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February is such a busy month! Have you seen the line-up of events for this month? Amazing what changes can do to Riyadh noh? There are so many fairs, festivals, and bazaars! The downside though is that there are entrance fees to most of these festivals. Sure there are presentations to see but the we still have to buy the food and drinks inside so where does the steep fee we pay go? Anyway, it’s up to us if we want to go or not. I try to choose the events that don’t ask me to pay too much to enter (or score if there’s totally no fee!). Plus, I’m really into bazaars because I love seeing what’s new in the home businesses made by locals and expats. This explains the time I spend on just checking Instagram in a day.

I went to the ladies only TCT Health and Wellness Fair last weekend. It brings together home businesses that offer organic, natural, and healthy products from soaps to arts and crafts to food. It doesn’t have an entrance fee too so I can use my money in buying stuff that I like and food that I want to taste. There are so many stuff to discover on these events. Retail therapy calms me, even if I end up not buying anything. So I guess pretty things has that effect on us ladies. Lol.

I’m just going to list the vendors and their stuff that I saw during the fair. Just in case you’re looking for products that they’re offering then you’re welcome. They’re mostly in Instagram, now that the fair is over so check their accounts there. Also, check the TCT Health and Wellness Fair Instagram account for their further events they’ll be doing. Shout out to the ladies who recognized me at the event. Thank you!

Organic, Herbal Products and Ingredients

Natural Living offers organic beauty and personal care products. They have really fragrant soaps, shampoo bars and balms that targets specific skin and hair concerns. Their Very Berry soap smells like candy, and most of their bar soaps are pretty colorful too. They also offer salt scrubs, lip balms and women relief serums.

Fair 13

Natural Living / +966-53-2000378 / @natural_living_

Tayyibat Health has mostly organic skin products from serums to oils and organic food ingredients like molasses, epsom salt, organic coffee, cayenne pepper, etc. Most of their products I have seen in iHerb so they really get “nature’s finest products” to the people of Riyadh.

Fair 1

Tayyibat Health / / @tayyibathealth

Adelle Paquette is a registered massage therapit who brought Young Living Essential Oils to Riyadh. Young Living has a 20-year history of bringing the life-changing benefits of essential oils to every home, family, and lifestyle. Apart from the essential oils priced at around SR 30 above, Adelle also makes her own skincare creams.

Fair 10

Adelle Paquette / +966-53-391-3548 /

So Biotiful sells high qaulity organic cosmetic products for the whole family. A brainchild of French national Fatna, she makes skincare products from masks to powders to oils to hair products. She guarantees that her products has no parabens, phenoxyethanol, or any petrochemical derivatives.

Fair 12

So Biotiful KSA / / @sobiotiful_ksa


Organic, Healthy Food

Dr. Laura’s Kitchen has some interesting edible products on display and these are products that I think I haven’t really tried my whole life. Laura is a physician and a mother so she’s obviously the best person to recommend nourishing recipes and healthy tips. She sells Elderberry Syrup (from SR 15-40 depending on the size) that is a good cure for colds and flu. She also makes Sprouted Nut Butters and Nutella. Yum! (She also sells cleansing products on the side.)

Fair 11

Dr. Laura’s Kitchen / / @drlauraskitchen

Eats and Treats is a staple in my Instagram feed. I always see their cookies and granola bars. So it turns out that their products are filled with nuts and oats. Their granola bars are popular and I get to try their pumpkin cookie which looked dry and hard to me but surprise, surprise, it was soft and crumbling in my mouth. The different texture of the nuts and dough were great.

Fair 16

Eats and Treats / +966-53-1453258 / / @eatsandtreats_ksa

Paleo Palette is not new to me. We featured her products in the blog before and she’s been dishing out paleo products ever since. I’ve always loved her chicken sandwich (SR 20) so that’s what I purchased this time. She has expanded to selling more cookies and cupcakes, along with brownies and cookies. All yummy!

Fair 15

Paleo Palette / @paleo_palette

Ennessi Farm is of course a favorite. One of the reasons why I went to the fair was to buy their basil, which proved to be my husband’s favorite (especially when I turn it into pesto). However, it’s so popular they ran out of it immediately! Take note that I was rather early at the event. Haha! Anyway, they still have their mint, parsley, habbaq, chard and other organic vegetables straight from their farm! Super affordable! You should catch them in coffee mornings and bazaars.

