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There are very few centers that houses a fitness gym, hair salon and spa altogether. Most, if not all of them, are usually upscale and expensive…until we visited Diva Fitness. It just opened last February 14 and it is an entire building purely dedicated to women as they have an impressive gym section with up-to-date studios, equipment and gym instructors. But Diva Fitness is not just a gym, in fact, it almost has everything a woman needs when it comes to fitness, relaxation and beauty. We took a tour of their facilities last week and if you saw our Facebook Live post on it, you would have had first dibs on the 411. We weren’t able to take photos of the gym and spa section since we were busy doing the Live so I’ll just describe the rest of the place until we get to the part where we have pictures, which is the salon and where we really intended to get some services done for that day anyway. This post is a bit picture-deficient but here’s to my hope that my words will give it justice. Unless you want to watch our live video here and get a view of it yourself from there.

We arrived on an early Saturday morning as scheduled with the staff. Their usual opening hour on a weekend is at 12 noon but because we wanted to be able to take photos and videos of the place without disrupting women in the middle of their workout, we requested to have a visit at 10 in the morning. We were greeted by Asma, one of the staff members of the salon who willingly gave us a tour.

In the entrance, you will first find a reception counter in front of you, a sales counter on your right and the Diva Cafe on your left. The sales area is where women can come in to inquire about the membership packages for the gym and other inquiries. The cafe is a small restaurant that serves coffee, cold drinks and even protein shakes. The main reception is lit with purple neon lights with the words “DIVA” on it. So far, so good.

We proceeded to the center of the first floor which was a huge lobby with purple and white couches and a big flat screen TV on the wall. The Diva Lounge is where women can hang out in after a workout or while waiting for a class to start. On the left side of it, there is the huge Cardio Hall that has all the gym equipment that they need…from treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, weight lifiting, etc. It also has its own mini-track where members can jog/run as part of  their workout. On the right side of the lounge, there are shelves where Diva Fitness apparel and accessories are on display. It’s also the hall leading towards the two studios for their instructor-led classes like Zumba, Yoga, Body Attack, Crossfit, Body Pump and Aerobics. The other studio is called the Cardio Black Hall, structured like a dark room with a large projector that stimulates a 4D experience of biking through the mountains while participants are sweating it out on the stationary bikes.

There is a pathway from that hall directing us towards the Health Club, which is located at the basement of the building. It makes sense to have the spa area there as it isolates itself from the hustle and bustle of the gym-goers of the first floor. A huge aquarium towards its entrance symbolizes the zen you are about to step into. Downstairs, you will find their massage rooms, steam and sauna rooms along with an average-sized pool and two jacuzzis.

Welcome to the salon.

After that brief tour, we finally headed to the salon section. We wanted to get mani-pedi’s, facials and some possible hair treatments. Asma told us about their services and offered the luxury mani-pedi experience. They had about four chairs for their mani-pedi section and a big display table of their OPI-exclusive products. Not just nail polishes, but creams, gels…the works. They started off by soaking our feet in this crystal jelly that felt squishy good and I didn’t want to take my feet off of it. After about 15 minutes, they cleaned off the scrub and wrapped my feet in collagen socks while another lady started working on my manicure.

Meanwhile, Janelle was a seat apart from me and was also getting the same mani-pedi treatment but she was considering having some hair coloring done. Unfortunately, the lady in charge of hair treatments did not speak English well, even though she exerted great effort to be understood (by even calling the Arab receptionist to translate for her). J didn’t want to risk a treatment without making sure she can understand fully what she was about to have done to her hair, so they simply did a test color on her first. As for me, I headed to get a facial using their Ella Baché products. They have a small enclosure within the salon area where Asma proceeded to do a standard facial on me. There was a cream application, facial steam, minimal prickling of the pores, an application of a black gel mask and finally a splash of Ella Baché’s tomato water on my face, which felt good after. It wasn’t a total wow moment afterwards, but my face did feel lighter, softer and definitely cleaner.

Where your hair gets its did’

I suppose due to staffing issues, Janelle wasn’t able to get her facial and hair treatments done eventually. It was a bit of an upset and we were already there for about four hours total and we had to leave already. See, even though we came in early, by noon a lot of other customers started coming in as well…and I think this made things a bit chaotic for them to handle. Overall, as far as the work they did on me at the salon, I found their services done well. We just can’t help but notice that there were some problems within the staff regarding their communication and assignments that we wish they could sort out in the future. After all, they are just a month-old establishment and there’s still something to improve on in that aspect.

One thing that’s definitely striking and potentially huge for Diva Fitness is that they are a one-stop shop for almost everything that a woman needs. I think that having the gym, spa and salon in one big, workable space is great. I can imagine myself spending the entire day there. Plus, we checked their prices for membership and they are totally more affordable compared to other ladies’ centers.

Membership Rates at Diva Fitness

1,500 SAR for one (1) month

2,900 SAR for two (2) months

4,300 SAR for three (3) months

6,100 SAR for six (6) months

For more details of what the rates include, please contact Diva Fitness directly.

Considering the access that you will gain from their all-in-one center, it is worth your buck. If you live near the area of its location in Exit 10, then good for you. If you live somewhere along the city center, the trip back and forth may cost you (unless your husband/driver brings you there). Otherwise, it’s definitely worth a visit and get a feel of the real thing for you to make up your mind.

Location Map:

Diva Fitness

Exit 10, across Euromarche

Tel: 011-496-0000

Website: http://www.diva-fitness.net (Arabic)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/diva.fitness.ksa

Instagram: @diva.fitness.ksa

Twitter: @diva.fitness.ksa

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