Top 5 “Things” The Pink Tarha Is Not

We would like to think that being online for eight years and a few months, people already know what The Pink Tarha is all about. The Pink Tarha is an online lifestyle guide to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It’s read by locals and expats alike and we write restaurant reviews, how-to guides, travel plans and itineraries, and a lot more. In our social media accounts, we post about new restaurants, sale alerts, and Riyadh events. Apart from that, we’ve won awards for our blogging experiences and escapades. It’s really funny how some people assume we’re other “things” than a website. We  get messages that make us laugh so hard. Or sometimes, make us go “huh?!”

Here is the top 5 “things” The Pink Tarha is NOT:

1. A Store That Sells Apple Cider Vinegar

We’ve had messages asking us directly how they can buy apple cider vinegar from us. I can’t count how many times we’ve received that kind of message in our Facebook page. Do we look like a grocery store to you? Haha. Okay, okay. I admit, it might be my fault. I wrote about the Nutrition Corner store in Oruba Road a few years ago and it carries the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (that was before; not sure now). Little did I know, there were a lot of you looking for this particular product in Riyadh. When you Google “apple cider vinegar Riyadh”, my entry “Turn Organic at Nutrition Corner” which I wrote in 2014 is on top of the result page. Now I understand why people equate The Pink Tarha to Apple Cider Vinegar. But what I can’t understand is people not actually reading the entry so they’ll know that we are not the ones selling the product but the store Nutrition Corner! Readers, The Pink Tarha is not a store. We do not sell anything (you might want to read this again after you read #2 and #3)!

Where To Really Buy Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar: 
– Danube Hypermarket, around SR 30 each
– Store beside Mawasem Market, near Prince Sultan Medical City (the one across Al Rajhi Tahweel Branch), SR 25 each
Bodytonics KSA in Facebook, SR 24 each
– Arabian Supplies store (Diplomatic Quarter), around SR 30 each

2. A Store That Sells Souvenirs

Again, this is probably my fault. I wrote about Camel Corner a few years ago. It’s a store that sells souvenir items from Saudi Arabia. They have figurines, mugs, shirts, magnets, bookmarks, etc. We expats, especially Filipinos, are known for our generous nature and we always bring pasalubong (souvenirs/gifts) for our families, relatives, and friends when we go back home. It’s very natural for us to get something from Saudi Arabia and give to others when we have our vacation in our home countries. Camel Corner is the store to go to and not The Pink Tarha. Haha! Again, we are not a store. We do not sell anything.

Where To Really Buy Saudi Souvenirs:
– Camel Corner, with branches in Dirah (near the clock tower), inside King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre and King Abdul Aziz Medical City. 
– Souvenir Stores inside hotels (check out the one inside Marriott Hotel)
– Bazaars (be updated with bazaar schedules in our Riyadh Events list)
– Kingdom Mall Concierge (for well-made, elegant souvenirs)

3. A Store That Sells Cross-Stitch Threads and Crochet Yarns

Adel’s in the old Shola Shopping Center is the reason why we are tagged as a cross-stitch store. I wrote about the store in 2012 but it closed following a fire in the building. Then I wrote about their store called DMC Creative World located in one of the Cercon Buildings opposite Al Akaria Mall. After that we began receiving messages asking us if we sell crochet yarns and cross-stitch threads and how much. I was tempted to tell my mother to just sell her cross-stitch threads so I can pocket the money instead! Haha! Crafters, The Pink Tarha is not a store. We do not sell these items. It’s DMC Creative World that does so please proceed to its branch to get your threads and yarns and other sewing supplies so that you can finish your masterpieces already!

Where To Really Buy Cross-Stitch and Crochet Stuff
– DMC Creative World
2803 Musa Ibn Nusair St, Al Olaya, 6834, Riyadh 12241, Saudi Arabia [MAP]

4. An Event Coordinator or A Party Planner

I’m pretty sure I dreamed of becoming an events planner when I was a teenager but as I grew older, I realized I didn’t have enough patience for this. So definitely, The Pink Tarha is not an event planner or event coordinator. I salute event planners here in Riyadh though. I don’t know how they can do this just thinking of the unclear rules and regulations, the demanding customers, and the tedious paper work. We’ve been asked if we plan birthday parties, sell party stuff, supply acrobats, magicians, popcorn and cotton candy carts, and coordinate weddings… NO. We do not do any of the above. Sorry, we can’t make your event or occasion easier for you.

The Real Party Planners:
The Good Ship Lollipop where you can find all part stuff, including carts, bouncy castles, balloons, magicians, etc.
– Ereeva Parties
Party Crashers Riyadh
Confetti Cloud


5. The Philippine Embassy

We understand that out top entry in the blog for all time is the “How To Renew Your Passport in Riyadh” but that doesn’t mean we’re from the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. We are not employees nor staff of the embassy and we are not affiliated with it or anyone working inside the embassy. We have to get this straight because we have been receiving queries and requests from fellow Filipinos who think that we are working for the embassy. No po, we’re not, and we haven’t said or wrote any where that we are. We can only answer your queries according to what we have experienced as Filipinos who renewed our passport, extended our passport, and got married in the embassy. If you need anything from the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, please refer to this:

Embassy of the Philippines to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Diplomatic Quarter, Ummayah Abu As-Salat Street
P.O. 94366, Riyadh 11693
T: +966-11-482-3559 , +966-11-482-0507, +966-11-482-1577
Working Days and Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

BONUS: The Pink Tarha is NOT a company. We have been receiving resumes and CVs for quite some time applying at The Pink Tarha Company. How we wish we are so we can give you jobs but we’re not. Yet. LOL. The Pink Tarha is our hobby; we write during our free time and this is generally a service-oriented website.

So these are just some of the misconceptions some of you might have when it comes to The Pink Tarha. Again, we are a lifestyle blog. We write about these things but we do not sell anything (unless you’re talking about The Riyadhizen Planner we sold in 2014). If you are searching for any thing in Riyadh and you think The Pink Tarha might have the answer, you can Google (name of item) + The Pink Tarha. For example, “hotel buffets The Pink Tarha” and it will show you the results that you can find in our blog. You can also go to our blog and use our search button. If both don’t show any thing or any result of what you’re looking for, that means we haven’t written about it and that’s the time you message us or email us to inquire directly.

I hope this helps you, Riyadhizen! All we can say is READ FIRST. Thank you! Haha!

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