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Raise your hand if you’re a plus-size woman like The Pink Tarha ladies! Like us, are you always on the hunt for clothing shops that cater to our curvy bodies? Woot! We hear and feel you, sisters! We’ve been receiving messages in our Facebook page and emails on where ladies can shop for plus-size clothing. Before we share where we shop, first we must know what the term “plus size” mean. What clothing sizes are considered plus size? Plus size is a term for sizes that are above the average size. If you think about it, what is the “average size”? For us, all body sizes are normal and we can should all be proud of the body we have, as long as we feel great and healthy. Remember that confidence is sexy. Anyway, for the sake of standardization, a plus size is identified as the the size US 12 and above (or UK 16 above). There are not a lot of choices when it comes to plus size clothing; there are not a lot of specialized shops that offer them in the Riyadh market and it’s so hard to look at pretty dresses and not find our size in them. Sigh. However, don’t lose hope! Here are the stores that carry plus size clothes and these are where we also shop most of the time. Most of these you already know but it won’t hurt to put it here so that plus size women who are new to Riyadh will know where to immediately find them.

1. New Look

New Look

We’ve always been fond of New Look, the South African-owned British global fashion retailer that caters to women, men, and teens. They have fashionable clothes and they’re always trendy. They have bags, accessories, and shoes too. What we love most about New Look is their range for special body sizes; they have collections for Tall, Petite, Maternity, and of course, Curves (another way of describing plus-size is “curvy”). Their Curves range of UK 18-32 offers clothes that are fab and not drab and boring. We see leather jackets, midi mesh skirts, dresses with big prints, skinny jeans, etc. in there; clothes that are said to be not usually suited for curvy women. Their styles go from basic to out-of-your-comfort-zone levels. Their prices are high street but when they go on sale, that’s when you pick up those clothes to your heart’s content.

New Look Branches: Riyadh Gallery, Hayat Mall, Granada Mall, Al Qasr Mall, etc. For more: http://www.newlook.com/row/store-finder/search?latitude=24.7135517&longitude=46.67529569999999&address=Riyadh&region=SA

2. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins

Personally, I love Dorothy Perkins. It’s that one brand that captures where I am now with my fashion style at my age. It’s feminine yet trendy and of course, they always have my size handy. Dorothy Perkins, established over 90 years ago, is one of the biggest fashion retailers in the UK. Like New Look, it also has a wide range of collections for Tall, Petite, Maternity, and Plus Size. They have UK 18-22 clothes including day and evening dresses and jeans that fit wonderfully. Their clothes (at least the ones I bought from them) last a long time. They’re fashionable and sturdy; on point with the trends and suit different kinds of body shapes. I always take advantage of DP’s Buy One Get One sale offer when they’re at it because I know I’m buying the greatest bang for my buck.

Dorothy Perkins Branches: Riyadh Gallery, Hayat Mall, Granada Mall

3. Violeta by Mango


Mango, an internationally famous brand that designs and manufactures women’s and men’s clothing accessories, is known for its sleek, modern, and stylish apparel. However, I don’t shop at Mango stores here in Riyadh. I always shop in their online store because that’s where I always see my size. And they’re always on stock. Mango has introduced Violeta, their plus-size line (UK 16-26) and when you see their collections on this line, you’ll think they’re a bit boring, plain, and mature but honestly, I love the clothes in Violeta. They’re understated but oh-so-chic. The only downside is they’re more expensive than the regular line. Anyway, did you know that there’s a Mango Violeta store here in Riyadh? You can find it in Othaim Mall in Exit 14. They have that store dedicated to plus size clothing so go and check it out. Grab denim dresses, flowy blouses, and well-tailored trousers.

Violeta by Mango Branch: Al Othaim Mall

4. H&M+

H&M Plus

H&M is a staple in everyone’s closet. This leading fashion brand is passionate for fashion and sustainability. Their H&M+ Plus Size collection has all the basic pieces you need in your wardrobe. Shirts in solid colors? Check. Shaping skinny jeans? Check. Sweatshirts? Check. And they also roll out trendy designs and styles once in a while. It’s a bit hard to find the plus sizes during sale season but here’s a tip for you: go to the far branches of H&M to get your hands on those hard-to-find XL-4XL sizes. Case in point: the H&M branch in Exit 8. It carries the UK 18 and above clothes and that’s where I got this trendy white top and skirt I’ve always wanted in my size.

