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I know a BB cream is not exactly a foundation but I’m still including this review on our Foundation Month Series because when we wear a BB cream, we usually don’t wear a foundation anymore because it takes its place. So same, same if you ask me. Haha! I’ve revealed my favorite BB cream a few months before and I thought I won’t be getting another BB cream because I already have my holy grail. However, Q-Depot has sent us a BB cream that is raved by a lot of people and of course, I’m here to try it.

The Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream has been around for a while and it has received fairly good reviews from users all over the world. As a matter of fact, it is Missha’s most popular product with over 30 million sold worldwide! Wow right! The good thing about this product is that it combines cosmetic and skin care in one. So while yes, it hides your blemishes and evens out your skin tone, it also nourishes and heals your skin. This BB cream has SPF42 and is dermatologist tested for skin safety. If you have acne-prone skin then this will be good for you.

BB Cream = makeup + skincare

Makeup + skincare = BB cream

The M Perfect Cover promises to lighten skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes. Now I haven’t tried this for a long time for me to swear by its effectivity when it comes to lightening and healing. However, I can swear by its skin covering ability! It has a great skin coverage that hides blemishes and acne scars. It’s also very simple to use. It’s moisturized enough that just by using the fingers, it easily blends in the skin. It sits right on top and won’t budge for hours. It doesn’t also get oily. I also love that it shortens my time to prepare my face for every day work because it’s already a foundation, sunblock, and concealer in one! My only gripe in this is that I didn’t find the right shade for my skin tone. I am usually Natural Beige in most foundations but the Natural Beige I got for this BB Cream is still a bit light for me that I look like I have a white cast on my face, haha. They only have five shades (Milky Beige, Light Beige, Natural Beige, Honey Beige, and Golden Beige). I’m probably a combination of Natural and Honey. At its price point of around $18, this product is not bad at all!

Of course, you might be thinking of where to get it here in Riyadh. Well, the truth is it’s not yet available in stores here but you know how easy and fast online shopping sites are nowadays don’t you? The sites I mentioned below have international shipping available to everyone in Saudi Arabia so that you can get, not only Missha, but also other Korean cosmetics and skincare brands. Win!

Product Name: M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Brand: Missha

Price: $17.80 (Q-Depot) / SR 52 (iHerb)

Where To Buy: and

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