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Last week, I had mistakenly read my calendar and thought I had a meeting at The Boulevard at 1:30 PM. Halfway through the ride, I checked my email again to make sure I knew the person’s name once I get there and to my astonishment, apparently the meeting was for Wednesday next week (which is today!). So since I had my glam face on already and I did skip breakfast thinking I would have a heavy lunch, I stayed the course and reached the plaza of The Boulevard and decided to have lunch by myself in one of the new restaurants there. Lucky for me, I also had my laptop along so I figured I could do some work while I’m there as well.

The sign read Circle – Simple Good Food. I thought, I like the sound of that. I entered the restaurant and saw chic and cozy decor of clean white furniture and green accents while a tall mural of two pink flamingos towered over the space. It was a two-floor restaurant with an open kitchen, open seating and with light music playing in the background. I could not help but feel like this is the new Riyadh…you know, dining normally like we do when we’re outside KSA?

Open seating across the open kitchen.

The beverage bar.

Some lounge seating.

Those two flamingos are a sight to see.

The view from the top.

The decor made me feel that I wasn’t really in a restaurant, but like I was in a really big and really nice house. The large glass facade gave the space bright, natural light and I concluded that spending my happy accident here maybe a good thing after all.

I got seated and checked out their menu. It generally looked like an all-day breakfast or all-day brunch kind of menu with a lot of heavy yet healthy options. They also had several options for the salads, main dish, desserts and drinks. I just had steak the night before so I opted for a fish dish instead. I ordered the Salmon Teriyaki on medium, Go Green Fresh Juice and some sparkling water.

My table.

Some “me” time.

A peek into their all-day breakfast menu. They open at 6AM!

I guess my order was influenced by the green surroundings. Go Green Juice, 28SAR

My drink came in a medium-sized glass and was made of fresh apple, cucumber, celery and mint. It was a really healthy drink and I asked for extra ice for a more refreshing feel. It is a bit pricey in return for the size though. After a few minutes, my lunch order arrived:

Salmon Teriyaki, 74SAR

I think this was a simple dish with good flavors – which is mainly what their tagline promised. It’s a very straightforward presentation and I ate virtually everything on the plate except for the fried leeks on top and the lemon slice. The salmon was cooked medium, as requested. The teriyaki sauce was just right, not too sweet, not too salty and the mashed potatoes tasted like real potatoes (other mashed potatoes tend to be too cream-heavy). I believe it’s a compliment to the chef when plates go back to the kitchen empty.  Thumbs up! It was a satisfying meal. Here are the other main dishes you can choose from:

Other main course items.

Since I decided to stay and work for a bit, I ordered dessert so I’d have something to nibble on for the next hour or so. I chose the Four Layer Chocolate Cake and the waiter noted that I had made an excellent choice. Minutes later, I coudn’t agree with him more.

Decadent, sinful and oh-so indulgent Four Layer Chocolate Cake!

*Insert heart-eye emojis here* It was love at first bite! You know how your eyes can get wider in exclaiming how good the thing you just ate is? That was my face everytime I ate this cake. I’ve been looking for some “comfort cake” for a while now and this…this was it! I had to control myself from finishing the entire plate because the slice was actually huge enough for to feed two people but, but but….it’s soooo gooood! It was moist with fudgy chocolate in between. Eat it with the berries to better complement the chocolate goodness. Oooh la la! I can rave about this chocolate cake for hours…

Pair it with green tea.

I called on the waiter again because dessert perfection was a cup of green tea away. This was my moment of zen for the next two hours: green tea and that amazing chocolate cake.

I was there on a weekday afternoon so it wasn’t too crowded. I would assume that the weekends or evenings would be busier as it looks like a very attractive place to hang out in. I would say it’s a family-friendly place amidst the other restaurants in The Boulevard. The service was attentive and timely. Price range is affordable as most casual dining restos are, with drinks usually pricier than expected. What makes Circle different, apart from its ambiance, is that its menu has a little of something for everyone. It’s not an exclusive burger joint nor is it a steakhouse; they have a diverse and inclusive selection that just like a circle, can be embraced by all.

Circle Cafe 

The Boulevard

7842 Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Rd,

Hittin, Riyadh 13513 4926

Open from: 6AM – 12AM

Tel:  011 489 6566

Website: https://www.circle-cafe.com

Social Media: @circlecafesa

Location Map:


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