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I’m a big fan of Colourpop. I’m so amazed at how they can sell their products at affordable prices! I have reviewed their Ultra Matte Lips and Ultra Satin Lips and even though the former poses problems for the lips because it’s really drying, we can’t deny the fact that they started the liquid lipstick trend that took the beauty world by storm. They also came out with their Ultra Metallic Lips which I haven’t reviewed here but I can tell you that they’re not good also. Well, I bought all their first releases of this formula and they were lacking in pigmentation and consistency. Their newest formula, the Ultra Blotted Lips, intrigued me. I mean, what is it? How is it different from all the other formula they came up with?

My lonesome Ultra Blotted Lip

The Ultra Blotted Lips are liquid lipstick that come off as a sheer tint. What? How? Liquid lipsticks are known to be highly-pigmented and goes on opaque. For a liquid lipstick to go on sheer like a lip tint is a surprise and a revelation! The colors of the Ultra Blotted Lip is said to be great too but they’re more versatile. It can be a sheer one-pass look for every day or a doubled up color for a more glam event. I was so intrigued I wanted to get a few colors but they went out of stock so fast. I had to wait for a second re-stock to get my hands on one. Literally just one, because when I was looking at the different colors and swatches, I was drawn to only one. Zuma is a warm rosey mauve that’s looking good for lips and tone like mine.

What is that inconsistent streak?

When I first tried Zuma, I was awed by how lightweight is feels and how good the color is. After a few minutes, I can already feel a discomfort in my lips. The lipstick dried and it was really dry. On the first swipe, it came out sheer all right, but pretty much uneven too. The effect might be like that but I didn’t like it. I don’t know what look they were going for in coming up with this formula but it doesn’t look beautiful or eye-catching. I mean, the color is nice for a popsicle-tainted lips but maybe it’s just not the look I want to have. For the OC me, the uneven color it gave my lips look a bit sloppy and unpolished. I better go back to Ultra Satin Lips.

Product Name: Ultra Blotted Lips

Brand: Colourpop

Price: USD 6 (approx. SR 23)

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