Turning to the Lord of the Wings

Are wings the new trend in the food scene? We seem to think so! More and more chicken wing restos are opening up and the “burger boom” may finally be dying down at this point. While there are several wing joints already in session, my first experience was at the Lord of the Wings (LOTW) — a franchise brought to Riyadh from Australia and the rest of the GCC. Designed like a sports bar, LOTW is located in Al Ghadeer, King Abdulaziz Rd, where other wing places have also set up tent. Here’s the view from the Family Section:

High ceilings and lots of big screen TVs.

Spacious booths.

Everything looked nice and clean plus their staff were mostly Filipinos. Kim and I took our seats and asked for their menu. Personally, I’m well-versed with making my own chicken wings at home so  let me see if there’s something LOTW does that I can’t. So this is their wing selection:

Select your fate.

First, you can choose how you want your chicken to be cooked: Traditional (fried), Boneless, Breaded and Grilled. I don’t think other wing restos have the grilled option but that remains to be unverified. For now based on what they told us, they’re the only ones offering it. The sauce selection is long with over 20 sauces to choose from. They have some pretty interesting flavors like the Lemon Coriander, Wasabi Ginger, Citrus Pepper and Garlic Parmesan which stood out. Of course, a spicy food afficionado is in the house (points to self) and I immediately decide to go for the hottest wing, labeled as the Buffalo Suicide. As I ordered it, the waiter told me that there is also an off-menu sauce that is hotter that the Buffalo Suicide which was Insane Suicide (or something closely named to that) so I told him to bring me that too! After pouring in our wing order, we decided to check out the rest of the menu as well.

Super Duper Cheese Nachos, 37 SAR

Apart from wings, LOTW has an extensive menu of shareable starters, flatbreads, sandwiches, burgers, salads, steaks and even a light menu for those watching their calories (we’re not one of those at the moment, though we did try A salad). The Super Duper Cheese Nachos does live up to its name and is something cheese lovers will praise for the delicious, melted cheese blend baked on top of a crispy nacho. What makes it even closer to perfection is how well it goes with the salsa sauce! Yum.

Potato Skins with Bacon and Cheddar, 40 SAR

These stuffed potatos with bacon and cheese are indulgent bites that will make you full asap. I only tried to munch in one or two to get a taste. Dip it into that ranch dressing sauce to fight off the salt power a bit and then it’s all good.

Cheers to us, we ordered a salad!

Before things get “Wing-ified”, we ordered a plate of salad to make sure we’re having a “balanced” meal. Pictured above is their All Natural Quinoa Salad with lemon dressing topped with cranberries. In case our tastebuds get too saturated with the wings, a scoop of the quinoa and cranberry wipes it away and cleanses the palate. Plus, it helps us to feel less guilty about what we’ve eaten.


Ahlan Wa Salhan!

Boneless + Honey Pomegranate Wings

Breaded + Lemon Coriander Wings

Grilled + Creamy Cajun Wings

Grilled + Classic BBQ

Breaded + Wasabi Ginger Wings

Traditional + Buffalo Suicide (R) and Insane Suicide (L)

Based on the sauce selection, the Creamy Cajun, Lemon Coriander and Classic BBQ were the ones we kept digging back in to. In terms of type of wing, the trophy goes to the Grilled version, followed closely by the Breaded for it’s crunch on the outside and juiciness on the inside. The Boneless was a bit unforgettable along with the Honey Pomegranate sauce that came with it. Maybe because the boneless came across as too “chicken-nugget-y” for me, bordering on bland and I would suggest to the mildly adventurous types to go ahead with the Classic BBQ or Creamy Cajun instead. Both sauces go so well with the Grilled because the slight char added more pizzazz to it. Unique award goes to Lemon Coriander sauce for being something I’ve never seen in another restaurant just yet. It was herby and tangy, but not sour enough to put me off. As for the extremely spicy selection (and mind you this is coming from a spicy food expert), I was honestly expecting more from the Insane Suicide from its name. I was thinking I would have this uber spicy experience that will make me salivate out of my mouth, cry ugly tears, sweat like cray cray and make me wish I’ve never done it but uhm, no, that didn’t happen. I kind of ate them wings with ease and thought it wasn’t as “suicidal” as it claimed to be. Then again please remember, this is based on my experience as a spicy food eater through the years. I am pretty sure the average person whose tongue is not as familiar to spiciness as mine will find a different opinion on the taste. Later on, I would find out that the chef took it “easy” on me by not serving me the extremely spicy recipe so Dear Sir, I say unto you, hit me again next time. I can take it.

They also have an All-Day Every Day Open Wings option for an eat-all-you can experience at 139 SAR.

For an all around dining experience, LOTW has a lot to offer. A week later, I went back there with my husband and we tried the Rib Eye Steak and the Club Sandwich. Hubby finished off his plate of Rib Eye, which means he liked it and for me, the club sandwich was merely okay. Their drinks aren’t too fancy as others but does offer varied options from juices, smoothies and shakes. The service was adequate and they have good takeout bags as well.

So, shall we see you in your next wing binge at Middle Earth’s favorite sports bar? Let the Lord of the Wings show you the way.

 Lord of the Wings

Al Ghadeer, Riyadh

Tel: 011-216-8361

Website: www.lordofthewings.com

Instagram: @lotwsaudi

Facebook: http://facebook.com/LordoftheWingsKSA

Location Map:

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