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I have been on the hunt for a lot eye creams lately because A) I’m now in my thirties and B) I have been sleep deprived for about two months now and I feel like it’s taking a toll on my eyes. Our eyes and the skin around it is the most sensitive part of our faces and it’s also the first to show signs of aging therefore it’s important that we keep it moisturized with the right product to sustain its elasticity and grip. I found The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo by chance about three weeks ago and I must say, I’m very satisfied.

Compact and easy to use.

It comes in a dual vessel that houses the product on one end and the rollerball tip on the other. I swipe the tight brush under my eyes where my dark circles usually are and after enough product is on, I take the other end where the rollerball is and massage the rest of my eyes in a soothing motion. The rollerball device claims to boost circulation of the nerves in the eye area and helps set the cream product in place. The cream is mostly made of aloe vera enriched with Vitamin C and if you’re a beauty buff, you must already know that Vitamin C is like fertilizer for our skin. It makes us look brighter, clearer and helps fight aging.

What I’ve observed on my use of this product is that it is a quick fix to a previously haggard or sleep-deprived night. I’ve swiped it on a few times on such occasions and upon waking up the next day, I don’t see any obvious, dull skin sagging under my eyes. I look refreshed even if I’m under 8 hours of sleep. Of course, I put on my makeup later on (foundation and concelaer so that also helps reduce any dark circles too) but when I look closely in the mirror before applying my makeup, the results don’t lie.

The caveat is, if you use it on a daily basis, you’re going to run out of it quickly as there isn’t a lot there for long-term use. For it’s price, I think it will only take me as far as 2 weeks, max (considering my generous application). As a trial, that’s fine but I suppose for something more sustainable, there are other products that can go farther. I do have another eye cream lined up in my arsenal so stay tuned for that. For now, if you’re looking for a quick fix, then this duo from Body Shop will do.

Product Name: Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo

Brand: The Body Shop

Price: 65 SR

Where to Buy: The Body Shop Branches (Kingdom Mall, Panda Takhasussi, Granada Mall, Panorama Mall, Hayat Mall)

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