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With Janelle currently decorating her new condo in the Philippines and as I have just recently settled in to my new home with my husband, shopping for home items is now on the top of our minds. Gone are the days where we would splurge on shoes and clothes (are they really? 😛) and instead prefer to browse home stores for room ideas, kitchenware and bedsheets. How adult of us, eh?

And then we heard of Cavaresq.com, a cushion cover seller with creative, colorful designs that we don’t often see in mainstream stores. As their tagline implies, we thought the same thing: “That’s so us!” Here’s a view of just some of the designs:

Eye-catchy, isn’t it?

I showed Janelle (even though she’s in the Philippines at the moment) and she went for the Colours of Sunshine & Shades of Yellow while I went for the Shades of Pink and Colours of Dusk. Each cushion is priced at 59 SAR, which is about the same price range as you would find in most international brands of home decor. We coordinated with Muhammad Ashworth, the owner, and he had them delivered to us.

Our chosen cushion covers.

The packaging was quite impressive for a start-up business and the branding is very consistent from website to real-life. Each cover came individually wrapped and I went ahead to open it and see how the fabric feels like.

Like I said, consistent branding. Thumbs up.

The material is made of cotton, which feels soft and durable. The zipper slides up and down with ease and the size is adequate for the standard pillow cushions that we usually use for couches and beds (45 cm x 45 cm). Here’s two of the covers on our office couch:

Me and Janelle as cushion covers.

The designs mostly look like they’ve been watercolored, which adds a more artistic feel to it as opposed to manufactured ones. The bright designs do make it pop out of sight and catches your attention. If you’re the type of person who likes to be around beautiful things, then you may want to check out the website for cushion covers that will fit your home. My only wish is that Cavaresq will also come out with a design line of bed sheets and linen so that my bed can look chic and colorful too!

As of today until the end of Ramadan 2017, Cavaresq.com is having 40% OFF on all their cushion covers. So, what are you waiting for?


Instagram: @cavareq

Whatsapp: 0555828012

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