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The Hawaiian spirit has come to Riyadh! In wintertime, no less. Teddy’s Bigger Burgers arrived in the Riyadh food scene more than two months ago and they are bringing the Aloha to Assalam wa Alaykum by introducing their premium, ground chuck burgers paired with a juicy grilled pineapple that is utterly mouthwatering to say the least! But before I smother you with Food Network-worthy adjectives, let’s have a look at the resto and read on on what you can expect.

Look for the sign!

Teddy’s is located along Takhasussi St., right along the lane of Wayne’s Coffee and at the moment, they have huge laser lights flashing on the night sky to mark their opening month. The entrance near the main road is the one for the single’s section and if you turn right from the corner, you’ll find the entrance to the family section. The ordering station is pretty small in the family area, with a small divider separating the single section on the ground floor. However, the upstairs seating is very spacious, with dozens of booths and enclosed seating enough for a hundred people at least. They also have large windows on one side that lets you have a view of the street. Meanwhile, there is also an adequate play room for your kids to run around and stay busy in.

It’s always been green and beige for burger places.

They have a two-page menu consisting of their main attractions, with over 10 burgers to choose from and you can select the patties per gram if you want the Classic (100 gr), Big (140 gr), Bigger (200 gr) or Biggest at 250 grams. All of their patties come from Australia and they are 100% ground chuck cooked over a flame broil. We tried the The Greek, Volcano, Kailua and Hawaiian burgers.

The Greek is made of garlic burger with feta, cucumbers and vinaigrette. 31SR

The Kaliua Burger is topped with Swiss cheese, mushrooms, grileld onions and teriyaki sauce at 31SR.


The Volcano is their spicy burger with jalapenos, pepperjack and kilauea fire BBQ at 27SR.


Hawaiian Burger is our favorite with its teriyaki burger topped with a griled pineapple. 27SR

Any burger can claim fame but it’s really the patty that makes the case. For Teddy’s, we really noticed how different the beef was from other burgers we’ve tasted and it was meatier than most. It also carried enough flavor that you could distinguish it on its own. The Greek burger wasn’t that much of a hit for us because neither the feta nor the cucumber make any impact on us. Maybe more feta next time for a lasting finish, I suppose? The Volcano also isn’t that much of a wow-za especially for someone like me who is serious about spicy food. The jalapeno addition was so-so and again, if you want to make me remember you, you gotta knock my socks off. Put some more spicy elements like hot wasabi mayo or something. That may make it live up to its name as a “volcano”.  Finally the Kailua and Hawaiian burgers got us clapping with the compendious combination of the cheese, mushrooms and caramelized onions in the Kailua and the grilled pineapple of the Hawaiian. Since their beef patties are stupendously lean, the juices from such ingredients like the mushroom and pineapple really complement the meat from a sandwich point of view. That’s why these two burgers have my vote for a repeat for sure!

They also drowned us in free drinks by the way, allowing us to taste all their cocktails in one seating. Their bartender explained the concotions to us and my main question was simply which one isn’t too sour.

Out of these six, Janelle and I downed on the Watermelon and Bahama Mama (top left) the most.

For those who prefer a not-so-sour drink, the Bahama Mama is perfect. It was similar to a pina colada without the prohibited ingredients. The Watermelon drink is light and healthy while the two kinds of mojitos are made refreshing by their mint contents. The mango yogurt drink wasn’t exactly our cup of tea. For the drinks, we’d give their selections a score of 80/100.

Side dish of Chilli Fries.

Of course, what burger joint is complete without its sides? We opted for the chilli cheese ones with their thick potato fries. It is on the heavy side though.

Teddy’s may be coming in late in the burger game in Riyadh but it does offer something different to our tastebuds. Their location is pretty accessible and the restaurant itself is very family-friendly. The service we received was cordial and timely, so no major issues there. I guess they can really focus more on incoporating the Hawaiian vibe in the decor to make it not look like the rest of the bruger restaurants (that often sport the green and brown combo). Other than that, if you’re up for trying a good, new burger, head on over to Teddy’s and say Aloha! for us.

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

Ramaniah Area, Takhassusi St.

Tel:  011 810 2331

Open from 4PM to 11PM.

Social Media: @teddys_ksa


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