H&M Branches: Sahara Mall, Riyadh Gallery, Kingdom Mall, Granada Mall, Al Qasr Mall, Olaya Street, etc, For more: http://www.hm.com/sa/store-locator

5. Evans


Of course, Evans is the leading fashion brand for plus size women. Catering exclusively for the plus size market, Evans is proud of their “fashion forward clothes that fit and flatter every shape.” To maximize this store, you need to know if you’re body shape is busty, apple, hourglass, or pear. If you pinpoint your body shape then it’s easy to choose clothes in Evans. They carry clothes from US 10 to 28. While I like the dresses of Evans, be mindful of their selections of tops because some of them look a bit drab and “matrona-ish”. Even if we have curves, don’t try to hide them with baggy blouses.

Evans Branches: Sahara Mall, Granada Mall, Al Qasr Mall etc. For more: http://www.alshaya.com/brand/evans/kingdom-of-saudi-arabia

6. Nichii


You’ve probably seen Nichii in malls and you’ve passed by it without knowing that they carry plus sizes. They’re not as extensive as the brands above but if you’re a size 14-18, you’ll probably see dresses and gowns of your size here. This fashion brand is actually from Malaysia and it’s one of the biggest Malaysian retail company. It provides up-to-the-minute and extensive range of apparel and accessories for women. I love the gowns and skirts of Nichii. They also have figure-flattering dresses that have designs for a leisurely trip or a night of glamorous event and dinner. Check out Nichii when you’re out and about the malls of Riyadh.

Nichii Branches: Panorama Mall, Sahara Mall, Marina Mall, etc. For more: http://www.nichii.com/store.html

7. Department Stores: Debenhams, Marks & SpencerCity Max,  Centrepoint, and Red Tag

Department Stores

If we don’t like to roam around and go to each and every store looking for clothes that fit us, we just go to the department stores because they carry a lot of clothing brands that have more flexible sizes. They carry clothes for women with fuller figures and they have a lot of styles and designs to choose from. For a more high street style, go for Debenhams or Marks & Spencer. Their collection of plus-size clothes are notable and they also gather different brands under one roof. City Max (or Max) and Centrepoint have good dupes for clothing style that are on trend and in season. I always buy my basic shirt and leggings from Centrepoint while I buy long jersey dresses and skirts from City Max. Red Tag, on the other hand, also carries a good range of plus size clothes at affordable prices. And the good news is, these department stores sell underwear and lingerie in plus sizes too! Stock up on their packs of panties in various styles (whether classic, high-cut, bikini, etc.) and their bras with bigger cups.

Debenhams Branches: Kingdom Mall, Riyadh Gallery, Granada Mall
Marks & Spencer Branches: Kingdom Mall, Hayat Mall, Panorama Mall, Riyadh Gallery
Citymax Branches: Riyadh Gallery, Al Qasr Mall, King Abdullah Road, Thalateen Street, etc. 
Centrepoint Branches: Riyadh Gallery, Al Qasr Mall, Tamimi Plaza (Dabab Street), etc. For more: http://www2.centrepointstores.com/sa/en/stores
Red Tag: Hayat Mall, Al Othaim Mall, Riyadh Gallery, Salaam Mall, etc. For more: http://www.redtag-stores.com/en/locations

8. Haram Plaza (Underwear/Lingerie Section)

If you’re having a hard time looking for underwear and lingerie for your full figure and you’re searching for sizes bigger than those found in the department stores, head on to Haram Plaza, one of the most affordable department stores of clothes in the city. Their clothes and shoes are inexpensive but I rarely buy apparel in their women section because the designs are a bit outside my fashion style. Most of the clothes are really colorful and bright. Their underwear/lingerie section carries A LOT of items too. Some of their panty packs go as big as XXXXL and prices at around SR 20 or less. They come in mostly solid pastels or neutrals. Some have cute, dainty designs. They have bras for the large cups too and their designs are extensive. A piece is SR 15 above depending on the style. For every day wear, you can’t beat the prices in Haram Plaza.

Haram Plaza Branches: Olaya Street, Al Badiah, etc. For more: http://www.alharamplaza.com/location.html

You see, it’s not that hard to find clothes that fit our bodies and flatter our body size and shape. All we need are keen eyes and of course, the confidence to wear clothes that make us happy and look beautiful. We believe that all women should be seen, celebrated and honored equally no matter what our size is. To our dear fellow plus size ladies, don’t be afraid to flaunt who you are. Love your bodies and friggin’ wear that dress! 😉


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