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If it’s not an Italian restaurant opening in Riyadh, it’s probably Japanese. We’re not complaining even though we wish there will be other cuisines available to us soon. We’re big fans of Japanese food and we always have the ever dependable Tokyo Restaurant and Sushi Yoshi to satiate our cravings. But what’s one more right?

I came to know about ShiRo Sushi Bar in Foursquare as noted by our intern Kim. It has been receiving good reviews of 9. That rarely happens in Foursquare because of the conflicting feedback of diners. Granted that the restaurant is new, it’s still commendable to have that high rating on their first few months. The only downside of this restaurant is that it doesn’t have a family section. The space is too small and narrow to accommodate a floor for families and ladies. They do have delivery though so that’s a plus.

Shiro Sushi Bar at Urubah Square

Shiro Sushi Bar at Urubah Square

I went to Shiro to order for takeout. I called ahead so that by the time I got there, I’ll just pick up my order. However, it was salah when I arrived at the Al Urubah Square. It’s this plaza with Panda and a few other food stores in the area. It has Dunkin Donuts, Patchi, Domino’s and a soon-to-open Chinese restaurant. I waited until the salah finished and entered the restaurant thereafter. Shiro promises to deliver scrumptious and creatively-designed Japanese and Chinese food that will appeal to aficionados of both cuisines. Just by looking at the clean, sleek, and inviting interiors, I can say that it’s one of those sushi bars that looks upscale but has affordable prices. It has an open-kitchen concept where diners can watch how their food are prepared. They used the traditional aesthetics of a Japanese restaurant by using wood on their tables and chairs but designed to make the inside modern and cozy. At least for men diners. They said they’ll be opening a new restaurant with family section soon. As for their food, they offer, not only sushi, but also wok noodles and rice. Their maki rolls look delicious!

Couldn't wait to open this and eat!

Couldn’t wait to open this and eat!

What's in a Shiro California Box?

What’s in a Shiro California Box?

I ordered their California Box which contains 20 pieces of maki rolls. It has four pieces of Shiro Special California which has shrimp, king crab, tobico and cheese, four pieces of Rainbow Roll which has different toppings (salmon, tuna, mango, etc.) making this set colorful, four pieces of Dragon Roll which has unagi (eel) on top, four pieces of Spicy Tempura Roll which has a dot of hot sauce and their spicy mayo sauce, and Dynamite Roll which is covered with roe. All of this for SR 97.

Not bad for SR 97 a set.

Not bad for SR 97 a set.

My husband and I enjoyed this so much that I kept on longing for this even after the last tiny piece of roe has burst in my mouth. Each maki roll has its distinct flavor and I love the combinations of each one. I’m surprised with the Special California because it’s not the usual “California Maki” that is available in most restaurants. I also love the quirks in each maki like the slice of sweet mango in one of the Rainbow Rolls, the tasty unagi on top of the Dragon Roll, and the slight bite of spiciness from the Spicy Tempura. It’s a good, versatile set of maki.

What's for lunch?

What’s for lunch?

I told the ladies about Shiro and that’s where we ordered our next lunch from courtesy of Reina. Shiro opens at around 12:00 noon, or after the noon salah so we had to curb our hunger while waiting. We ordered the California set which I highly recommended to them and also tried their noodles and rice. Their wok noodles come in thick and thin varieties; we ordered one of each and added proteins like shrimps, chicken, and beef and sauces like oyster and teriyaki. The same went with the Mixed Rice which I found really flavorful. We also ordered Dynamite Shrimps, a favorite of our friend Amal. I find it a bit underwhelming with a kick of sourness and spiciness getting in the way of its taste.

Noodles and Rice for around SR 30 a box. Dynamite Shrimps, SR 27.

Noodles and Rice for around SR 30 a box. Dynamite Shrimps, SR 27.

Shiro Aromaki, SR 23 (6 pieces)

Shiro Aromaki, SR 23 (6 pieces)

Something new to us is the Shiro Aromaki, it’s the usual maki but without the rice! It’s such a healthy alternative! The combination of mango, avocado, crab sticks, cheese and salmon is soooo good! It has since become our favorite. It’s delicious and filling without the heaviness of the rice. Something to consider when you’re on a diet or just making healthier choices in your meals.

Fry Box, SR 69

Fry Box, SR 69

We also tried one of their sets called the Fry Box. It’s a set of Futomakis that are deep fried. If you’re not into eating raw food but still want to enjoy the goodness of maki rolls, then this is a great choice. It’s warm and delicious! The various ingredients go well together and the added crispiness make this an interesting play on textures. Yummy! It does get cloying after downing a few pieces though so make sure you share! The sets are meant for sharing guys!

Perfect roll.

Perfect roll.

If you’re into Japanese and Chinese cuisines and would like to feed your heart out, then visit Shiro! Their prices are pretty much affordable and their maki rolls are well-thought of. They also have delivery and they pretty much deliver on time (as what we’ve experienced). There was one time that they forgot the Aromaki we ordered but they sent their driver again to deliver it to us after an hour. They also offer catering; they have sushi platters and boats that range from SR 259 (52 pieces) to SR 885 (158 pieces). You can also customize with their Special Plarty Platter. Yum!

Itadakimasu! Chia̍h khì!

Shiro Sushi Bar

Al Oruba Road,

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

T: +966-11-417 9111



Operating Hours: 12:00 NN – 1:30 AM


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