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Hello Riyadhizens! This is our fourth installment of the TPT Tuesdays series. You can read our first (What’s In Our Bag?), second (Skincare Routine) and third (What’s In Our Playlist?) entries. Today we’re bringing you to our “happy places” in Riyadh where we feel giddy and excited. Share us where your happy place is too! 🙂 ~ J 


Riyadh in general is my happy place. I mean that because I spent most of my life here and it really is “home” to me. There are a few specific places though that holds a dear place in my heart and its my go-to spots when I need a quick pick-me-up or I just want to feel good and happy. Knowing us, we’ve been around the city a lot but sometimes, you don’t need to go far to find what you’re looking for. All you need is the eyes to see what’s beautiful.

Jarir Bookstore, Olaya – It’s been my childhood Neverland and it’s complete with all the school supplies I needed and books I wanted to read. The signature piece of the Olaya branch is the staircase in the middle of the store (it’s so nostalgic for me!). I remember how many times I would ran up to the second floor to look for new stickers and trapper keepers. I would read along the aisles of this bookstore and spend hours on Goosebumps and Sweet Valley High novels. Other branches are just as nice but the Olaya store is truly filled with memories for me. I loved going there until the Metro constructions happened. But still, I look forward to paying it a visit once again and it will always be one of my happy places.:)

Jarir Okaya <3

Walking Trail, Diplomatic Quarters – This is a recent addition to my “happy places” because I only got into trekking and hiking about two months ago. The walking trails of the Diplomatic Quarters is like a slice of freedom from the reality of KSA. Me and my friends are able to walk/jog in normal clothes and meet fellow trekkers along the way (often of mixed nationalities) and all of them would greet us with a pleasant “Good morning!” and we would greet them back. We get to drink coffee/juice in the Starbucks branch there without restrictions on gender segregation and everything would just feel…normal! I start to look forward to our Friday run/hike because of this. Freeeeedom!


Trails of freedom.

Zara Home, Home Centre, SACO, IKEA and any other Home Depot – Ok, ok, this is an age thing. Haha! But seriously, I thought I’d include the mall in this list but lately I don’t get the same buzz of excitement that I do about going to a home decor store than I do with visiting Debenhams or H&M (to think I palpitated at the opening of the first H&M branch here years ago). These days, I can find myself lost for hours in IKEA or SACO looking for kitchenware, towels or bedsheets. I was exuberant at the sales of Zara Home and Aura than I was about the sales in clothing or shoe stores. It’s not that I hate to admit it, but it’s just disorienting to finally come to believe that this is my “thing” now. OMG, I am so TITA! Haha. Tita but happy!

Leave me here alone.

Leave me here alone.



Our Flat/Room – My favorite place in all of Riyadh (in all of Saudi Arabia!) is my room. Haha! For seven years it’s mine alone but now I share it with my husband and that’s fine because nothing much changed apart from the black table that has his gaming PC and stuff (I’ll say “stuff” because I have no further idea on his PC and gaming accessories). I love lounging in our room because we have a huge window where the sunlight streams in the morning and just provides a warm, nice glow the entire day. I wish they don’t build anything on the empty lot at the back of our building which will block the sun. Anyway, I have in the corner of our room a space which I call “The Pink Tarha Mini Office” haha! Basically I have two white IKEA tables, a white swivel chair, and a bookshelf that holds candles and the TPT trophies and certificates we’ve received over the years (a bookshelf that doesn’t have books lol). In one of the table is my iMac which I use mostly for writing the entries for The Pink Tarha and the other one is an extra table I use to take pictures of products I review for Beauty Bets. This is that one here:

Part of "The Pink Tarha" home office. Hahaha!

Part of “The Pink Tarha” home office. Hahaha!

You can also see how well-lit it is because of the window that I wrote earlier. So yeah, I wouldn’t want to lose that window and the sunlight it brings. It also holds the knick-knacks that I use for decorating our photos of products. I have to update this entry with a picture of the whole space; I’ll get to cleaning it asap, haha! I don’t really go out often (even if our FB updates seem to depict otherwise) because I like spending time in our flat with my family. I love reading and just basically lounging around our flat. This is the happiest place in Riyadh for me.

Jarir Bookstore – Picking up on that “reading” thing, another happy place for me is a bookstore and that would be Jarir Bookstore. I feel happy just being surrounded by books and I like browsing the bestsellers rack and also the on sale rack that they have. Even though I use a Kindle now to read books, my love for printed books didn’t decrease. I still love seeing them and the illustrative covers they have. I also like browsing the craft and art section of Jarir, especially their pens, paints and watercolor shelves.

Jarir Bookstore in Olaya. Photo from HERE.

Jarir Bookstore in Olaya. Photo from HERE.

Sephora/Whites Pharmacy/Boots Pharmacy– Like Reina, I’m no longer that interested in fashion brands but I’m more into skincare (yes #signsofanagingwoman) and beauty stuff now. I like pampering myself with sheet masks and well-researched skincare items. I love indulging in drugstore makeup which are affordable and effective. I have no excuse for my love of makeup nowadays other than my love for watching Youtubers and having no EQ at all. Haha! I call them my very own wasteland because I tend to buy stuff that I don’t need.

Sephora in Olaya Towers. Photo from HERE.

Sephora in Olaya Towers. Photo from HERE.

So that’s it folks! Let us know where your happy place is so we can visit them. Unless of course, it’s your house. 😛

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