Let’s Drink To This Summer!

Oh summer, Riyadh is sweltering under your heat. Not that we mind, because you should know by now, we have coped for years. Just don’t go hotter on us. This, this is okay but go higher than what we’re used to and we bake and melt. Don’t do it to us, please. Haha! Now, what do we do to quench this summer thirst? Well, round up our photos of drinks in and around Riyadh, that’s what! If you stare at them long enough, your thirst will be quenched. Haha! Okay, not really. This might induce more thirst on your part but well, at least you know you have options right?

Serafina mocktails

We just featured Serafina Italian Restaurant and our love for their truffle pizza. We also like their mixed juices with crushed ice. Budget around SR 30 for each though.

The yogurt drinks of Giovanni L.

If you haven’t tried the gelato of newly-opened Giovanni L. in Riyadh, the only question you should ask yourself is why not?! If you tell us you’re not that into “sweet” things, then their laban-based drinks will do the trick. They’re not too sweet but they’re tangy. The Giovanni Raspberry Drink (SR 25) contains lemon gelato, fresh laban, raspberries, and mint while their Giovanni Lemon Drink (SR 25) has lemon gelato, fresh laban and orange juice.

Watermelon and Peach juices from Zafran

Yup, drinks always come in twos because we’re two writers in The Pink Tarha. Haha! These glasses of watermelon juice and peach juice from Zafran Indian Bistro are both mine though because I want to try them both! Haha. The watermelon was not sweet and the peach was just okay. Budget around SR 25 for the drinks.

Signature’s signature drinks

They’re probably the most Instagrammable juices in the city. Meet Signature‘s Signature (SR 16) and Rainbow (SR 15) drinks, a mix of different juices in one glass!

Drinks with your pizza at Turnstone.

What’s more Italian than pizzas? Ermn, Italian sodas?! Lol. Check out Turnstone‘s cream sodas and flavored Italian sodas! Prices around SR 15 up.

Mocktails of Nozomi

This Nozomi drink has a lot going on it. All I know is, I enjoyed it. So refreshing! Around SR 25 up a pop.

Saudi champagne from Fresh Grills

For a time, there was a ban on the use of “champagne” in the names of drinks in Saudi Arabia. We all know it’s just a name and that it’s non-alcoholic yes?! If you’re not drinking iced tea, drink Fresh Grills Saudi champagne! A pitcher is around SR 25 up.

This over soda at Harry’s Pizza.

This Peach Bellini drink (SR 6), imported from Italy, was suggested to us. It’s way better with pizzas at Harry’s Pizza than sodas. Indeed!

Sweetness overload at Chocolate Sarayi.

Not into jucies and mocktails? Frappes and milkshakes then! This Toffee Frappe and Banana Milkshake from new chocolate restaurant Chocolate Sarayi suffice. Prices from SR 15 up.

The basic Vanilla Milkshake

And more milkshakes, you guys! This time, the basic vanilla (SR 15) from Kamps German Backerei.

Sometimes I wonder why we even bother to order these drinks when obviously, they’re expensive. Also, water is the best drink in the whole wide world. BUT, there’s nothing wrong with pairing our food with different kinds of juices, mocktails, and shakes once in a while, yes? And well, if drinks are included in your dining budget, go for it! Comment below what your favorite drink (apart from water and sodas) from restaurants in Riyadh. Beat the summer heat! Let’s drink to that!

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