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We know, we know… burgers again? Ackkkk! But we can’t help it! Among the food trends that don’t go out of fashion, burgers are up there on the list. Even though we say we’re tired of it… c’mon, no one gets tired of eating burgers! Of course, you should not eat burgers all the darn time. They’re comfort food all right and I was watching Fluffy the other day and he summed it up best: every one is happy when eating burgers. Have you seen anyone sad while chomping on a  burger? Burgers give a certain joy that no other sandwich can ever give. Whenever I eat a burger, I always assume they’re good because with its simplicity, convenience, and popularity, who can murder a burger in this age and time?

Not these burgers on our list, that’s for sure! I don’t want to annoy you with many features on burger restaurants in the blog so I decided to just gather them in one entry. That is not to say I won’t be writing about burgers again after this list, because again, burgers don’t go out of style. These are some of the burgers we’ve tried over the past few months. If you’re looking for new burger restaurants, then here you go:

1. Wagyu Burger

It’s difficult to differentiate a burger joint from one another nowadays because the Riyadh food scene is already saturated with BURGERS but what separates Wagyu Burger from the rest is their, brace for it, Wagyu Burger. Haha! Wagyu Burger, a Saudi brand, started as a food truck dishing out burger patties made of the most prized beef in the world, wagyu. And it proved to be successful to merit a store of its own. Wagyu Burger now has a cozy restaurant in Dabab Street and they continue to dish out their delicious burgers and Dynamite Shrimps. I asked my friend Jamila to accompany me one sunny afternoon in their restaurant knowing that we’ll be ordering for take out. Their restaurant is small but it’s really designed well (so Instagramable). They have an outdoor set-up of four tables with four chairs each. Inside, they have wooden benches and tables that can accommodate a two groups of six and four. They let us eat in their store only because all the customers during that time were women. Their short menu is in Arabic only (why are we not surprised) but the cashier was kind enough to translate and explain each item to us. We ordered their famous Wagyu Burger and one of their signature burgers. We also tried their Dynamite Shrimps.

It’s not only the wagyu patty that’s different but also their bread. It’s not the usual potato rolls that most burger joints use. They bake their bread in house and they come out a bit airy and glistening on top. A few black sesame seeds on top makes their burgers more appealing. Now, I wanted to be wowed by a wagyu burger because wagyu beef is known for their melt-in-your-mouth quality. This burger doesn’t have that quality but I’m saying it’s not good. It has a beautiful tender texture that’s not too greasy. It’s juicy and there’s another depth in flavor that I am expecting because gosh darn this is not cheap! Their ordinary burger is good too. For the price, I’ll pick this one next time if I ever find myself in this cozy burger nook. Their fries are great and their Dynamite Shrimp is okay; just the right crunch with a finger-licking good sauce. Budget around SR 70 per person if ordering the Wagyu Burger.

Wagyu Burger
Dabab Street, Sulaimania
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Operating Hours: 4:00 PM to 11:30 PM (Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) / 5:30 PM to 1:30 AM (Friday) / Closed on Mondays
IG: @wagyu_burger

2. Burger Eight

Another proudly Saudi brand is Burger Eight. It’s easy to locate their lone branch because it actually has a huge number 8 in its corner. That’s what made me look twice when we were cruising along Othman Bin Affan Road but it was the suggestion of a reader to visit this place that got me and Reina going after we featured Nuyu Al-Waha branch. Yup, nothing like a look inside a fitness center to spur our craving for burgers, haha. Burger Eight promises to serve better burgers and hand-cut fries. Reina and I went overboard in ordering just because we’re not sure when we’ll be going to this area again; it’s a bit far from where we live. Anyway, the cashier suggested we try their Double Burger, Chicken Burger, Onion Bloom, Cheese Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Salad, Shakes, and Ice Cream. Are those a lot? Haha!

Their burgers are okay; nothing to write home about and certainly not worth another long trip to Exit 7 just to eat burgers. Their patties are juicy and tasty but the bun is like the commercial ones that come in a pack in the grocery store. The Chicken burger has a nice crunch to it. Their Onion Bloom, which we are looking forward to try pales in comparison to the Bloomin’ Onion of that steak house we are familiar with. This one is smaller and lacks the crunch we are looking; it;s a bit soggy. The cheese fries are okay; I like their Eight Cheese Fries with their own sauce than the one with jalapeño, which was a bit sour. Their potatoes, even freshly hand cut as they claim, is no different from others we’ve tried. The Chicken Nuggets is a bit hard to chew and too salty. The salad is boring and doesn’t offer anything new. The fruit shakes didn’t promise real fruits but they really tasted like the fruit syrup, too saccharine for our sweet tooth even. And last but not the least, the ice cream… I actually like that ice cream with Oreo bits. It’s also worth noting that Burger Eight has a cafe where diners can order coffee and frappes after a heavy meal. It’s quite a chill place. Budget around SR 50 per person for a burger meal with sides.

Burger Eight
Khadar, Al Izdihar
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

3. Mooyah Burger

Rounding up our burger list for now is a franchise from the US. Mooyah was founded in Texas in 2007. They now have over 50 branches! A few of them are in Riyadh and if you don’t know that, why? Haha! I can see a Mooyah branch miles away because of their red motif, haha. My husband and I decided to try this burger joint after an errand in Khurais Road (and upon my insistence that we try something new again). Mooyah bakes their own white and wheat buns every day to deliver a fresher burger experience. Mooyah promises a fun experience when eating their never-frozen beef burgers, hand-cut fries, and real ice cream shakes. Did we have fun eating at Mooyah?

We did, actually. The Mooyah Burger is the classic burger that made Mooyah famous, and it’s the one we ordered. It has a nice tomato, pickles, and lettuce, which you will not see on my burger because I always tend to remove them (it’s me, not them) and bits of grilled onions. The bun is soft and the beef patty is pretty decent with its juices dripping down the corners of my mouth while I took huge bites. We enjoyed their Chicken Wings more. And we LOVE their onion rings, or at least my husband does because I’m not into onion rings (I swear I’m not a picky eater). Unfortunately, their much-talked about sweet potato fries are not available when we dined there. We like that Mooyah has an outdoor seating area for families in their branch in Khurais Road. Not sure with other branches because we haven’t visited. Budget around SR 50 for a burger meal.

Mooyah Burger
a. Khurais Road
b. Prince Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz Street
c. Rekal Plaza, Anas Bin Malek Street
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
MAP (for Khurais branch):


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