Top 5 High-End Picks from Sephora

Last Saturday, we were at Sephora in Olaya Street. It’s their biggest branch in Riyadh and has an in-house beauty center on its second floor, apart from the huge beauty, skincare, and fragrance store in the first floor. It’s an overwhelming experience just looking at all the products that Sephora offers. Well, what can you expect from one of the world’s leader in global prestige retail nown as a beauty trailblazer with its expertise and innovations. Sephora has an unparalleled assortment of prestige products and brands in every category.We love Sephora and we love the brands that are available in the store.

Welcome to Sephora! Our happy place.

In our coverage last Saturday, I took photos of items that might interest you, our readers, who are into beauty and skincare. I must admit that when I go to Sephora here in Riyadh, I feel frustrated sometimes when their saleswomen can’t speak English. I can’t speak and understand Arabic so it’s hard to explain what I want in Sephora to someone who can’t understand me. The tendency of most Sephora saleswomen is that they turn a deaf ear to my questions. How am I supposed to ask for recommendations on beauty products or inquire what’s good for my skin tone? I know I should have learned Arabic long ago but still, Sephora is known for their excellent customer service in other parts of the world. One or two saleswomen per branch who can address the needs of English-speaking customers will be much appreciated. Thankfully, Sephora in Olaya Towers has Ms. Amna who toured us around and explained each brand’s best-sellers and new collections in English. Hooray for our expat readers (and us!).

While Reina went around with Ms. Amna for our FB Live, I took pictures of some products that I think will interest you. I uploaded the Top 5 Liquid Lipsticks you might want to try from Sephora in our Facebook page. That included Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick, Kat Von D Longwearing Liquid Lipstick, Too Faced Melted Matte, Lime Crime Velvetines, and Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain. or our entry in the blog today, I’m showing you some of the high-end products that are worth checking out in Sephora. I have watched beauty gurus talk about these products non-stop! I also watched them use this in their beauty channels so I’m thinking these products must be worth the money! They’re expensive but they really work. Without further ado, here are the top 5 high-end picks that are available in Sephora Riyadh.

1. Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation by Dior

What: An ultralight foundation that delivers an airbrushed effect with precision and ease.
Price: Around SR 250

I have watched Jeffree Star use this spray foundation countless times. His love for this innovative mist foundation is evident every time he brings this out and sprays like there’s no tomorrow. It’s an intriguing foundation because you have to spray it on the face like tanning sprays or mist primers. It has a unique micro-diffusion system that delivers a fine mist of foundation that provides a soft, velvety complexion. It has mother of pearl pigments that helps even out skin tone. I tried this in the store and was surprised at first at the amount of foundation it released after one spray. The coverage can be customizable. You can either spray direct from the can for a lighter coverage or spray it in a brush for a fuller coverage. The only problem in the spraying part is that the foundation can land in your hair if you don’t be careful. Haha! It comes in 11 shades and I saw four in Sephora here. If you’re into splurging on makeup, try this Airflash Spray Foundation by one of the world’s leading luxurious beauty brands.

2. Air Blush Soft Glow Duo by Marc Jacobs

What: An innovative powder blush duo palette with two shades for customizable color that delivers foolproof radiance all day.
Price: SR 175

Need a natural-looking glow every day? The Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo is the beauty community’s beauty bet for a radiant, natural blush. The Air Blush is created through a process called soufflage or air-whipped for a silky-soft, cream-like texture that blends with minimal effort. The blush is infused with Japanese air powder that makes this so lightweight! The unique striped pattern is inspired by a dress by Marc Jacobs while the sleek compact is inspired by a vintage cigarette case. With every swipe in the blush, an even layer gets picked up and they blend beautifully together. I felt the blush under my finger tips and they’re so buttery soft! Love! The Duo is available in five shades: Flesh & Fantasy, Lines & Last Night, Kink &Kisses, Lush & Libido, and Night Fever & Hot Stuff.

3. Juicy Shaker by Lancôme

What: An addictive lip oil with a super-soft cushion applicator for a wash of color with a hint of shine.
Price: SR 130

There are mixed reviews on this product. Some like it for its unique concept while some don’t because of its sheer and oily formula. I guess it depends on what color you’ll choose also because some of them are really pigmented and a few are not, which is an irony since they’re supposed to be infused with pigments. Anyway, the Juicy Shaker is a fun beauty product that has a bi-phase technology that delivers the first pigmented lip oil with two distinct phases: the first is a transparent oil for comfortable, non-sticky shine and the second, is the pigment for a touch of color. When combined, the Juicy Shaker gives your lips a perfect amount of shine and color. It also boasts of five nourishing oils: peach kernel, sweet almond, apricot, cranberry, and muscat rose. They softens, hydrates, and soothes the lips. I swatched the product when I was in the store and it was quite an effort to shake it to ensure that the oil and pigment were properly blended together. The product goes on sheer and not a lot of color tint came out. It’s still a fun lip product for barely there, natural juicy lips. It comes in 17 shades.

4. Le Vernis Nail Colour by Chanel

What: An iconic range of Le Vernis shades in a long-wear, high-gloss formula.
Price: SR 130

I will never spend more than SR 50 for a nail lacquer. Well, not if it’s Chanel Le Vernis. I used to read Pam Pastor’s blog on nail polishes. She’s addicted to them and one of her absolute favorite is Chanel Le Vernis. These are Chanel’s iconic rage of nail lacquers with a long-wear, high-gloss formula. They’re expensive but these polishes with newly-renovated formula featuring bioceramics and ceramides are worth it. They went on smooth and pigmented; one swipe is all it took to give my nails an extra elegance. The Le Vernis comes in 15 trend-setting shades including the sexy red Rouge Essentiel, the pink nude Organdi, the mesmerizing green Emeraude, and the sophisticated dark blue Mariniere. Truly gorgeous shades!!!

5. Supersonic Hair Dryer by Dyson

What: A hair dryer with a high-speed, powerful, brushless digital motor and intelligent heat control for shine.
Price: SR 1,450

I never knew that a hair dryer can be as expensive as a household appliance!!! Haha! This is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and it costs SR 1,450!!! I was surprised to see it as Sephora here but I’m not surprised about this product since I watched beauty guru Tati talk about this hair dryer in one of her Youtube videos a while back. This hair dryer is intelligent, you guys! It controls the patented compact heating element from reaching extreme, hair damaging temperature. The tool moves over 13 liters of air every second and temperature is measured 20 times a second. It helps protect the hair’s natural shine. Combined with Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier technology, air is amplified threefold, creating a high pressure, focused jet of air for controlled, precise, drying and styling. It’s really lightweight too and easy to balance. It’s a very safe hair dryer. Its aesthetics remind me of Dyson’s bladeless fans. Well duh, of course! They’re made by Dyson! Haha!

There you go, some high-end products for the fabulous you! There are so many other products in Sephora that you might be interested with, of course. That store is like a candy land that sucks you right in! Haha! I am always giddy when I walk into a Sephora and I spend so many minutes just looking at their countless stuff. I can’t stay there for hours even if I want to because my husband or friends will start dragging me outside. Haha! Anyway, Sephora in Olaya Towers has a beauty center upstairs which offers Benefit eyebrow waxing and Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever makeup sessions. Call them for further details.


Olaya Towers, Tahlia Street / Olaya Street

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM


Other branches: Panorama Mall, Riyadh Gallery, Al Qasr Mall, Kingdom Mall, etc.

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