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When it comes to makeup, eyebrow makeup is the one thing I can’t leave home without. As in never. #kilayislife I also often enhance my eyes with liquid eyeliner because I have sleepy, chinky eyes and a touch of kohl always helps make my eyes look wider and bigger. However, lashes is something I have not yet fully discovered until now. I did not like my recent purchase of an eye liner gel and this led me to stop using it for a while. To compensate for that, I tried out using mascara this time around and see how that would fare in replacement of the eye liner.

I’ve never been into mascara as much as I have been with eye brow makeup or eye liners because I’ve always had short and almost non-existent lashes. I also felt that putting on fake lashes were too much work and while I did try having some extensions put on years ago, it was an experience I didn’t want to repeat again (youch).  I’ve sporadically tried a few mascara  brands before and for me, it always boiled down to how the brush would suit my strokes and if it didn’t clump upon application.

I'm halfway through my tube.

I’m halfway through my tube.

I found Inglot’s False Lash Effect Mascara to have finally suited my needs. First of all, I don’t need to put on actual fake lashes anymore and second, I love the brush and every stroke feels seamless and smooth. I would curl my little lashes a bit with my Shiseido eyelash curler first before applying it. A wise lady once told me that the right eye lash curler can “open” your eyes and the right mascara will make it look unforgettable. With a few strokes, I find there’s just enough mascara to make my eyes look more detailed.

Taking a step back, the mascara sans eye liner looks fresher, less harsh and more natural. It gives my eyes just the right amount of definition and lash length that it needed to stand out a bit (apart from my eye brow makeup of course) and I’ve started using this product every day now ever since. For someone with very short lashes like me, the false lash effect is just perfect and the brush is not overwhelming (unlike with other brands). This would be ideal for day looks and somehow makes me feel a little more eye-flirty than usual. It’s also not waterproof, which is something I personally like because it doesn’t make me look like a racoon after washing my face and it’s easy to clean.

Brand: Inglot

Product Name: False Lash Effect Masacara

Price: 60 SR

Where To Buy: Inglot Branches (Al Nakheel Mall, Riyadh Gallery)

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    I’m intrigued. Mine is also short and fine. Will try it too 🙂

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