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The FOREO LUNA 2 has always been in my wish list since I’ve read and watched good reviews about it. But I’m crazy; I still haven’t gotten it after years of wishing for it. Good fortune though smiles to those who wait and I got, not the LUNA 2 but something better because I urgently need it right now… FOREO’s latest groundbreaking device, the IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager.

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FOREO (pronounce it with me: For-ray-oh… now we know!) is an innovative Swedish brand that has changed the way we women wash and cleanse our faces with their iconic and award-winning range of skincare devices. Now, they’re introducing their newest device, the IRIS. It draws inspiration from the traditional methods of manual finger tapping which is popular to us Asians as part of our beauty routine. I’m so excited to try this because at least, I don’t have to manually tap my under eye area anymore!

I’ve always had this problem with dark circles and puffiness around my eyes. I’m pretty sure you knew where I got those from: being in front of the computer writing, using my phone non-stop, and reading with my Kindle cause me to lose much-needed sleep and pile up fatigue on my eyes. You know I’ve also been weary with wrinkles and lines now that I am over 30. I’ve been trying to incorporate a better skincare routine especially on my face but I know I needed a better tool to treat and care for my eye area. Iris is just the solution!

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With its Alternating T-Sonic technology, the IRIS is designed to target the eye area smoothing away visible signs of aging and fatigue and leaving the eye contour visibly smoother, brighter, and youthful. It has two modes that customizable to suit the needs and comfort requirements of women.

The Spa Mode combines Alternating T-Sonic technology with delicate pulsations to recreate a professional beauty treatment. Imagine not going out just to have this done in facial salons, which are so expensive here in Riyadh! The Pure Mode, on the other hand, channels Alternating T-Sonic technology alone to be very gentle on the eye contour. Basically, the Spa Mode is for those who have more pronounced signs of aging in their eye area while the Pure Mode is for those beginning to show traces of aging. I would very much like to think that I am at the latter phase and will use Pure Mode, thank you very much.


I picked the Magenta color (also available in Mint and Petal pink) because I like how bright it is; what a perk-me-upper! When I held it for the first time, it’s really soft and smooth. The IRIS is made from nonporous medical-grade silicone that resists bacterial buildup so it’s really safe and clean to use on the very delicate eye area. It’s body-safe, hypoallergenic, and free of BPA and phthalates. It’s also 100% waterproof and lasts up to 140 uses per full charge.

I used the IRIS for one minute on the morning and evening that I got it with my regular eye cream. The routine is so simple and fast that I wanted more of the gentle massage that’s happening around my eyes. The IRIS has eight speeds, by the way, and it’s easy to get carried away by the gentle pulses. It’s easy to use and very comfortable especially on my eye contours.

It’s not that fast to see the results (I have only used it for three days!) but I definitely feel like the IRIS helped in the better absorption of my eye cream. The one step added to my daily face routine is worth it. My eye area felt smooth and soft and I couldn’t help touching it over and over! It soothed my tired eyes and I felt I was relaxing in a posh spa because I’m using this nifty gadget. I tried both modes and I’m more into the Pure Mode because it’s gentler and felt more natural. I will probably use the Spa Mode once or twice a week for a deeper massage. I will continue using the IRIS and update you further (maybe a month or so) if it’s really effective in reducing dark circles and eye bags. We’ll see! But with what I saw and felt in the two days I’ve been using this, I’m really optimistic of its effects.

The FOREO IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager is available exclusively at Boots Pharmacy for SAR 550 and you can get it also online on Expect an in-depth review after a month or so of using this device with a before and after photos of my under eyes. 😉

Product Name: Iris Illuminating Eye Massager

Brand: Foreo

Price: SR 550

Where To Buy: Boots Pharmacy,


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