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This is probably the last individual foundation review I’ll ever write in a long time. Uhuh.

I planned to have the “Foundation Series” in our Beauty Bets for only one month but I guess a month is not enough to review all the foundations I have acquired and I don’t want to burden our men readers out there with beauty products every other day so the Foundation Series have run for almost three months now. And it will conclude with an entry titled “Top 5 Drugstore Foundations of our Generation” soon to be published in the blog, as soon as I finish this entry on the Sleek Bare Skin Foundation. So here we go…

Sleek Makeup is one of the makeup brands that I love because it’s affordable and they have beautiful, effective products. I always ogle at their shelf in Whites Pharmacy, particularly the branch in Panorama Mall, because I’m so smitten with their eyeshadow palettes and blushes. While I was visiting one day, the saleslady (yes, saleslady!) informed me that they were running a promotion. If I buy one of their foundations, I get a free lip gloss or a lip palette. Of course, my EQ when it comes to makeup and BOGO is so weak, I didn’t bat an eyelash and said OK! LOL. I got the Bare Skin Foundation which promises a barely-there no-makeup feel. (I’m always asked by my husband why put on make-up when I want a no-makeup look anyway. Haha! Boys, you do not understand! Haha!) This also promises a beautifully even and natural, flawless finish.

Creamy consistency

Creamy consistency

I like the matte, frosty look of this foundation’s bottle. It looks fancy and expensive when it’s just around SR 60. The saleslady helped me figure out my shade which was Barley. It’s the perfect match to my skin tone! It’s available in 12 shades so you can find your match. When I pumped a bit of the product at the back of my hand, I noticed how thick it looked but I was surprised that when I spread it, it felt really light. It was easy to blend but the coverage was a bit sheer at first. However, it’s buildable and it eventually evened out my skin tone and covered my blemishes. My skin felt moisturized and hydrated. However, throughout the day, this foundation’s flawless finish didn’t last. It got a bit patchy. It’s not that bad though; maybe my skin’s oiliness also got in the way.

This is a good foundation though, especially if you’re into affordable options. And with its moisturizing property, it’s what you need this summer!

Product Name: Bare Skin Foundation

Brand: Sleek Makeup

Price: SR 62

Where To Buy: Whites Pharmacy

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