Ramadan Caravan 2016 At Harvey Nichols

We’re just a few weeks away from Ramadan 2016 and most restaurants, hotels, and stores are already preparing. One company that continuously celebrate the holy month is Harvey Nichols and this year, their Ramadan Caravan continues its journey to enchant women in Riyadh with fabulous and unique clothing pieces. The Ramadan Caravan 2016 features the latest collections of abayas, kaftans, and jalabiyas by 18 top designers in the region. They officially launched Ramadan Caravan last night at the Plaza Floor of Harvey Nichols Riyadh and most of the designers whose works are featured are there to talk about their creations and inspirations. Participating brands include Aseel Collection, Al Maha Designs, Nashel by Najeba, Butterfly Abayas, Rawiah Bagabas, Mashael Alrajhi, Waela, Ajorca, By Nouma, Me9wan, Bazzah, Jelbab, Black Pearl, Gamra Abayas, Shellzy Design, Dara3alicious, M.N Aloush, and Ta Marbota.

The Ramadan Caravan opens in Harvey Nichols Riyadh.

The Ramadan Caravan opens in Harvey Nichols Riyadh.

Stunning frocks

Stunning frocks

Colors,  textures, and styles

Colors, textures, and styles

Summer lovin' colors

Summer lovin’ colors

This year’s Ramadan Caravan has a very minimalistic feel to it with a streamlined gold design on the plaza and the racks for each designer. I had a grand time looking at the clothing featured and of course, I have to admit that I couldn’t relate to some of the dresses as they are made with the Arabic women in mind. I don’t mind though since I can relate to the abayas, haha, and the colorful dresses that spell summer. This is one of the most well-curated fashion collection I’ve seen. Here are some of the racks that caught my eye:

Ramadan Caravan 2

Flowy and ethereal describe the dresses of Mashael Alrajhi. The fabric breathes and sways on its own. They look really light with the color of gray, soft pink, and white but each dress has a gorgeous embellishment to it, whether at the waist or at the collar. It’s elegance well translated into fashion.

Ramadan Caravan 8

I like the colored abayas of Shellzy Design. They black abayas are lined with pastel fabric and they’re suitable for that casual yet unique vibe. I also like the light brown abayas with beige and nude fabrics. They’re not probably meant for public wearing but more for special events and occasions with families and friends.

Ramadan Caravan 5

The abayas of Butterfly Abayas are more of the traditional ones but with a different twist in each piece. I like the texture of the fabric. I’m not one to wear embellished or beaded abayas so these ones from Butterfly fit a simple yet distinct aesthetic.

Presentation 1

Presentation 1

There was a fashion presentation where models sashayed the most gorgeous pieces of each collection. Ajorca, a Kuwaiti brand, has gorgeous designs that evoke a modern Arabian style while the Ta Marbota abayas are sophisticated. Some of the brands I can only describe as beautiful and whimsical. There were ladies wearing dresses from the collection in the event and they really fit into them to a tee.

Presentation 2

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

Presentation 3

Ramadan Caravan 11

It was a fun event with cocktail food and mocktail drinks. As a souvenir, guests get to take home a calligraphy by  Moath Al Hazmi.

The Ramadan Caravan is now open to the public until July 6, 2016. Do check it out!

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