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When we think of crepe, we usually think of it as a snack. Well, not anymore! Crepes are so filling they can last in our stomach for lunch through dinner! No snack in between needed! Case in point: Crêpeaffaire, a newer crepe station in the middle of Al Nakheel Mall. It’s near Gate 1; just turn left after the concierge and you’ll see this kiosk in its industrial chic glory beckoning you with its black and yellow orange garb. It’s open layout is very inviting for those who want to enjoy a break from all that shopping. Might be a bit of a problem for those who want their privacy because booths are not available but it’s all good. You’ll feel like you’re in a posh cafe somewhere.

Crepeaffaire has arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Crêpeaffaire, a franchise from the United Kingdom, opened its first branch in Saudi Arabia in Al Nakheel Mall this year. It’s a place known for their freshly-prepared crepes (you can even watch them doing it). They have sweet and savory crepes that are super indulgent and delicious. They serve breakfast crepes and Belgian waffles. They also have small pancakes in their Riyadh branch, as an ode to the kind of flat whole wheat pancakes served here in the Kingdom (sabeeb). To go with these tasty creations, they have selections of coffee drinks and frappes. We visited on a Tuesday night and the place was packed. If you want to see how they make their crepes, visit this short video we posted in our Facebook page. Otherwise, let’s go on to how we ate these crepes and our takes on them! 😀

Crepeaffaire in Al Nakheel Mall

Cozy, comfy, and chic

Of course, what makes or breaks a crepe is the… charaaaan, crepe! Lol. This very thin layer is made from wheat flour. The word crepe means “frying pan” in Greek but becomes “pancake” when literally translated to English. Crepes are widely-consumed in the European countries. Crepes are filled with lots of different fillings! The crepe of Crepe Affaire is thin and soft. It’s a bit salty with a hint of sweetness. It complements the sweet and savory fillings that go inside it. It’s made fresh everyday. Watching them make it was highly-satisfying. Just seeing the crepe batter poured into the flat circular hot plate made me want to try it for myself, haha. But I don’t think I can evenly spread the batter on the plate, haha. Cooking the crepe just takes a few seconds. It gets flipped over and the rest of the ingredients for the filling are then placed.

Watch the action! Chefs cook the crepe right there.

Choose from their menu or customize your crepe!

Our orders! (Madami?! Oo madami haha!) FOR SHARING ‘TO MGA BES!

We ordered two kinds of crepes from their Breakfast Crepes:

Our selection of savory crepes: All Day Breakfast (with tomato on top, SR 24) / Eggs Florentine (without anything on top, SR 22)

The All Day Breakfast Crepe is one of their bestsellers. It’s an everything-in-it kind of food. It has eggs, cheese, turkey bacon, mushrooms, and tomato. It was a really tasty crepe! It looked so simple in the plate but when we took slices and bites, it was warm and very filling. It’s a great morning food because it feels like a warm hug; the perfect gift to receive when you wake up in the morning right? Very comforting and assuring that you’ll make it the rest of the day, no matter what! The Eggs Florentine, on the other hand, is filled with eggs, cheddar cheese, fresh spinach, and hollandaise sauce. This one gives an energy boost because of the spinach. It made us feel good about ourselves because we were eating something healthy, haha. This crepe is suitable for vegetarians.

After the breakfast crepes, came their main savory crepes:

More crepes!

Did we order a lot? Of course… yes! Haha! Disclaimer, we were four persons eating these so please don’t judge us. Hahah! The Mexican Chicken was Reina’s choice because she saw the chili symbol beside it that means this crepe is spicy! That girl loves anything spicy so this is a no-brainer choice. It has BBQ chicken, cheddar cheese, sweet corn, sour cream, salsa, and fresh chilies. The combination of everything is delicious! The texture of the corn, chili, and tomatoes was lovely; a contrast to the soft crepe. The chicken was tasty as well; the BBQ flavor is not as strong as I would like it to be (bring the BBQ sauce lover that I am). My craving for BBQ Sauce was redeemed by the Le Steak Crepe. It has steak filets, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, red onions and BBQ sauce (a favorite of mine to put in almost every thing if it’s available on the table). The steak pieces were tiny I hardly deciphered it on my crepe. The flavor pushed forth though so that was okay. Overall, it has a good taste that will satisfy a craving for meat. Best for those who are doubtful that crepes will keep their hunger at bay.

The making of the Mexican Chicken Crepe

Mexican Chicken, SR 28

Le Steak, SR 30

The Turkey Club is a personal favorite of the staff; it was highly-suggested. It has smoked turkey breast, turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise. It was a creamy crepe that gave savory a whole new level. The turkey meats were subtle in flavor but combined with other ingredients, it made for a nice lunch or dinner crepe. By this time, we had already had to ask for a reprieve from savory crepes. We took huge gulps from our drinks:

Lotus Biscoff Milkshake, Oreo Cookies Milkshake, Fresh Pineapple Juice, SR 22 each

The Sweet Crepes are pretty much straightforward. They use the same batter and fill them with chocolates, fruits, and Lotus Biscoff. We had the latter. It proved to be my favorite because it has a slight crunch and a creamy consistency that’s not too sweet. I mean, all of their Dessert Crepes are sweet but this one has the cookie butter flavor that I love. It’s also sweet but too much, do you get what I mean? LOL. Another sweet creation is the S’mores. I thought this will be my favorite because of the marshmallows but the addition of the mallows with the Lotus Biscoff and Belgian Chocolate was too much. Not recommended for the diabetic. We also ordered the Candy Crush Crepe which pretty much contains all the chocolates in their arsenal: Kinder, Oreo, Nutella, and Belgian Chocolate. Can someone spell sugar rush for us? We were highly chattery after all these and please don’t ask us about our sugar levels. Why did we not get something with fruits people?!? Haha!

Making the S’mores Crepe, SR 24

Lotus Biscoff, SR 20

Candy Crush Crepe, SR 25

Oh, actually we did. We got the Mini Pancakes in Strawberry Delight but guess what? It still has Belgian Chocolate in it. However, the tartness of the fruit cut through the sweetness and this was pretty enjoyable. We told you, bring your friends when you’re visiting Crêpeaffaire because you will be needing help in finishing all of these!

Strawberry Delight Mini Pancakes, SR 28

Anyway, like we said in the beginning, the crepes of Crêpeaffaire are very filling. One is even enough for two; if you’re not that hungry! We suggest getting one savory and one sweet to balance the flavors. It can get a bit cloying after a while but forge on! You deserve a treat that’s fun and freshly-prepared just for you. They also come in cute take-out cones!

Heart heart!

Have a love affair with crepe at Crêpeaffaire! (You know this pun is coming, haha!)


Gate 1, Al Nakheel Mall,

Othman Bin Affan Road

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




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