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This is another “Youtube Made Me Buy” foundation. This time, it came as a recommendation by Kathleen Lights and I love watching her so every time she recommends and uses something every time she does a makeup look, I want to have it too! Haha! One of her favorite foundations is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. It has received fairly good reviews on online makeup stores and websites. This foundation promises a radiant and flawless complexion up to 16 hours! Again, I don’t know why anyone would wear a foundation in their face that long but any thing that works without the need for retouch again and again is A-okay for me. This foundation is enriched with a fruit therapy formula to enhance the complexion: apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, and apple for youthfulness. You can see these three fruits printed in the label:

So I got my bottle of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation from Whites Pharmacy for SR 99. And after I picked this bottle up I found out that it’s a different Healthy Mix foundation from the one that Kathleen Lights is raving about. Her favorite is the Healthy Mix Serum foundation which has a gel-like consistency. LOL. So whatever, it’s Bourjois, it’s a Healthy mix, and it’s a foundation. Besides, the guy at Whites Pharmacy recommended this to me too when I asked him what’s the best foundation in their store is. However, the first time I tried this I just went “meh”. I guess I just had a high expectation for this product because of the hype so I felt like it disappointed me; there was no WOW factor. I kind of shelved this when my order of other foundations came (you can check what these other foundations are in our Beauty Bets Foundation Month section).

Have a good face day!

Have a smooth face day!

It was only the other day that I picked it up again so that I can write this review. And you know what? It’s actually amazing. I only used my fingers this time to spread the foundation on my face and it really worked better than the first time when I used a brush. This is the perfect summer foundation because it’s not too heavy; it doesn’t look cakey but it’s not that light either. It was enough to cover my pimple scars. It gave me a healthy looking glow that might have some from the crystalline pigments its enriched with. It did make my skin a bit orangey though but it’s fixable with a good powder. I’m not sure if I picked up the wrong shade also because they have limited colors in the store. Reviews also say it has a fruity smell but I didn’t notice it.

Overall, this foundation is good value for my money because it works and it’s pretty affordable. It’s also easily available in pharmacies in the Kingdom.

Product Name: Healthy Mix Foundation

Brand: Bourjois Paris

Price: SR 99

Where To Buy: Whites Pharmacy, Boots Pharmacy, Centrepoint beauty counters

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