

After J told us all about the Nectar kiosk at Kingdom Mall, I checked it out and that’s where I found the E.L.F. Eyebrow Gel at only 45SR.

Gel on the left, Powder on the right.

Gel on the left, Powder on the right.

It comes in a compact container and a free brush but it’s not as definitive as my reliable angled brush from MAC, so I use that instead. It swipes on easily and I apply up to two strokes on each brow for evenness. I observed that the “gel” can appear to be “oily” after application so I apply some setting powder over it to lessen that undesired effect. Honestly, this product costs less than my previous go-to eyebrow powder which was The Body Shop’s Brow and Liner Kit at 79SR, but there’s something about the effect of the E.L.F. gel that comes across as literally, cheap. Perhaps you get what you paid for, eh? For now, I’ll finish off this set but I doubt if I’ll buy it again in the future. What got me inspired out of it though is how easier it is to apply gel-like product for the eyebrow instead of powdered ones.

Product Name: E.L.F. Eyebrow Gel

Brand Name: E.L.F.

Price: 45SR

Where To Buy: Nectar Beauty Kiosk, Basement, Kingdom Tower

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