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Hello beautyholics of Riyadh! If you’re like me who’s always scouring for great deals on beauty and skincare products, you know by now that iHerb is one of the best places to look for them. Oh you know iHerb, I’ve written about this online shopping site of everything organic and natural a few times in the website already and it seems like a lot of you are into shopping at iHerb too. Great! Anyway, they introduced a section selling Korean brands of skincare and makeup many months ago and I couldn’t be any happier. As you know, there are only The Face Shop and Tony Moly stores here in Riyadh and we are yearning for more Korean brands to come to this desert. While waiting for them, iHerb has been satisfying my craving for Korean skincare products that have been working great for my skin.

Korean products I love.

Originally, I wanted to write about the 10-step Korean skincare process that I did two months ago but the lazy bum that I am never got past 3 nights in doing them. It was just too long and time-consuming, even though I cannot deny the wonders it does to the skin. And so, I’ll just list down some of the Korean skincare products that I ordered from iHerb, used for months now, and saw how good and effective they are. Also, they are all priced at under SR 50 each. Truly worth it! I’m not including my three ultimate favorite ones: the Nature Republic Soothing Aloe Vera GelMissha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack which I have already discussed in my monthly Beauty Bets Faves. Definitely get these three! Anyway, here are other products I’ve been loving:

1. Mizon Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser

Put some snail mucus on your face, what could go wrong?!? Haha.

What: This cleansing foam with snail’s mucus filtrate and its ample and elastic bubble washes the skin clearly.
Price: USD 6.01 (approx. SAR 22)
Where To Buy: iHerb (currently out of stock)

At first, I was skeptical to buy this because hello “snail mucus”?! That sounded gross. That, and my experience with a previous Dr. Morita snail face mask which broke me out, had me second guessing my choice for a foam cleanser. However, I really did enjoy using this! It was gentle enough but really thorough. A little goes a long way too! All I needed was a tiny amount to lather and it foams up easily. What more can I say? The product is currently out of stock in the site; just goes to show how many orders this.

2. Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Looks like a gray mud bath 😛

What: Cleaning carbonate mud pack of bubble bomb pores
Price: USD 12.60 (approx. SAR47.88)
Where To Buy: iHerb

If you’re an avid fan of beauty gurus in Youtube, you’ve probably watched them try this popular carbonated bubble clay mask by Elizavecca. This is another product that looked gross, and it turns even more gross when you’ve put it in your face. But it really works! This mask pack made up of carbonated water, collagen, green tea and charcoal/clay mask absorbs the skin’s impurities. It deep cleans the pores and makes the skin smooth and moist. When I applied a thin layer of this mask on my face, I felt a tingling sensation; I felt like a tiny bubble wrap is being popped on my face! Haha! It only took a few minutes for the small bubbles to rise making me look like I was the Elephant Man. Rinsing this thing off my face was not easy peasy. It took me a while to get the greyish matter out but when I finally did and dried out my face, OMG my skin felt so smooth and refreshed. I believe my pores were thoroughly cleaned too!

3. Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack (Strawberry)

Looks good enough to drink (don’t though).

What: The bubble tea sleeping pack makes skin moisturized and elastic during the night with its compound of black tea gel and moisture capsule bubbles.
Price: USD 12.30 (approx. SAR 46.85)
Where To Buy: iHerb

So cuuuuute! yes, the reason why I first got this is because it looks too cute! It’s a tiny strawberry milk tea (which I love) and it even comes with black bubbles! I can’t help but gush when I finally opened it and used it as the last step in my 10-step Korean skincare routine in the evening. Basically, this is a face mask that you leave on your face overnight. The strawberry extract gives vitality to dry skin while the capsule bubbles contains more moisturizing ingredients that gives the skin an elastic moisture film. I love bursting the black bubbles, haha! It feels like gel and glides smoothly on the skin. It’s a bit sticky but it sure does help hydrate the skin. It also comes in Green Tea.

4. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB (02 Beige)

Is this mud? No, don’t worry. It’s a blemish balm!

What: Fully water-charged aqua petite BB jelly
Price: USD 11.19 (approx. SAR 42.52)
Where To Buy: iHerb

I was most intrigues by the “jelly” formula of this BB cream. I haven’t seen and used anything like it! It comes in a really cute packaging and has a sponge for application. When I first opened it, it doesn’t look like a jelly but more of curdled milk. The jelly was clumped separately and doesn’t look comfortable to wear. When I first used it, I didn’t like it because it was a bit too white and it didn’t settle nicely on my skin. I thought this was a dud and a mere marketing ploy. I tried this again using the Beauty Blender and a brush to apply and to my surprise, it created a smooth, flawless base! One of my friends remarked how beautiful I was and how great my makeup is on the daw I used this. The only downside is it only has 2-3 shades and they’re a bit light for the morenas (medium skin tone).

5. Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid

Sorry, I already used my Super Peeling Liquid, so this photo is from a Tony Moly website.


What: Shiny Foot, a foot care program to make your feet feel smooth and sparkly shine!
Price: USD 9.89 (approx SAR 37.58)
Where To Buy: iHerb

All the rave these days are these super peeling foot soak so I also tried it using the Tony Moly variant. It promised six things: removes dead skin cells, enhances moisture, relieves odor, keeps feet clean, soothes irritated skin, and takes care of stressed skin. I admit my feet are really dry and the back parts are almost scaly, yikes! I needed this! So I followed the procedure of wrapping my feet with the sheet that came in the pack then poured the super peeling liquid and waited for a few minutes. I took off the sheets and rinsed my feet. Now, I know that my feet will peel or shed dead skin cells like crazy but after a day, I didn’t see any change so I thought it will not happen and the product simply didn’t work for me. Imagine my surprise when 5 days after, I saw my skin shedding! It was crazy! I had the urge to peel them myself but the packaging said don’t do that. I cheated and forced some of the skin anyway, haha! After a few days, my feet was smooth and soft! Super effective! It didn’t sparkle and shine though. Haha!

The Korean products I’m using doesn’t end there. I’m waiting for other orders. Speaking of that, you might probably be aware of some changes the Saudi customs did in iHerb and other online shopping sites. For a time, the shipping through DHL was stopped by iHerb because there were some rules that were set for customers in Saudi Arabia. They has since lifted that. When I ordered two days ago, every thing was normal except after I received a message that my package was shipped and on the way, I received a text from DHL Customer Service asking me to click on a link to complete a customs clearance process. The link led me to a page that had me uploading my iqama and filling a short form of my details. After submitting it, I received a thank you note saying someone will get in touch with me if they need any thing else. Maybe they’re just enforcing a new rule for courier services. I haven’t received a call or anything so far so I guess that’s good to go. I noted that I only paid SR 8 for shipping this time. It’s usually SR 30 to SR 50. I’m hoping I won’t have to pay any thing else when the packages comes; in all of my past iHerb transactions, I haven’t paid extra fees. So we’ll see!

If you have other questions about iHerb, I wrote a comprehensive entry on that HERE. Don’t forget to use my promo code of ZBW692. Use it before check out at the “Apply Rewards Code” bar to get some discount! If you have questions on other Korean skincare and beauty products, leave a comment or message us in our Facebook page. This is all for now, beautiful folks!

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