Fair 17

Ennessi Farm /


Arts and Crafts

Diaper Cake Lady Riyadh sells “cakes” made of diapers, towels, etc. depending on what the occasion is. These make great gifts for baby showers and bridal showers. I’m awed by her creativity! Her creations are beautiful and she can work under the budget you tell her. I also like the bookmarks (see cover photo) she made with her daughters. What a truly gifted family. It was truly nice meeting the Diaper Cake Lady. 😉

Fair 3

Diaper Cake Lady / +966-55-8927167 / @diapercakeladyriyadh_

Desert Lily is the accessories and crafts home business of sisters Zaina and Zahrah Putner with the help of their mother. They make bead accessories and stationeries. Their friend who owns Couturwelry also adds her beaded bookmarks into their products making Desert Lily your go-to online store for unique finds! Trivia: they actually asked The Pink Tarha before where to get beads and we pointed them to the direction of DMC Creative World, haha. Fancy seeing their vision come alive in their booth at the fair.

Fair 14

Desert Lily / +966-54-1555619 / / / @_desertlily

Khyootelshams is the craft of Ruba Yassin whom we’ve met during our first The Pink Tarha Mornings. Awww it’s such a long time ago but I’m happy to know this lady has strived for her passion for embroidery. She now does embroidered hoop art and they’re cute and amazing! She also does commissioned embroidery so you should definitely check out her craft. Way to go, Ruba!

Fair 2

Khyootelshams / +966-54-5757207 / / @khyootelshams

Peach N Lime, on the other hand, has a great handwriting which she puts to good use by painting and writing on canvas. One of these will make your boring wall not so boring anymore! She also has some paper crafts and card-making kits so that you can put your creativity to good use too.

Fair 5

Peach N Lime / +966-56-5157323 / / @peachnlime2016

Delightz is the creation of a mother and her 12-year-old daughter. They hand paint candle lamp shades which are so pretty and perfect for your night stand tables. They also do henna designs and for a 12-year-old, her mehndi art designs are wonderful. Such talent!

Fair 6

Delightz Designs / / @delightzdesigns

Sunshine Home offers crochet items. Her products are colorful and well-made. She has crochet baskets, table doily, cozy mug holders, headbands, and bonnets. They’re lovely and cute. These are also perfect for gift-giving.

Fair 18

Sunshine Home / +966-56-7269953 / / @_sunshine_home


All About Babies

MakaMeek sells these adorable baby wraps which can hold your baby really well. It fits comfortably. Okay, okay, not that I’ve tried it but just by looking at the seller who was demonstrating the use of this, it looks so cozy! MakaMeek also has ring slings and nursing covers for you new moms out there.

Fair 7

MakaMeek / +966-55-9365391 /@makameek

Amani Birth is focused on providing expectant parents with education to prepare for their birth and doula support with a focus on Islamic values. They offer birth classes and courses that will teach pregnant mothers how their bodies work in pregnancy and labor. They prepare you with coping techniques to help manage birth without pain medications. You can learn more by visiting their website.

Amani Birth / /


Scarves and Abayas

Abrou is the answer to your search for fashionable cotton prayerwear and luxury Turkish silk scarves. Her fabrics have beautiful and unique prints and colors. I think I might have fell in love with a few of her scarves. She also sells hijab accessories like hijab magnets and pins. Her Sahara earrings (SR 18) and gorgeous bracelets needs to be in your collection right now.

Fair 8

Abrou / +966-55-0287180 / / @_aabrou

Bouvardia is your go-to online boutique for the trendiest abayas. I love their choices of colors and fabrics; they make each abaya unique. Their abayas are versatile and elegant; they can take you from every day event to formal events. Their trendy linen abayas go for SR 1,000 and above. That’s too expensive for this cheapskate but they do have some sale during the fair. If you have the money to splurge though, go for it!

Fair 9

Bouvardia / +966-50-5671858 / @bouvardia.ksa

I love discovering new stuff during fairs and bazaars and I hope that the organizers of TCT Health and Wellness Fair don’t get tired of holding these kinds of events. Good luck and more power ladies!

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