Beauty Bets: March 2017 Faves and Fails

I swear this is the third time I’m writing this entry! On my first try, I wasn’t able to finish it. On my second try, I wrote on my ageing Macbook Air and finished the entry. I thought I saved it and I thought WordPress was auto-saving it but when I opened the entry on my other Mac, it wasn’t showing the complete entry. The draft remained a draft with just two items listed. I swear I finished this entry already!!! It was supposed to be published last week because this kind of series should be published at least at the first week of the month. Oh bummer! Anyway, I don’t want to delay this list any further so here is my list of Faves and Fails in the skincare and beauty world for the month of May.


1. Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Bardot

Bardot swatched: 3 swipes and sheered out.

What: This long-wearing crème powder cheek formula is the BFF of our famous Super Shock Shadows; it shares the same unique texture that is extremely buildable and blends smoothly to leave the cheeks looking healthy. You’ll be bangin’ in this rusty red copper!
Price: USD 8 (approx. SR)
Where To Buy:

When I ordered Bardot, I just wanted a different kind of blush color. I’ve always had the pinks, corals and mauves so this time, I went for something extreme-looking on the pan. A rusty red copper that you won’t believe is a blush. The color and shimmer look intimidating all right and I wasn’t sure I can pull off this color but one thing I know by now about the colors that look great on me, “warm” it is! While it looks very orange red, Bardot can be sheered out. What I do is pick up some product on my cheeks with my fingers, apply it on my cheeks and use a buffing brush to sheer it out. If I choose to wear this a bit on heavy side, it gives my cheeks a nice contour look because of its warm brown tone. Like Colourpop’s highlighters (which I reviewed HERE), this formula is creamy and so easy to apply. This color is so versatile and amazing, I wish they don’t remove this in their blush line up.

2. No7 Lift and Illuminate Foundation in Deeply Beige

This foundation gives medium coverage.

What: Let your skin be luminous and lovely, with a gorgeous, natural glow. No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation is specially formulated to lift and firm your skin at the same time as giving you a smooth and even coverage.
Price: SR 110 (SR 55 when I bought it on sale)
Where To Buy: Boots Pharmacy in Kingdom Mall, Sahara Mall, Olaya Street, etc.

Watching beauty gurus in Youtube is bad for me. I tend to want to buy what they recommend, even if I have a bajillion products waiting to be emptied out! So the No7 Lift and Illuminate Foundation is another “Youtube Made Me Buy It” product. Anyway, No7 is a Boots brand and while I was there last week, I saw that their No7 was 50% off so I immediately grabbed this foundation because from SR 110, it’s only SR 55 now! I have a good experience with No7 Airbrush Foundation and so I had high hopes with this one. I love it! My face is on the oily side, especially now that we’re in spring where moisture has been swaying with the wind. Anyway, at first I wasn’t sure what shade I will get. I was choosing between Cool Beige and Deeply Beige. There were testers in store but I don’t think they helped, haha. The Cool Beige resembles most of the foundation I used when I looked at it at the bottle but I went with my instinct and picked a deeper, warmer color. Deeply Beige was perfect! This foundation provides medium coverage and it does give my face a slight shine; almost like a highlight. The radiance is barely there for the first few hours.

3. Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette

What more can you ask for a warm, neutral palette?

What: From cooler grey-toned browns to fiery sunset colors, this palette is a beautiful mix of wearable warm neutrals that give you effortless versatility whether you are after a daytime look or full-on glam. 
Price: USD 22.99 (website) / SR 120 (reseller)
Where To Buy: / Irene’s Closet KSA

If you want an eyeshadow that has gorgeous colors, so versatile, and really affordable, get the Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette. It’s the bestselling palette of Morphe, a brand known for their inexpensive makeup and their affiliate links with beauty gurus and beauty influencers. You get additional 15% off your purchase if you use this and that code. I didn’t buy my palette from the website so I wasn’t able to use any code. I bought it from one of my favorite Riyadh resellers, Irene of Irene’s Closet KSA for SR 120. The eyeshadows in this palette has two finishes: matte and shimmer which are perfect for every day looks and formal glam looks. The warm neutrals are so versatile and with over 30 eyeshadows in this palette, there are so many looks to be done. They’re also really pigmented. I love how these eyeshadows are easy to apply and blend. Get it before you get the new 35R palette.


1. Andalou Naturals Luminous Eye Serum

Expensive and proving to be ineffective for me.

What: Andalou Naturals Luminous Eye Serum has Fruit Stem Cell Complex, Vitamin C, and Goji glycopeptides that boost collagen and elastin to smooth fine lines and firm dermal texture as caffeine from green coffee stimulates circulation to reduce puffiness and help diminish dark circles.
Price: SR 64
Where To Buy:

I bought this eye serum to go hand-in-hand with my Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager. It saddens me to put this in my list of fail products because it might mean that the expensive Foreo Iris is also not doing anything for my dark circles. I’ve been using these two products for months and I haven’t seen any improvement! My dark circles remained dark and my eye bags haven’t improved. I was really impressed with the reviews of this eye serum but I guess it’s not for me. I will try and finish this though because I hate wasting products so I will keep this entry update if I ever see changes.

2. Sephora Collection Sleeping Mask

What’s left of the pink gel mask.

What: A line of rich cream-gel textured sleeping masks, each with a skin refreshing benefit. 
Price: SR 20
Where To Buy: Sephora branches in Panorama Mall, Olaya Street, Riyadh Gallery, etc.

I tried out the 10-Step Korean Skincare last month (and I’ll update you on that too). I was following the steps to the tee and has been using sleeping masks at night if my routine didn’t involve a sheet mask. I was using a sleeping mask from a Korean brand when I decided to open the Sephora Sleeping Mask in Lotus which promised to soothe and moisturize my face. I liked how the gel feels in my skin; it was soothing and refreshing all right. I slept with it on my face and woke up with small bumps on my face! Ohmigahd! It’s the first time in  along time that my face broke out with tiny pimples! Of course this is the culprit because this is the only new products that I used during that day and night. I was so disappointed! Huhu. It totally threw off the momentum of my skin’s improvement. I’m ditching this and will not use it again.

That’s it for my March. My April list is coming. I might write about the products that worked when I was still following the 10-Step Korean Skincare. Share me the skincare and beauty products that work for you! Comment down below! 😉

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