How To Use The Pink Tarha To The Fullest (and To Your Advantage)

Hello Riyadhizensssss! Oh my goodness, it’s been a month since I last wrote and published an entry! I was on vacation in our home country, the Philippines, since Ramadan 2017 rolled in and I just got back last Friday. I landed on a very hot, hot Riyadh and well, summer is just starting. Over 50 degrees Celsius on a daily basis, people! WHEW! So anyway, we’ve been noticing a spike of messages that we’re receiving in the Facebook page of The Pink Tarha recently. While we appreciate these messages because it means people are actually following and reading The Pink Tarha and interacting with us, we can’t help but feel impatient sometimes answering questions whose answers are already in the status we provided in the page. Please don’t get angry at us if we also feel annoyed and irritated; we’re still humans after all, prone to negative feelings once in a while. Also, we receive dozens of messages like this in a day: if you’re in our place, you’ll also feel annoyed. Haha! Sometimes, we just laugh it off but sometimes, it really gets on our nerves (especially those who use excessive amounts of ???? or ?!?!? in their messages like they want to hurry us up in answering them or something).

I’m writing this entry on how to maximize using The Pink Tarha, all of our blog and social media accounts, for your own good. It will help you find answers to questions that you have faster. The Pink Tarha was created to help you live a more comfortable life in Riyadh and so you should take advantage of the content we’ve produced for nine years (and counting). We want to reply to each message but sometimes, we’re also too busy to read and attend to each and every message instantly. We reply, of course, but sometimes, we take time. Before you message us with a question, try these tips first. That way, you don’t have to wait for our reply to know when the answer is already available to you. Please don’t think that you can’t message us anymore. We’re just saying that sometimes, the answers are already available to you. All you have to do are the following:

1. READ.
Ladies and gentlemen, we provide you with the details even before you ask. That’s what The Pink Tarha is for. All you need to do is READ. Read everything before you ask. We know: some of you might be too lazy to read but if you don’t read, you wouldn’t know. C’mon, reading is to gain more knowledge in this world. For the blog, we write long entries because we want to be as detailed as possible. We try to put every thing in the entry. Specific details like location, operating hours, websites. social media accounts, location map, etc. of the topic of our posts are on a box at the bottom of the entry. We place them there in the hopes that our readers finish reading the entry!

Details are at the bottom of the entry. We suggest you READ TPT entries from top to bottom.

For the Facebook page, we put all details in the status. All you have to do is Read, and Read More. Sometimes, the answers are there and yet some of you will still message us. I mean, haven’t we done enough?! *insert dramatic music* LOL.

Click on “See More” when our status updates are long to read completely.


These Search Now bars are here for a purpose.

The Pink Tarha blog has a Search field. It’s at the topmost right side of the blog. You’re free to use it, yannow. It says “Search Now” so yes, you can search asap. It’s there to help you locate topics that you’re interested in. Just type in any keyword and hit Enter or click on the magnifying glass on the side of the Search bar. For additional good measure, we even put another Search bar in our side bar just in case readers miss the one on the top of the site. Both works the same.

In this example, I’m looking for “fitness center” and this list of entries that talks about fitness centers in Riyadh that we have written about will pop up next.

Relevant results for what you’re searching for.

See, it’s that simple! You might be thinking we just want you to go to The Pink Tarha blog so you’re visit will count as a page view. Well, the point that we write The Pink Tarha is so that you go and view the pages we write! Okay, so maybe you don’t want to go to The Pink Tarha blog just to use our Search bar. Why don’t you go to the number one search engine in the planet instead? Yes, Google! In, just type the keyword that you’re looking for plus add the words “The Pink Tarha” and voila, all of the entries we wrote about the topic you’re looking for will be shown to you. Easy peasy!

Same results but all inside The Pink Tarha website or our other social media accounts.

Now, for example you’re not really looking for any thing specific. You just want to know some general lifestyle stuff about Riyadh, The Pink Tarha blog has a category panel that you can explore. Our categories are really easy to understand like errr, Food, Travel, Beauty… etc. That’s pretty much self-explanatory right? You can find it at the top most part of the blog. Some of the categories can be clicked to show sub-categories. For example, if you hover your mouse on “Food”, it will show the types of cuisines restaurant offers. This is specially helpful if you’re looking to compare restaurants in Riyadh. We’ve tried hundreds of restaurants and food places in the city. You might find what you like. Travel also has a sub-categories of “Around Riyadh” (places here in Riyadh), “Inside KSA” (places inside Saudi Arabia), and “Outside KSA” (countries apart from Saudi Arabia) that we’ve visited and written about.

