Beauty Bets: Sephora Microsmooth Baked Sculpting Trio

We all know that most women expats in Riyadh are working in the medical field and have little time to spare for a lengthy makeup routine. Nowadays, when you say “get ready” and “make up”, it doesn’t only entail powder and lip gloss anymore. There’s more than 3 steps to proper skincare and more than 5 steps to put on makeup… argh! That makes it such a pressure to those who are working almost non-stop and are almost always on duty. Sometimes, they’re not even allowed to put make up! Anyway, here’s a simple product that will make contouring, blushing, and highlighting so easy and convenient! It doesn’t take too much of your time in the morning and it also shows subtle to heavier makeup, whichever you need for the day or night. Meet the Microsmooth Baked Scuplting Trip from the Sephora Collection.

I got the Sephora Microsmooth Baked Sculpting Trio in Sultry from an event press kit I attended last year (pardon me if I don’t have the exact price). It says in the Sephora website that this is an exclusive, must-have trio featuring a luminizer, matte-satin bronzer and a bronzer.  Yes, all these 3 in one package. Not only will this eliminate the indecision in the morning of what highlighter or bronzer or blush to use but this also makes bringing all these products handy and conveniently. This three-in-one formula is blendable because it’s made of micronized pigments. It enhances skin tone and gives a flawless, no-makeup look and feel. When I first used this, I doubt I will like it because I thought the powders will mix when I use them and it will make a mess. But it being baked helped a lot. It doesn’t have a lot of fallout and I can pick up product from a certain side without picking up from the others with the help of a smaller face blush. I like the bronzer the best because it’s the right tone for my skin and can help me contour or just add a warm glow to my face. The blush is also nice. It goes on sheer even though it looks bright in the pan. I have to swipe a few times for it to show. The highlighter is the one I liked the least because it doesn’t show in my skin. It’s a bit powdery too and doesn’t have a lot of shine. I’m used to blinding highlighters (like these). And yes, you can also swirl your brush on all three for an overall face glow. I love doing this too when I’m in a hurry because the glow is radiant yet subtle. It’s like a “come from within” healthy glow.

Swatched in my hand. Swiped thrice.

Overall, I can see this as a gem to have in my bag. I just don’t bring it now because I have an every day face palette and I don’t usually carry with me a highlighter when I’m out the house. But if you’re always on the go and wants to retouch on the spot, then this is for you. This product comes in other color variations like Sublime, Sweet, Spirited, Sassy and Sophisticated. If I’m going to buy again, I’ll pick either Spirited which has coral shades and Sassy which has pink shades. Try it in the nearest Sephora near you.

Product Name: Microsmooth Baked Sculpting Trio in Sultry

Brand: Sephora

Price: Around SR 80

Where To Buy: Sephora branches (Riyadh Gallery, Panorama Mall, Hayat Mall, and Al Nakheel Mall)

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