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We here at The Pink Tarha are your regular “buffet buffs,” if you may. I think we’ve covered at least half of the city’s hotel buffets and one of our favorites is Horizon – Flavors of the World at Movenpick Hotel Riyadh. It is their in-house international buffet that proved to be a quiet storm. We’ve been here several times already and in case you are in the lookout for your next buffet destination, let me show you what you can expect from their generous offerings.

Located on the east side of the the hotel, the restaurant is reminiscent of the overall look of Movenpick: coffee-brown pleather seating, round accents to be found everywhere and its generous display of food is what adds color and vibrance to the ambiance.

Contrasting the dark furniture with bright lighting.

Contrasting the dark furniture with bright lighting.

Our waiter led me and my two girlfriends to our table and settled in as we observed the rest of our surroundings. We arrived at around 7:15 PM, which is an ideal time when getting to buffets because the food has just been served and still untouched.

Our table setting.

Our table setting.

There’s a little bit of everything, as expected. I would say there would be at least two to three distinct dishes per custom. There were the Chinese, Arabic, American, Indian and Japanese dishes. The staple bread, pasta, salad and dessert stations are a mainstay but they somehow managed to make it look inviting and attractive. I especially enjoyed the salad bar which had hefty options. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking here:


There’s eight kinds of bread to choose from.


These hot buns go well with some butter.


Or some olive tapenades…


Or would you like it con tomate?


The salad selection looking crisp, clean and fresh.


Top your salads off with some crunchy options.

What's your cheese pick?

What’s your cheese pick?

More cheese!

More cheese!


Cold meat selection.

Someone beat me to first dibs on the smoked salmon! :D

Someone beat me to first dibs on the smoked salmon! 😀

Arabian appetizers.

Arabian appetizers.


A Mediterranean mix.

We gathered our appetizers and headed back to our table to get our stomachs warmed up. The waiter brought us our drinks at this time which were specially prepared (because I told them that it was my friend’s birthday).

Three cheers!

Three cheers!

After a bit of catching up, we decided it was finally time to tour the rest of the restaurant for the entree selection. By this time, more people started coming in and the place was getting fuller by the minute. The flavors of the world awaits…

Ahhhhh, sushi of course!

I start with sushi, of course!


This looks exactly like the food I cook on the Cooking Adventure App!


Kibbeh and Sambusa up for grabs.



Chicken Curry for some Indian flair.


The label said it was fish with vegetables but I’m pretty sure this was fish.

Kebabs Baby!

Kebabs Baby!


Grilled Chicken with Salsa


This shrimp dish was so delicious! I came back for seconds.

Up for some Chinese stir fry?

Up for some stir-fried chicken?

Roast beef, perhaps?

Roast beef, perhaps?


Or some grilled meat with rosemary and steak sauce?

This must be the Squid with Veggies.

This must be the Squid with Veggies.

Smoked Salmon over White Pasta

Smoked Salmon over White Pasta

When it comes to buffets, I’m more into the seafood selection than the rest. I made multiple trips back to the sushi station along with the sauteed shrimps and squid with vegetables. Their tastes fit perfectly with my Asian palate while the beef and grilled options don’t always make a huge impression on me. What stands out at the Horizon Restaurant though is that they have their very own Risotto Station, wherein you can have your risotto made from scratch. We spent some time there asking the chef what good combinations we could have for our risotto and he very well indulged us.


They have some precooked rice and the sauce is cooked right in front of you (if you care to watch). You then select from multiple ingredients of protein, vegetables and spices to add to your risotto and then voila! They hand you with some creamy, carbo goodness. Their risotto was flavorful and we managed to share one bowl amongst us three (since we already had our buffet options along with us). Highly recommended!

Like I always say about eating in buffets: “Strategize!” Take your time and select a few good dishes to focus on. If you get too lost in the number of items, you might get dizzy and too full to enjoy the actual experience of dining. That is why it took us three hours to eventually wrap up our evening on a sweet note. Here are some of the dessert offerings:

Cut through all the savory notes with some tangy fruits.

Cut through all the savory notes with some tangy fruits.

The now staple item of dessert buffets: the chocolate fountain.

The now staple item of dessert buffets: the chocolate fountain.

These were amusing. :)

These were amusing. 🙂

Life is but a piece of cake!

Life is but a piece of cake!

Everything on the dessert buffet were so pretty and picture perfect. I almost didn’t want anyone else to take from the platters because it could ruin the look. Haha! But of course, almost no one passes up on dessert so by the end of the evening, the prettiness of the plates were half gone.

In terms of service, I would say that my experience was above satisfactory. The maitre d’ was very accommodating from the start and even served us with a complimentary cake for my friend’s birthday. They brought it over with a candle and some singing, which surprised me just as it did the celebrant.

If you’re up for some strictly Asian cuisine, they have a special day every Sunday. Along with an all-Arabic selection during Thursday and Tuesday nights. Do call ahead of time to reserve. For 220SR per person, I’d say the Horizon Restaurant serves more than enough value for its money.

Horizon Restaurant

Flavors of the World

Movenpick Hotel Riyadh

220SR per person (drinks not included)

Open from 6:30PM to 11PM

Special Evenings: 260SR per person (drinks not included)

Sundays (Asian Night)

Tuesdays and Thursdays (Saudi Theme Nights)

Tel: 011-457-9999


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