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The Pink Tarha has tied up with Inglot two weeks ago to celebrate International Women’s Day. We were so giddy with excitement because that was our first event collaborating with a makeup brand, and an internationally known brand at that. Inglot has been manufacturing cosmetics for over 30 years now. Founded in Poland, Inglot is now available in 80 countries and is continuously growing and expanding. Inglot is known for their Freedom System where customers are free to customize their own palettes by choosing from their wide range of palette styles and makeup pans. They’re also very much known for their O2M Breathable Nail Enamel in the Middle East; it’s their revolutionary nail polish that lets water through thereby making it suitable for Muslim women who need to wash for prayer. Recently, I’ve tried their gel eyeliner and pressed powder and I’m surprised how effective they are. Reina recently reviewed their mascara and she was impressed.

Inglot Face Blushes, SR 40 each (in my plate from Turkey, lol)

After our event last March 8, I picked up a couple of their face blushes to come up with my very own Inglot Freedom Blush Palette. It’s overwhelming to choose from their wide arrays of colors but I usually stick to what I know works best for my skin tone. I stayed away from light pinks because they don’t show on my face. Light blush colors melt in my morena skin tone. I also didn’t pick any blush with shimmer because I’m more into mattes. Also, I like putting highlighters so a shimmering blush will add to that glow and I don’t want to overdo it. That decreased my choices but it was still difficult to choose, haha. I spent more minutes than I had to just asking the sales lady in Inglot Al Nakheel to check the availability of certain blush colors. Finally, I had my final four:

My first Inglot blushes

# 27 (Face Blush) This color is a dusty pink nude that’s perfect for those who have light to medium skin tones. It creates a nice flush in the skin.
# 128 (AMC Face Blush) This is a darker shade of the first one. It has a mauve, brownish tint that’s perfect for warmth in the cheeks.
# 52 (Face Blush) I stayed away from light pink but picked up this vibrant pink which shows in my cheeks more.
# 63 (AMC Face Blush) This is the darkest blush I probably own. It’s almost a rich magenta that should be applied lightly.

Swatches from left to right: #27, #128, #52, and #63 (used my fingers in swatching these).

Inglot doesn’t name their products; they number them. Not sure if that works to their advantage but I find makeup names cute and witty. Anyway, the blushes have a smooth application and it’s highly pigmented. I was surprised; this is my first time to use their blushes and I was thinking, what took me so long to try them? One swish of my brush and it picked up a lot of powder blush already. For the darker colors, a light hand is needed to apply them. When I first tried #63, I was shocked at how pigmented it was! My cheeks were so red pink, haha, that I needed to remove most of the blush (and I swear I only lightly dusted my brush with the blush). I suggest that with these blushes, go in lightly and build up the color as needed. There’s major fall out on their powders but I don’t mind since they land on the palette and I can still pick them up. Because of the variety of colors in Inglot’s blushes, every one – from light to dark skin tones – will surely find the color that matches their skin. They also match any event or any season.

The complete Freedom Blush Palette.

Inglot’s blush goes for SR 40 a piece and that’s not cheap but they’re really high quality. If you want to splurge, go for these. The palette that can carry four blushes (or bronzer or highlighter, as long as they’re in the rectangular shape) go for SR 80. I’m in love with these palettes of Inglot because they have magnets in the corner that makes the palette sleek and easy to use and carry. They come in different styles. I reviewed the Combo Palette before. All in all, this palette is SR 240. The blushes are also sold individually.

The only problem I had is how to remove the blush pans when I want to mix and match other pans? There’s no enough space to lift the pan up. What I did when I forgot to take note of the numbers of the blush and the only way to see them is to lift the blush pans again is to insert a pin on the corner and raise the side slowly. That worked but there’s a huge chance of making a mistake (like me poking my new blush on the corner with the pin, huhu). I guess I can always look for a magnet somewhere.

Brand: Inglot

Product Name: Face Blush

Price: SR 40 (blush), SR 80 (blush palette)

Where To Buy: Inglot branches in Al Nakheel Mall, Riyadh Gallery, etc.

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