Women’s Day with Inglot and The Pink Tarha

Every thing that is happening in The Pink Tarha has only been dreams a few years ago. We did not expect to be read by so many. We did not expect to be given the chance and opportunities to collaborate with various brands and companies. It’s just been a dream come true for Reina and I to be able to work on projects that benefit, first and foremost, our readers. As you know, The Pink Tarha is not a profit-oriented endeavor. If you’ve been thinking of how glamorous our lives are just by seeing the events we attend, the restaurants we dine in, and the places we go to… well, no. Haha! We work hard to earn the money we spent in dining out, traveling, etc. And “work” is not equivalent to The Pink Tarha. The Pink Tarha is not a business. It is not our job. We are not complaining (we’ll ask our wallets later, haha) because we find joy in writing, in discovering new things and in sharing them to you. We also want to be the blog founded on honesty and the blog you can trust. When we are sponsored or invited to try things, we tell you through disclaimers and notes in our entries. We thank the companies who see the potential in our website and social media accounts. We thank you, our readers, for the support throughout the years and we saw how we’ve grown as persons through our efforts in The Pink Tarha. The Pink Tarha “pays” us back by giving us the opportunity to grow as individuals with pioneering breakthroughs, rich experiences, and relationships built with our passion.

Inglot, and its mother company Apparel Co., have been collaborating with The Pink Tarha for a while now. When they were planning on launching their HD Lip Tints and Lip Oils in Saudi Arabia during the International Women’s Day last March 8, 2017, they tapped The Pink Tarha to support this event happening in their Al Nakheel Mall branch. If you’ve been glued to our Facebook page, you’ve probably watched two of our Facebook Live videos happening in this store. And so, it’s a no-brainer: we like Inglot’s products and their staff are very welcoming and friendly so YES! We’ll be happy to do it! We were happy to be there to provide some tips on how to use the HD Lip Tint and Lip Oil, or at least Reina did. Haha! I am the makeup afficionado between the two of us but she’s the public speaker so it’s a must she does the presentation. Haha! Every thing was a flurry of preparation. We only got the go signal a day before the event and so we had to post the invites to our social media accounts pronto. Inglot promised the first 100 guests a free goodie bag containing makeup that is worth SR 155. There is no need to buy anything! Women just have to be there! Amazing right? Who gives away these stuff nowadays? If I was a reader, I would have gone just to get that loot bag! Hahah!

Here are scenes from that night:

We got giddy when we first glimpsed of this in Inglot’s display.

A bigger version of the poster. Awwwww. #heartheartheart

The Pink Tarha ladies: Reina and Janelle (that’s me! haha)

Apart from Reina and I, we also asked some of our friends to help us out. Thank you ate Raquel and Kim (our official intern) for helping us control the crowd and become our photographers too. Haha! We would also like to thank our dearest Saudi friend, Amal, who translated for Reina during the demo session, and who treated us to a lovely dinner afterwards. Thank you to my husband who patiently waited for us to finish. (Men are not allowed inside the store during the event.) We arrived in the branch early so we can scout the area and also prepare.

The Pink Tarha team for InglotxThePinkTarha event.

Inside the makeup studio of Inglot while waiting for the event’s opening.

Endorsers? Lol. Trying the new HD Lip Tints.

I was practicing putting eyeshadows on Kim, our intern.

100 loot bags ready!

After the last prayer, we went out and saw that there were a lot of people inside the store already. We asked our friends to help the guests line up properly because security guards were starting to arrive, haha. Even management officials came to the store to ask what’s happening. Good thing, Kim Steele, regional manager of Inglot GCC, was there to explain. The line was snaking into the hallway and if you’ve been to Al Nakheel Mall, you know how wide the mall’s spaces in between stores are. We were overwhelmed. I’m just happy so many of you came. Whether it’s for the free goodies or for us or both, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR PINK HEARTS!

Wait, wait… where’s the line going? (Faces are covered in these photos so we don’t offend anyone in posting them.)

LOOK at that crowd!

The demo started at 8:30 PM and we asked the women lined up to enter the store. There were so many ladies that I couldn’t go in front anymore, haha! Reina was there though with Amal and Kim. They did wonderful and they made the crowd cheer and clap! It was just a happy night. Truly #BeBoldForChange!

Spot Reina and I.

Reina giving tips on how to apply liquid tints.

Thank you, everyone!

The demo ended after 15 minutes or so (yes, it was fast!) and we began giving out the goodie bags. This is where it got chaotic, haha, but we managed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give each and everyone who came a goodie bag because we have to cut the line at 100. Maybe next time, when we own a franchise of Inglot already, why not? Hahaha! Just kidding! Of course, if we only have the means, we would have wanted that each of our guests bring home something. Thank you to the marketing team of Apparel Co. led by Mr. Sudarshan and Mr. Gilbert for trusting us to do this event, and for the continuous support to our activities and events.

Again, shukran katir everyone! Thank you to the husbands who brought their wife to the mall so that they can attend our event. Haha! Thank you for celebrating Women’s Day with us. We hope that we’ve inspired women all around Saudi Arabia to pursue their passions and hobbies and just do everything with good vibes, and positivity. Hopefully, we’ll have another event soon!

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