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Lashes are life. That’s my new motto. “Kilay is life” is taking a backseat, for now. I don’t remember when exactly did I fall into this craze for eyelashes early this year, but let’s just say I can’t believe how I’ve lived the last three decades of my life without it. I educated myself and watched Youtube videos of how to properly apply them and practiced with a lot of cheap buys at first. Once I got the hang of it, moved to trying out some other mainstream lashes like Pinky Goat and Huda Lashes. Today, my latest find comes from Esqido. It’s a global brand of mink lashes and has been known worn by international celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima just to name a few.

Sultry and elegant packaging.

What really impressed me is their website, — which has an interactive lash quiz to help you decide which falsies can work best for you. It asks for your eye type, eye placement, eye size, preferred length, personal style preference, your type of personality and the event you need the lashes for. It goes to show that they have taken all these factors into consideration in giving you the type of lashes that will match you perfectly. By the end of the survey, they presented me with three options.

The useful Lash Guide.

I ended up picking the “Lash Named Desire” because I liked how it’s just the right amount of drama that I look for when wearing lashes. Also because, the name spoke to me more. 😉 They also sell an adhesive along with the lashes called “Companion Eyelash Glue”. Its container looks like a lipgloss, but later on I figured that comes in handy (and classy to look at) when you bring it along in your purse.

They’re here.

Lash Named Desire (TM)

With and without the lashes. See the difference? #LashesAreLife

Luckily, they arrived in time before a major photoshoot that Janelle and I had to do for a magazine feature so it was a great reason to wear and flaunt these babies. The crisscross fur made for a thicker volume and the winged-out edges really made it pop. Talk about getting noticed! The lash glue was so easy to apply (compared to the tube ones I used to use) and I also liked the cotton band strip that held the whole lashes together. They made it look sturdy and I trusted that because of that, I can definitely wear these lashes multiple times as long as I remove them carefully and properly.

Worn at the photoshoot. (Looking down view).

Looking up, view.

It did not feel as lightweight as other lashes I’ve had on before but I probably attribute that to the fact that is a volumizing kind of lash, then perhaps it warrants that extra weight feel. Also, they are a tad longer than my actual eye line so I would have to trim them to fit better. But because they were quite pricey at 29 USD per pair, I left the length as is ‘coz I didn’t have the heart to cut those precious minks off.

Esqido has over 20 varieities of lashes to choose from. According to their website, their bestsellers are “Unforgettable”, “BFF”, “Voila Lash and “Little Black Lash”, They also have ultra volume lashes like “Midnight Symphony” and “Nebula” and falsies for your lower lash line too like “Aerial” and “Moonlight”. Available for international shipping too! For me, I can’t wait to try more of them to add to my collection.

Product Name: Lash Named Desire

Brand: Esqido

Price: 25-29 USD

Where To Buy: Online at


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