Check our categories!


The main question that we get is “Where is this?!?” Umn guys, we wouldn’t omit the location of the places we feature in the blog or the Facebook page. What’s the point of sharing that the place/restaurant/store exist if we don’t tell you where it is right? So before you ask your question of where that particular place is, make sure you’ve already read the entry. In our blog, we put the address and location map at the bottom of the entry, when all has been written and done (see photo in #1). For the Facebook page, we use various ways:

a. Mentioned in the status update.

Sample update in our FB page: If you just read the status, you’ll know the answers are there.

We put it in the text itself so all you have to do is read the status completely. When it comes to sales, we mention in what mall we took the photo so you’ll know but when brands go on sale, it’s suffice to say that all of their branches in whatever mall they are in Riyadh are also on sale. We can’t speak for other cities or countries because we are based in Riyadh. Also, malls aren’t the ones that go on sale; the stores inside the mall are the ones that go on sale. So technically, you can’t ask “What mall is on sale?” Well, that depends on what brand/store you’re looking for!

b. Tagged above the status. 
Since you’re in our Facebook page, you probably know how to use Facebook right? Location can be added beside our names! Look at the upper portion of the status because most of the time, we tag where we are!

Check the topmost “at” tag.

All you have to do is click on the location mentioned and it will bring you to another Facebook page of that store/place where their location map is at. All you have to do is click on the map to make it bigger so that you can see where the location is in Riyadh. Most maps are pretty much self-explanatory if you know your directions from Riyadh’s tall skyscrapers. Don’t ask us for specific directions, guys! We won’t provide you with “turn right at the intersection then turn left and U-turn, blah blah.” We’ll provide you with a map so learn how to read maps and navigate.

Easy peasy, you guys!

c. Link at the comment section.
To make sure that we really provide you with the information, we even put the link of the location map in our Comment section. Just in case you didn’t see it in a. and b.

It’s right there!

All you have to do is click the link and it will open a Google Map page that will show you a more detailed map, complete with more info of the store/restaurant/place that we mentioned.

Recently, we’ve been doing a lot of FB Live Videos in our page. We wanted to be as thorough as possible in bringing you the details of things and places that’s why we wanted to show you through Live video.

Watch before you ask!

Now, while we’re taking the video and it’s currently “Live”, you can already ask us questions. You can even clarify things so you get answers immediately. We see your comments while doing the Live and we answer as soon as we read them, or at least ask your questions to the people in charge so you get replies asap. We understand that most people wouldn’t be able to watch the Live video and will probably know of the video later on. All of our Live videos are also posted in the page so that others can watch it when they’re already free to do so. We urge you to watch the video first before asking us questions again. Chances are we’ve already answered your would-be questions in the video. If you need to clarify matters because maybe our audio wasn’t clear, you can do so in the Comment section. Now, don’t tell us you don’t have the time to watch the video that’s why you’re asking a question we’ve already answered. Just imagine if we didn’t have the time to do The Pink Tarha too right?! Some effort from you, that’s all we ask too.

Some other concerns, you guys. Malls contain various stores. When we say “SALE”, it’s not the mall that goes on sale but the stores inside the malls. So you can’t ask “what mall is on sale?” because entire malls do not go on sale! Haha. We update our Facebook timeline all the time but if you can’t see an update there for something that you have specifically on your mind, that means we are not in the know… yet. We might update further but what you see in our timeline is what you get… for now. Can you feel the angst that we have from where you are at now? Haha! Sometimes, it gets exasperating replying to messages and commenting too… but we want The Pink Tarha to be of service as much as we can and we really try our best to accommodate everyone that’s why we’re still here doing this. We love what we’re doing. Please don’t contribute in tiring us out. Hahaha!

So please, if you’re a reader of The Pink Tarha, heed our advice. We’re not saying we do not welcome your messages and queries anymore. Of course, we do! It’s just that, we don’t want to be redundant. We put the information there for you; don’t waste it by ignoring or bypassing them. You might think you’ll get a fast track just by asking us again. This time, we won’t be answering questions whose answers are already in the blog or in our FB page already. We hope you understand. We’re becoming older and our patience is running thin. Trust us, you’ll be in this phase soon enough. Hahaha! #titasofriyadh


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