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These past few weeks, we’ve been testing a new food delivery app called Mathaqi. You might think it’s just another one of those food delivery apps where you can order food from fast food restaurants in Riyadh. Being a food delivery app where you order food is the only thing that Mathaqi has in common with them. Other than that, Mathaqi is an entirely unique concept. It brings authentic home cooked meals right at your doorstep.

Mathaqi is an online platform founded by Nouf Alsaleem, where people can order food from talented home chefs. Get that: HOME CHEFS. So that means no fast food, no commercial-tasting meals. It brings a large variety of authentic home cooked dishes from different cuisines to your homes or offices. Mathaqi has partnered with over 80 experienced chefs who are masters of their cuisines to ensure freshly prepared and delicious dishes. Imagine savoring a chef’s secret family recipe in the comfort of your own homes or offices! When you check their menu, you’ll see that they change it every day and they have a nice variety of cuisines to choose from; it’s never bland and boring. Craving for Indian food? Pakistani food? Filipino food? Arabic food? Italian food maybe? They’re here. You can mix and match the dishes and order from appetizers to main courses and desserts! Even snacks when you’re up for it.

The Mathaqi App in iOS.

Their app is easy to use. Just go to App Store for iOS users or Google Play for Android users and download the Mathaqi App. Open the app and pick your location. Once inside, get ready to order!

What would you like for today? Or tomorrow? Or the day after tomorrow?

The list of food available will be shown in the landing page. And the good thing about Mathaqi is that you can order not only today but also pre-order for 2 days ahead. You can swipe left to see the menu for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Lunch and dinner menu can be seen and if you want to search for specific food faster, then click on the little button on the bottom right corner and the list of options will be shown. You can then start adding dishes and drinks to your cart by clicking on the orange “+ Add” button after each dish. A minimum order of SR 15 is all you need to make an order and a flat delivery charge of SR 5 will get those foods into your doorstep. After choosing your dishes, proceed to check out by clicking the shopping bag icon on the top right corner. The app will then ask you to choose among the delivery slots available. Delivery time starts at 12:30 PM and ends at 5:30 PM for lunch meals. Delivery for dinner meals starts at 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM. It’s convenient to order in advance or order on the go. The app will then ask to submit your address and location. Payment is made by cash on delivery.

Now, if it’s your first time to order, you can use the code FIRST30 to avail of a 30% discount. On your succeeding orders, we collaborated with Mathaqi to bring you a 20% discount promo code. Use the code PINKT20 for a 20% discount every time you order in Mathaqi. This promo code is valid for 2 months.

Here are some of the dishes we’ve tried so far:

What we had for our first Mathaqi meal.

We must admit that the only Indian food we are actually familiar with are Biryani, Chicken 65 and Butter Chicken. And we discovered that even those three dishes have different variations depending on where you are in India.

Rice, roti, chicken and beef dishes.

We were pleasantly surprised at the Chicken Biryani in this order because it doesn’t look like the biryani we’re used to. The biryani we’re used to has a lot of ingredients and looks more complicated than this. I even made the mistake of labeling this as kabsa. Haha! But, the flavors were in this dish and we actually like the subtle flavor that didn’t assault our senses in one go. The Okra and Meat had a mild flavor too. Personally, I’m not a fan of the slimy okra but paired with beef and a light broth, this dish was okay. The Dum Ka Chicken is new to us. It’s a Hyderabadi (not sure if we’ve tasted a Hyderabadi dish before) chicken dish known for its aromatic scent and rich taste. The chicken is cooked in its own juices and combined with lots of spices, almond, and cream. We actually like this one. We like the creamy texture of the chicken and sauce.

On our next order, here’s what we had:

Our next meal, the following day.

This White Kabsa with Chicken is interesting because it’s not too oily like the ones we usually have; perfect for those looking for a lighter version of the well-loved Arabian dish. We had another Biryani but this time with Mutton Kofta and Raita. This is tastier than the biryani we had the day before. The four pieces of kofta might not be enough as viand to the overflowing rice though, haha. We noticed that they’re really generous with rice. At first we were intimidated by the dish called Kadal Gosht because it looks like it has too much ingredients and spice (that red sauce and green toppings did it), but it was actually pretty tasty and delicious. Ordering from Mathaqi is also a learning experience for us; we get to discover more kind of dishes from other countries. I was really excited to try the Butter Chicken but this one paled in comparison to the dishes I’ve tried in Indian restaurants. I was looking for that creaminess with a hint of sweetness in the sauce but this didn’t have it. I like the tender chicken chunks though. The rotis complemented the dishes really well.


The third delivery is of dishes that are closer to our hearts and our taste buds… finally, Filipino food, hooray!

We can’t wait!

We had Kare-Kare, Adobo, Chopsuey, and Sinigang. They all reminded us of home. You know how we are so protective of our classic family recipes for certain dishes? We are like that but we found these dishes are well at par with what we’re used to. The Kare-Kare needed more peanut or peanut butter while the Sinigang na Hipon needed a bigger container to accommodate more soup. Reina loved the Chicken Adobo, which is of the dry yet soy-tasty variety, and our friend loved the Chicken Chopsuey. All in all, we like the taste of these dishes. For non-Filipinos who want to get a taste of our cuisines, be on the lookout for these Filipino dishes in the menu and savor what Mathaqi’s Filipino chef has to offer.

Sinigang na Hipon

Chopsuey, a vegetable with shrimp and chicken liver viand

Food are fairly priced from SR 19 and above for a meal. They’re prepared by chefs in their own households and Mathaqi checks them for cleanliness and safety. All chefs are screened and chosen meticulously. They’re also trained in the process of food safety and they prepare the food in limited quantities. This concept is great because Mathaqi helps stay-at-home people be productive and earn from their cooking skills. They’re giving opportunities for those who want to earn extra income for their families especially at this challenging economic climate that Saudi Arabia is on. Apart from this, Mathaqi is also giving their remaining food to poor people and charitable institutions at the end of each day. No food goes to waste and less fortunate people are benefitting from this food drive.

Food comes in Mathaqi bags and microwaveable packaging.

Mathaqi takes pride in their high quality packaging. As you can see from the photos above, the food comes in sealed containers that can be heated in the microwave. They also provide spoons and forks so you can readily eat the food come lunch or dinnertime. If you even want to take the food for picnic in the desert, then go ahead and do so; they’re prepared for people on the go too. They come in Mathaqi-labeled bags that can be used for other things again. They’re recyclable. I only wish they come up with bigger bags soon for their bigger packages.

Delivery is on the dot and their staff are friendly. They usually call before delivery to make sure of the customers’ home address. They’re available in Whatsapp for easy sending of location too. That helps them find the place faster. Their customer service also calls to check on customers’ feedback from time to time. They’re easily reached by their hotline number. If you’re planning a party, you can also turn to Mathaqi for food good for your large number of guests. Breakfast will be launched within two months and subscription plans for a week or a month will also be announced soon. This is great for those employees who are always wondering what to eat for lunch and those who are tired of the usual food served in their canteens.

Overall, we like the concept of Mathaqi and we’re glad of the options added to the food choices in Riyadh. Now, we don’t have to peruse Instagram for home cooked meals and desserts and wait to have enough money and time and an occasion to order. Home cooked meals are now within reach: just with a click of an app.

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Disclaimer: Mathaqi delivered the food mentioned above to The Pink Tarha ladies free of charge. Comments, feedback, opinions and reviews are all our own.

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