So Chill, So CaliBurger!

Summer is here and the skater boy-slash-surfer boy vibe is the perfect match for one lazy afternoon. Too bad we’re not near a beach to make the dream come true but CaliBurger aims to make us feel as chill as the LA boardwalk in a nook by UmalHammam’s blooming district.  We’ve had our share of burger overload but a food blogger has got to do what she’s got to do…if a new restaurant opens up, then we just have to write about it. Otherwise, where else will you get the latest food buzz?

Grab a seat, and a burger!

Skateboards and the CaliBurger street cred!

The Family Section.

Inside the restaurant were light and pastel colors with park-like benches that’s very sups cash’ (millennial-speak for super casual). There’s a large TV screen and an array of skateboards on display. It was almost prayer time and it seemed like I had the Family Section all to myself. Their menu had a lot to offer, with salads, hotdogs, sides and cold drinks. But it was late afternoon and I wanted something to snack on so I ordered the Slider Combo and a Double Cali to-go for my husband.

The sliders are enough for someone like me who wants to be able to taste a little bit of each viand so I took Crispy Chicken and Spicy Cheeseburger with a side of sweet potato fries (instead of french fries). First off, I liked everything on my tray: the sweet potato fries were righteously crisp on the outside and just the right amount of sweet on the inside. I couldn’t stop eating it! For the sliders, I liked the buttery bun and the meat in it wasn’t lacking for a small burger. The Crispy Chicken also lived up to its name plus the spicy mayo spread they had going on in there made all the difference.

Perfect sweet potato fries! Can’t get enough. Ja would love this.

Sliders up close.

The Slider Combo went for 24SAR, inclusive of the sweet potato fries and a drink. Not bad for a heavy snack and clearly not bad for the good taste. I opened the CaliDouble for the husbee and took a picture of it just for you guys (okay, okay, I took a bite too :P).

The CaliDouble up close

 Its meatiness is evident and the flavors pack a punch but the only difference I can spot from this and the sliders was the bun. The buns in the sliders were softer and a tad bit sweeter, this buns were more straightforward-hi-i’m-a-bun that’s it. Basically, your typical bread in my opinion. Personally, I wished it had the same bun as the sliders.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

As I left, I saw the sign outside their door that they offer breakfast too…and from 5 AM to 11 AM! There’s also a lunch offer that’s only valid from 12 PM to 1PM. Unfortunately, they don’t do deliveries yet but they do have a number of locations around Riyadh already. Service time was adequate but then again I was the only guest at that time but the place was squeaky clean, I can tell you that. Nonetheless, I believe I will surely be back there one of these days, if not for the burger then it’s those sweet potato fries!



Dove Plaza, Umal Hamam Al Gharbi

(Alongside the HyperPanda and Kudu)

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @CaliBurgerKSA

Other Locations:

SASCO, King Khalid International Airport

For Pick-Up Orders:

0539213839 – Rekal Plaza, Al Yasmin

0539213545 – Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Bin Abdulaziz St., Hassa

0534488859 – Abdullah Ibn Al Abbas St., Doha Al Janubiyah

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